How To Make A Rilakkuma Pinata

So, apparently my sister likes Rilakkuma..Elder sis decided to throw her a Rilakkuma-themed surprise party and I was too lazy didn't know what to do for the programs so I offered to make a pinata. It's been a very long time since I did art and crafts and those sort. Nope, I haven't been making cards cause I feel like it neither did I drew or sketch anything lately. I actually like doing those, alone. ._.

Anyway...the steps are really easy...except it took me close to six hours to complete the whole thing, including decorating the exterior T^T 

Few things I used to make this pinata:

One oreo cardboxs (those boxes oreos that I won last year came in handy :P - link)
One Shin Ramyun cardbox (the red one)
Masking Tape
Brown Mahjong Paper 
Brown Paper 
PVC Glue
Paper Knife or Blade
Marker Pen
Yellow A4 paper
White A4 paper

I actually followed a guide here (link) which I think it's better for you to refer to and improvise like I did. There's a picture for every step, so you can understand it better. I didn't take step-to-step pictures cause I was rushing the whole time -_-;

I used what I have at home like the cardboxes I have and improvised. I wanted to stuff a Rilakkuma soft toy inside the pinata (but usually people put sweets lah -.-).. It's also less fun because imagine this, only one thing drops out of the pinata. No fun loh. But what to do :3

So here's how I made it:

1. I used a marker pen and roughly sketched out the shape of the not-so-round head on the shim ramyun cardbox and used a blade to cut it off. Imagine - it's in 2D. So I cut double of this.

2. Cut out the shape of the ears to be combined on the head. I cut out 4 of this.

3. Now, patch the ears on the head using masking tape. I also used stapler to make the ears secured to the head.

4. In order to make it 3D now, I cut off the remaining cardboard from the shim ramyun cardbox and make sure it's long and wide enough to connect the heads and ears from one side to the other.

5. This is the difficult part. I was doing this alone. Patching up cardboards together to make it into 3D is not easy T_T. I used a lot of masking tapes to make the patching firm. Then stapler them together to ensure it's more secure lol. Start with connecting the bottom, the base of the face. Then connect the one side of the cheeks first. And move up to the ears. Then, STOP patching.

6. Now, you should already puncture two holes (I used blade to cut a small hole) and insert the ropes on each side of the face. I used two separate ropes for each face.

7. Stuff in the items you want to put inside now. I stuffed in my Rilakkuma soft toy now, which took about 90% of the space.

8. Because there were some empty space and I thought that the empty space would make the pinata break easier, I decided to put newspapers to fill in those spaces. LOL.

9. Continue patching the other side of the cheeks and the ears, and then the top of the head. I used a lot of masking tape here.

10. It should be done now, it's time to decorate. I traced the shape of the head (2D again) on a brown paper so that I can cover the box with one layer of brown paper first.

11. Using a brush, I spread out the PVA glue to stick the brown paper on the cardbox now. Once the whole head is covered with the brown paper, it should look rather neat.

Pic taken from (link)

12. I cut out very long strips of brown mahjong papers so that I can stick across the head. Refer to picture above for example.

13. Using PVA glue again, I stick these strips of brown mahjong paper on the face.

14. Cut out the (yellow) part shape of the ears. And stick them on the ear.

15. Cut out a oval-ish shape white paper and paste it on the lower middle part of the head.

16. Draw the eyes and the nose with black marker pen. You're done!

Okay la, I'm no art expert but this is my first pinata, I super bangga ok. LOL. And turns out.. my pinata was too secure and tough, it took 30 minutes + and making the cardbox wet with water only can break it open -_-;; Guess the imported box was too tough. Should have used cereal boxes for the whole thing instead o_o

LOL, the picture is out of focus, but you can see that even after whacking this thing for 30 minutes, the face didn't come off! I mean the brown manjong paper didn't come out man. LOL so surprised. 


