One thing that's nice about studying mass comm is that we get to watch loads of videos. I get to watch videos almost in every lecture for every subject. Teehee. Even get to watch free movies and documentaries. So, yesterday my marcom lecturer showed us this video (and a few other videos) and I really liked this video although it's actually an advert. 

I thought it was so touching when I saw those participants laughed and smiled while they read the Braille codes with their hands. T_T 

I like the message in the video: "Sure it was a small gesture.. but for people who use their hands as their eyes this was the first time they could do more than just taste their food" YEAH MAN.


During film class yesterday, lecturer showed us a freaky video on German expressionism but I couldn't find the video on Youtube. :1 He was asking us what expression is this.. then one of my friends answered.. " psycho..sure psycho" LOL.