So, apparently, my sister likes Rilakkuma.. Elder sis decided to throw her a Rilakkuma-themed surprise party and I was too lazy didn't know what to do for the programme so I offered to make a pinata. It's been a very long time since I did arts and crafts and that sort of thing. Nope, I haven't been making cards cause I feel like it neither did I draw or sketch anything lately. I actually like doing those, alone. ._.

Anyway... the steps are really easy...except it took me close to six hours to complete the whole thing, including decorating the exterior 😪

Materials that I used to make for the Rilakkuma Pinata:

  • One oreo card box (those boxes of oreos that I won last year came in handy :P - link)
  • One Shin Ramyun card box (the red one)
  • Stapler
  • Masking tape
  • Rope 
  • Brown mahjong paper 
  • Brown paper 
  • Scissors
  • PVC Glue
  • Paper knife or blade
  • Newspapers
  • Marker pen
  • Brush
  • Yellow A4 paper
  • White A4 paper

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide on how to make a pinata, I actually followed a guide here (link). Strongly encourage you to refer to it, and then improvise accordingly like I did. There's a picture for every step, so you can understand it better. I didn't take any step-to-step picture cause I was rushing the whole time -_-;

I used what I had at home like the card boxes. I wanted to stuff a Rilakkuma soft toy inside the pinata (but usually people put sweets lah)... It's also less fun because imagine this, only one thing would drop out of the pinata. No fun loh. But what to do :3

So here's how I made it:

1. I used a marker pen and roughly sketched out the shape of the not-so-round head on the Shin Ramyun card box and used a blade to cut it off. Imagine - it's in 2D. So I cut double of this.

2. Cut out the shape of the ears to be combined on the head. I cut out 4 of this.

3. Now, patch the ears on the head using masking tape. I also used a stapler to make the ears secured to the head.

4. In order to make it 3D now, I cut off the remaining cardboard from the Shin Ramyun cardbox and make sure it's long and wide enough to connect the heads and ears from one side to the other.

5. This is the difficult part. I was doing this alone. Patching up cardboards together to make it into 3D is not easy. I used a lot of masking tapes to make the patching firm. Then stapler-ed them together to ensure it's more secure lol. Start with connecting the bottom, the base of the face. Then connect the one side of the cheeks first. And move up to the ears. Then, stop patching.

6. Now, you should already puncture two holes (I used a blade to cut a small hole) and insert the ropes on each side of the face. I used two separate ropes for each face.

7. Stuff in the items you want to put inside now. I stuffed in my Rilakkuma soft toy now, which took about 90% of the space.

8. Because there were some empty space and I thought that the empty space would make the pinata break easier, I decided to put newspapers to fill in those spaces. LOL.

9. Continue patching the other side of the cheeks and the ears, and then the top of the head. I used a lot of masking tape here.

10. It should be done now, it's time to decorate. I traced the shape of the head (2D again) on a brown paper so that I can cover the box with one layer of brown paper first.

11. Using a brush, I spread out the PVA glue to stick the brown paper on the cardbox now. Once the whole head is covered with the brown paper, it should look rather neat.

Pic taken from (link)

12. I cut out very long strips of brown mahjong paper so that I could stick them across the head. Refer to the picture above for an example.

13. Using PVA glue again, I stick these strips of brown mahjong paper on the face.

14. Cut out the (yellow) part shape of the ears. And stick them on the ear.

15. Cut out an oval-ish shape of white paper and paste it on the lower middle part of the head.

16. Draw the eyes and the nose with a black marker pen. You're done!

Well, I'm no art expert but this is my first pinata, I super bangga ok. LOL. And turns out.. my pinata was too secure and tough, it took 30 minutes and making the card box wet with water, then only we could break it open -_-;; Guess the imported box was too tough. Should have used cereal boxes for the whole thing instead.

LOL, the picture is out of focus, but you can see that even after whacking this thing for 30 minutes, the face didn't come off! I mean the brown mahjong paper didn't come out man. LOL so surprised.