Body odour (BO) problems are not uncommon and it's also one that I have experienced since I was in secondary school. I had tried using Nivea deodorant for women for, I think, one to two years but it didn't really work. During that period, I often found stains on my shirts and of experienced some side effects to the armpits. After two years of usage, and since it was ineffective, I finally stopped using the Nivea deodorant. I resorted to using natural remedies - in particular using lemon to try to "cure" the body odour issues. The recommended method is to scrub lemon onto the armpit area when it's sundown. I tried it for a while, and it wasn't effective for me either. For a while, it felt hopeless until I was introduced to Once a Week Weekly Deodorant.

The REAL Deodorant.
Without a trace, zero-stickiness, 100% water-soluble, 100% alcohol-free, 100% aluminium-free, stain-free, colorless, fragrance-free.

I was introduced to Once a Week Weekly deodorant by a friend. I was skeptical at first. I was already fed up and insecure about my BO at that time and I coped by using excessive perfumes all over whenever I head out. Anyway, I didn't want to purchase it first. But my friend told me that there was a person on LYN ( selling this deodorant and he was giving out samples for free. Eh, for free?! No harm what? And so my friend requested the sample on my behalf and I got it not long after.

I actually totally forgot all about it until the sachet arrived at my house and then I was like. Eh... what's this? Then I remembered.

Didn't know what to do, I flipped the sachet around and found the directions on how to use it. Inside it, it's something like a ply of wet tissue but you can smell a lil-like acidic smell (not very strong).

Directions: Targeted skin area dry and clean, wipe thoroughly and evenly.
Dispose wipe and rinse hands with water after application.
Allow to dry completely before dressing.

Application ambience: In-door, away from sunlight.

Pretty simple instructions. I followed the directions, applied it after I bathe during the evening (no sun already). Behind the sachet, there's also a list of cautions and the list of ingredients used: Water, Propylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, Glycerol, Potassium Sulfite, Lactobacilli Extract

So anyway, the verdict - deodorant lasted for four days after the first application. But it was pretty good actually. For that four days, I could sweat like normal but there was no apparent foul smell or intolerable odour. 

Determined to used it as a temporary solution at least, I asked my mum to get it. I found out that it could be obtained from Guardian stores. Bought two packs, in the beginning, to continue my trial to see if it really works for one week, as claimed by the name itself. 

Sealed packaging. Make sure you buy the ones that are sealed too!

At the time of writing, one pack usually costs RM8.90 with 3 disposable wipes inside. 

At the back of the pack, you can find the directions for use again. Slightly different from the one on the sachet though.

Directions for use: Used only as directed: 1 wipe (sachet) for 1 application to efficiently produce weekly protection* (*results vary individually). Application ambiance: In-door and avoid of any sunlight. Application: Use damp towel to clean odorous skin area. Then, targeted skin area must be cool and DRY before gently rubbing on. Application must be THOROUGH over targeted skin area to be effective. Dispose used wipe and rinse hands thoroughly with water after each application. LET COOL AND COMPLETELY DRY (approx. 3 to 5 mins) BEFORE DRESSING. BEST used after sundown.

So the additional information here is "BEST used after sundown". Important point to take note. 

So after using a few sachets, I deduced that it really worked. Maximum of seven days (that makes one week!) and a minimum of five days for me. To have the best results, the application must be right and thorough. Also, keep in mind to allow completely dry before dressing.

Often, the deodorant will go out of stock. So I'll get a few packs whenever I restock. Also will get a few packs at once cause Guardian has a discount for it sometimes like RM8 per pack instead of RM8.90. I saw it from Once a Week deodorant website that you can also get the deodorant from Caring Pharmacy, Be Pharmacy, and Farmasi Vitacare

So far so good. Been using it for at least more than one year now, and it's gooooood. I know this is not a cheap deodorant but it works! Thus, I think it's worth to get. So, if you have a BO problem. Don't worry kay? Try this out, it might just work for you as it did for me :)

P/S: Just in case you didn't know, this is not a paid advertorial or anything. 

2023 update: I've used this product for more than half a decade and it worked well. I've since moved on to using Dr. Mist Body Spray deodorant, as it worked for me. Cost-wise, one bottle of Dr. Mist is almost priced similar to one pack of Once a Week Weekly Deodorant. The difference is I could use the former for weeks and maybe a few months, but I had to stock on OAW often.

This review has been updated as of 25 May 2023.

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