The Other Side of Life

Of late, I've seen this picture of "Dr. Richard Teo" and in the caption it was his thoughts about life, wealth, success and happiness. You can listen it here (link). I decided to google him and to see what his background was, because he seemed familiar. I think I've seen him appear in CNA (Channel News Asia) before. Lo and behold, I found out that 'thoughts about life, wealth, success and happiness' were actually part his testimony and speech that he gave in Dental Christian Fellowship. Read here for the transcript of the full speech (link)

I'm not sure who started sharing but this story definitely went viral (at least within Malaysia and Singapore). The thing is, not the whole speech was made into a transcript. His testimony about his Christian faith, his encounter with God was left out :( Nevertheless, I think if people actually google him out, like me, they will find out that it is not just an inspiring story about 'life, wealth, success and happiness'. It's the real life testimony of how ultimately, it's the intervention of God is in this man's life that touched his life and changed him inside out. It made him realize what is the meaning of life, of joy. It is ultimately God - who brought Dr. Richard back into His arms. 

There is a lot of truth in his testimony. The chase for wealth, the hunger for success yet there is still this emptiness that people feel even despite being rich and successful. The Christians who never attend church or reads the bible, or dropped out half way because they can do so much by themselves..all these are true. But we shall have faith that God will bring them back, like how he had brought Dr. Richard back.

... :'( 

Even as this year was one of the most painful year to go through, because of the passing of someone very dear to me and my church but we know that God it still in control nevertheless, even if we don't understand or know His plans.

Video of the Week: Moon Trance - Lindsey Stirling

I love the cinematography done in this video! Lindsey always get a lot of good directors to film her music videos and this time it's Emmy Award winning director Nathan D. Lee! :D

Does the video reminds you of Michael Jackson's Thriller? It does to me. But nevertheless I don't think it's a copycat video. :D Love the fact Lindsey dances around while she plays lol.

FOOD: International Buffet Dinner at Hotel Istana - Taman Sari

Livingsocial was selling a deal - RM49 per pax for a buffet dinner at Hotel Istana - Taman Sari. Mum bought the deal and we ate there in conjunction of Ruh's birthday :3 It's my first time there with my family and I've always heard how good Hotel Istana's buffet is.

It's my second time at Hotel Istana.. the first was back in August, went for friend's birthday party in a restaurant nearby and decided to park at Hotel on the way back, we jalan-jalan in the hotel lobby area and looked for restroom. LOL :X

View outside the buffet area. Can see the swimming pool nearby.

All the "cold stuff". Salads, hams and the best - smoked mackerel (●´∀`)ノ♡

Not sure what's the significance of having car brands on the cup cakes. Ducati and Yamaha ._. anyone care to explain?

Overview of dessert side.

BBQ booth was located outside. :D 

The available dressings and sauce at the BBQ booth.

Loot from BBQ booth - closewise from top middle - 
clams, beef, chicken sausage, chicken, lamb sausage and prawns.


Mackerel with ham and prawns.

Prawns and clams.

Fish. Forgot what species. Slightly overcooked though.

A sucker for Japanese food, like I've mentioned before. No salmon, but seriously these mackerel is just awesome! Serve it with Italian dressing.. it's just ...  (‘∀’●)♡

Customize your own ais kacang 


Not too bad. The cups are really cute. I felt like I was drinking shots. LOL

This. This my friend, is the heavenly food for the night. Blueberry crumble! Yeah, I added icecream myself on top and vanilla + chocolate at the side. LOL :D The crumble is very crumbly, most of it fell when I tried to scoop it. And, the filling is very sweet. It's an awesome awesome combination but unless you have a sweet tooth like I do, I don't think you'll like it. I wanted to have more but I was just too full for second serving. :x 

For you to dip and hands in.

Service here was really good. They refill my water on time. LOL. I drank like 4-6 cups of water. Wrong move, wrong move for a buffet. Other than that, they were quick to clean the plates and food was filled quickly. Of course, it wasn't really a full house.

The place is clean. Never ran out of cutlery. Overall the place is nice but very bad lighting. LOL. : ( Have I ever mentioned that I hate yellow lighting? 

Pistachio ice cream. The only serving I had that night. LOL. There's like a few other flavours (common ones like chocolate etc) but I only took one scoop. It's also my first time in a buffet that I only took one scoop of ice cream (other than the scoop on the blueberry crumble) and I didn't take any chocolate fountain stuff for myself. O_O I was really full. It must have been the mackerel :3

From the pictures I posted, I think you can guess what I ate the most that night. :D There are actually a lot more other food there but I think there is less variety as compared to Saisaki or maybe even Renaissance. There's actually a lot of Indian cuisines that night. Taman Sari even served roti canai, sup tulang, papadam and such. I think the theme was not really "international buffet" that night but it's probably because Deepavali is around the corner. Just imagine what it would be like when it's nearing Christmas. Oh my. Turkeys and Western dishes.

