Busy, busy with assignments. Bored, bored of assignments. 

While people were out playing lanterns, I was at home finishing my PR assignment on Mid-Autumn Festival. HAHAHA. I feel productive. Anyhows, mama b(r)ought back home Beng See Full Bakery's awesome awesome delicacy twice...and I'm saying delicacy because I don't know what's it called. LOOOOL. It's not mooncakes by the way

Tastes yum! As you can see from the picture above, the egg yolk is like hugeeee and the pastry is not too thick. Unlike a lot of pastries I've eaten before, the pastry makes up 50% and filling is only 50%. This one is like 80% filling. :) If you wanna get them if I did not make any mistake here's the address:

67G, Jalan SL 1/4, Bandar Sg. Long, 43000 Cheras, Kajang, Selangor. 
You can also call 012-6635854 or 016-3378606 if you have got any questions.

I searched them up and found out Beng See Full Bakery got the best egg tarts. Well, if you have tried them before let me know how is it? ;D