Of late, I've seen this picture of "Dr. Richard Teo" and in the caption it was his thoughts about life, wealth, success and happiness. You can listen it here (link). I decided to google him and to see what his background was, because he seemed familiar. I think I've seen him appear in CNA (Channel News Asia) before. Lo and behold, I found out that 'thoughts about life, wealth, success and happiness' were actually part his testimony and speech that he gave in Dental Christian Fellowship. Read here for the transcript of the full speech (link)

I'm not sure who started sharing but this story definitely went viral (at least within Malaysia and Singapore). The thing is, not the whole speech was made into a transcript. His testimony about his Christian faith, his encounter with God was left out :( Nevertheless, I think if people actually google him out, like me, they will find out that it is not just an inspiring story about 'life, wealth, success and happiness'. It's the real life testimony of how ultimately, it's the intervention of God is in this man's life that touched his life and changed him inside out. It made him realize what is the meaning of life, of joy. It is ultimately God - who brought Dr. Richard back into His arms. 

There is a lot of truth in his testimony. The chase for wealth, the hunger for success yet there is still this emptiness that people feel even despite being rich and successful. The Christians who never attend church or reads the bible, or dropped out half way because they can do so much by themselves..all these are true. But we shall have faith that God will bring them back, like how he had brought Dr. Richard back.

... :'( 

Even as this year was one of the most painful year to go through, because of the passing of someone very dear to me and my church but we know that God it still in control nevertheless, even if we don't understand or know His plans.