:3 But overall, I like it. And was it worth it? Yeah, for RM49 the quality is there. It's just that I would definitely prefer more Western cuisine and SUSHIIIIIIIIIII.

Hungry yet?

To be or not to be

To be or not to be, that is the question. Literally. 

: (

Dilemma. When in dilemma, what you do? 

Don't tell me flip coins please. :1 


Once a Week Weekly Deodorant Review

So. You might be wondering... why the heck am I writing about deodorant. Nothing special really. Except that I always think that sharing is caring. :D So today, just so happen I've finished my assignments and I have some free time, I figure I should be a lil caring :P

I've have BO problems ever since I was in secondary school (ohmagerd, confession time!). It's pathetic really. I've tried using Nivea deodorant for women for I think 1-2 years maybe? It didn't really work, in fact it's because of it, I often find stains on my shirts and of course there's some side effects to the armpits. What the heck. :1 T_T Sangat memalukan okay. So because it was ineffective, I finally stopped using the Nivea deodorant (despite using it 1-2 years -_-) and used lemon instead. LOL. I scrubbed lemon onto my armpits every day when I bathe.. until one day I realized I did it wrong. ONLY use this method when it's sun down. Darn. :( Kebodohans. Anyway, it wasn't effective either. NAK MATI DAH.

UNTIL, I think was it last year that my problems were solved.

The REAL Deodorant.
Without a trce, zero-stickiness, 100% water-soluble, 100% alcohol-free, 100% aluminium-free, stain-free, colorless, fragrance-free.

I was introduced to Once a Week deodorant by a friend. I was skeptical at first. Duhhhh. I was already very fed up with my BO at that time and I was like spamming perfumes all over whenever I go out. Cover up whut. So anyway, I didn't want to purchase it first. So my friend told me that there was a person on LYN ( selling this deodorant and he was giving out samples for free. Eh free leh! No harm whut. And so my friend requested the sample on behalf of me and it was sent to my home.

Fast forward, I totally forgot about it until the sachet arrived at my house and then I was like. Eh.. apa ni. Then I remembered.

Didn't know what to do, I flipped the sachet around and found the directions on how to use it. Inside it, it's something like a ply of wet tissue but you can smell a lil like acidic smell (not very strong).

Directions: Targeted skin area dry and clean, wipe thoroughly and evenly.
Dispose wipe and rinse hands with water after application.
Allow to dry completely before dressing.

Application ambience: In-door, away from sunlight.

Pretty simple instructions. I followed the directions, applied it after I bathe during the evening (no sun already). Behind the sachet, there's also a list of cautions and the list of ingredients used: Water, Propylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, Glycerol, Potassium Sulfite, Lactobacilli Extract

So anyway, the verdict - deodorant lasted for 4 days before the busuk smells came back to haunt me again. :( But it was pretty good actually. For that 4 days, I could sweat like normal (I sweat like babi actually) but there was no apparent foul smell or intolerable odor. 

Determined to used it as a temporary solution at least, I asked my mum to get it. I found out that it could be obtained from Guardian stores. Bought 2 packs in the beginning to continue my trial to see if it really works for one week, as claimed by the name itself. 

Seal packaging. Make sure you buy the ones that are sealed too!

One pack usually costs RM8.90 with 3 disposable wipes inside. 

At the back of the pack, you can find the directions for use again. Slightly different from the one on the sachet though.

Directions for use: Used only as directed: 1 wipe (sachet) for 1 application to efficiently produce weekly protection* (*results vary individually). Application ambience: In-door and avoid of any sunlight. Application: Use damp towel to clean odorous skin area. Then, targeted skin area must be cool and DRY before gently rubbing on. Application must be THOROUGH over targeted skin area to be effective. Dispose used wipe and rinse hands throughly with water after each application. LET COOL AND COMPLETELY DRY (approx. 3 to 5 mins) BEFORE DRESSING. BEST used after sundown.

So the additional information here is "BEST used after sundown". Important point to take note. 

So after using a few sachets, I deduced that it really worked. Maximum of 7 days (that makes one week!) and minimum 5 days for me now. To have the best results, the application must be right and thorough. And also keep in mind to allow completely dry before dressing.

Often, the deodorant will go out of stock. So I'll get a few packs when I restock. Also will get a few packs at once cause Guardian has discount for it sometimes like RM8 per pack instead of RM8.90. I saw it from Once a Week deodorant website that you can also get the deodorant from Caring Pharmacy, Be Pharmacy and Farmasi Vitacare (though I never source it from there before). Alternatively, you can also get it online from Genkioutlet (link).

So far so good people. Been using for at least more than 1 year now, and it's gooooood. Seriously, I know this is not a cheap deodorant but it works! Thus, I think it's worth to get. So, if you have a BO problem. Don't worry kay? Try this out, it might just work for you like it did for me :)

P/S: Just in case you didn't know, this is not a paid advertorial or anything :1

Months of Drought

What's with the repetitions?

It's not really drought here in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, it's been raining cats and dogs for the past 1 week since Wednesday. It rained so heavily that the carpark at uni almost got flooded (again!) on Friday. Panic a lil because I was at the other side of the building and I had got wet on my way back to the carpark area -_- thank God, the water level was not high enough to drown reach the cars' engines but my shoes were drenched with muddy water, no escape :(

Anyhows, what I meant by months of drought is that.. "my life with contests" haven't been fruitful for like 6 months or so. LOL, as my friend would say it - SLNWB. You wonder what this acronym? It stands for So Long No Win Big. LOOOOL. Contest freaks would know this. :( Three of my friends just won S3, I'm so motivated to win one gadget for myself. The closest I get to winning a tablet is Pappa Rich's contest (link)... which reminds me I haven't go collect my consolation prize. :1 

T_T I won quite a number of vouchers, but all of them haven't arrive. And no updates from organizers. Okay, why am I ranting here? See, this one one of the #comperspain. No emails, no calls, no wins! Pfft. You see, I don't actually go enter every single contest but try to calculate the odds of winning. Sometimes I don't feel like joining any, but at the back of my mind, I told myself "You never try, you never know". Gasp. -_-;

But in the end, I realized that all my winnings and prizes are purely favour from God. What is mine, is mine! God's timing is really ngam. Like when I broke my headphones, I won another one. T_T Thank You, God. And I actually learnt a lot from joining contests. I learnt how to do postage (because I won prizes and I decided to sell :x) though I still freaking suck at it (ie. send to wrong address -_-"). And of course, I learnt perseverance above all. LOL, never give up! :3 

Okay, back to assignments. Ta.

Video of the Week: Lady Gaga Throws Up on Stage

OKAY, not exactly the best video to watch but if you're a Lady Gaga hater, you're probably gonna watch it.

Not too long ago, like 2 or 3 weeks ago I think, Justin Bieber also throw up on stage while performing his first concert for his Believe tour. Oh gosh, how embarrassing.

Then now, Lady Gaga vomits FOUR TIMES on stage, while performing Edge of Glory in Barcelona. is vomiting on stage a trend now or what? :P

Wimpy Braille Burgers Advertisement

One thing that's nice about studying mass comm is that we get to watch loads of videos. I get to watch videos almost in every lecture for every subject. Teehee. Even get to watch free movies and documentaries. So, yesterday my marcom lecturer showed us this video (and a few other videos) and I really liked this video although it's actually an advert. 

I thought it was so touching when I saw those participants laughed and smiled while they read the Braille codes with their hands. T_T 

I like the message in the video: "Sure it was a small gesture.. but for people who use their hands as their eyes this was the first time they could do more than just taste their food" YEAH MAN.


During film class yesterday, lecturer showed us a freaky video on German expressionism but I couldn't find the video on Youtube. :1 He was asking us what expression is this.. then one of my friends answered.. " psycho..sure psycho" LOL. 

I Won the Super Cool MTV VMA Headphones!

Something unfortunate happened about 2-3 weeks ago. I broke my beloved v-Jays which I won back in November (link). :( Super sad because it was my first high-end headphones which I love a lot because it sounds awesome. And I loveeee the ergonomics of it and v-Jays teman me to sleep almost every night. :(

But! Thanks to hot magazine, I won a super cool MTV Video Music Awards headphone! Am super happy lorh. The headphones are made by IMIXID and I've never heard of the brand before. It's over-ear, unlike v-Jays which was on-ear. 

The wire/cable is only connected to the left side, so no more hassle with wires tangling with each other. Plus point. Then, it's quite ergo too but I hate the fact I have rather big ears
(;¬_¬) . So it's not really comfortable that the headphone covers my whole ear because the feeling is like the paddings are squishing my ears :( And as for the sound, I don't find the sound as impressive as v-Jays. 

But cannot deny this headphone looks awesomeeeeee. You like? ;) 

Video of the Week: Adele - Skyfall

ADELE is back! Yeah, she's back with Skyfall, theme song for the Bond movie with the same title (name). I'm not the biggest fan of Bond movies nor any 007 stars nor chicks and I certainly don't like Daniel Craig (ooppss..) but I like :D

Coca-Cola Limited Edition Hari Raya Plates

Awhile back, Coca-Cola had organized a campaign - for 4 x 1.5 liter of Coca-Cola you purchase, you will get a free limited edition Hari Raya plates from Coca-Cola in limited participating outlets only. 

As cheapskate as I am, I don't want to spend so much money to buy soooo many Coca-Cola (4 x 3 = 12 COKES!) just for 3 plates (cause 3 different designs). So, I waited. And joined contests. Then, hooray! I really won :P Much thanks to Nuffnang! Teehee. So, I didn't need to drink Coca-Cola excessively. Phew. 

The thing is... I'm missing the 3rd design of the plate. Coca-Cola had some problems with the printing (or so I heard) so the 3rd design (love shaped) was very limited in the market. So, if so happen you are a Coke collector and if you are a kind soul, do let me know if you would like to trade plates with me.. THANKS :D

What I Learn From Doing Movie Reviews

For the past 2 weeks, I've been writing movie reviews. No, not for pleasure or blogging. Academic purposes. One of my assignments this semester is to write reviews for 4 movies. To date, I've watched an Italian movie, an Iranian movie, a French-produced short film, a British-produced film based on a Kenyan true story and even a Bosnian war drama.

Yes, of course I grew up watching Disney cartoons (awesome childhood I have :p) and the overrated Hollywood movies so this is definitely an eye opener. But reviewing movies has been such a painful process because I have to watch it several times to be able to write a 2-pages review.  What makes it so difficult is because I need to write it based on film theories and elements and not just plain BS about the storyline.

So here's what I learnt so far.

1) You need to pay attention to details.
The technicalities in film are important. Not only do you need to listen to the dialogues but also look at how shots are taken, the angles, the music and sound (which I always don't pay attention to -_-) are important to evaluation how good is the movie.

2) There are a lot of movies produced besides Hollywood
Yeah man, we live in a Hollywoodcentric society that we forgot that other nations have also been producing films of their own. I managed to open eyes a little more and see the world from another perspective.

3) The protagonist doesn't always looks awesome
Of course, the protagonists in Hollywood movies are the best-looking ones. I mean it's the tactic to attract people to watch the movie right? But no, in the 5 non-Hollywood movies that I've watched, none of them was attractive. Boo. LOL.

4) Use your brain
Hah! 4 out of the 5 movies I've watched requires me to put my brain into use. I've always conveniently left my brain at home whenever I watch something, which is why I always ask stupid questions when watching a show -_-; Anyhow, whenever I finished watching a film in college I was like "WTHECK IS THIS!". Lol, cause I don't really grasps what's the point of the film -_-l But in the end, after I google up and made some research..I went " that..". Pfft.

Well, that's about it so far. Now, back to finishing my last film review. *cries at a corner*.

Beng See Full Bakery

Busy, busy with assignments. Bored, bored of assignments. 

While people were out playing lanterns, I was at home finishing my PR assignment on Mid-Autumn Festival. HAHAHA. I feel productive. Anyhows, mama b(r)ought back home Beng See Full Bakery's awesome awesome delicacy twice...and I'm saying delicacy because I don't know what's it called. LOOOOL. It's not mooncakes by the way

Tastes yum! As you can see from the picture above, the egg yolk is like hugeeee and the pastry is not too thick. Unlike a lot of pastries I've eaten before, the pastry makes up 50% and filling is only 50%. This one is like 80% filling. :) If you wanna get them if I did not make any mistake here's the address:

67G, Jalan SL 1/4, Bandar Sg. Long, 43000 Cheras, Kajang, Selangor. 
You can also call 012-6635854 or 016-3378606 if you have got any questions.

I searched them up and found out Beng See Full Bakery got the best egg tarts. Well, if you have tried them before let me know how is it? ;D