Saturday, February 28, 2015

Losing One Tooth

I can't remember when was the last time I had my tooth extracted but I just underwent a wisdom tooth surgery yesterday with my regular dentist and it was a pleasant experience. I'm pretty sure you don't always hear pleasant and surgery together in one sentence but truth is, I've heard too many horror stories about wisdom tooth and the surgeries, so now I'm actually grateful that I have felt no pain at all to this point (after 36 hours). 

Of course, my face (inner mouth gum?) is swollen as heck and I have difficulty opening my mouth that my lips are beginning to bleed a bit from the tension during the surgery and all, but it's kinda small matter, really. 

It was a long journey before this surgery happened. I had to visit 2 different dentists at 2 different clinics - both were my first visit to the dentists -  because my regular dentist is so popular that it is difficult to get an appointment with him. To my disappointment, both dentists that I visited were inexperienced and I had to even pay a hefty amount for a "useless" x-ray. Useless because when I finally got to visit my regular dentist (after kinda like begging/scolding the nurse for not scheduling the regular check-up) to have a check-up about my problematic wisdom teeth which were causing me painnnnn, he asked for a x-ray.

Nowadays, it appears that x-rays are in digital format so I had to get the soft-copy from the other clinic after I gotten a pendrive. Goodness, the hassle. So, after I had gotten the x-ray from the other clinic with the help of my mother (she travelled to the other clinic to get me the x-ray while I was waiting at my regular dentist's clinic - cause it's so freaking hard to get an appointment!).. the x-ray was useless because it cannot be used for surgery purpose... (!!!) That noob clinic! Crai. 

Overall the procedure was smooth, so fingers crossed all is well. I still have to go and remove the stitches next week so I hope everything will be ok. Please be ok because assignments (and don't forget the ongoing thesis!) are starting to flow in now and I'm still procrastinating cause I haven't been feeling well since the start of CNY. Babi.

Anyway, Chinese New Year has been good. I'll blog more on it later if I feel like it :P

I love good yee sang.

A few people asked me why did I remove my wisdom tooth during CNY? I just want to get this over and done with mannn. I've eaten enough for the week, so the rest of the CNY... oklah.

Anyway, if you catched it in the previous paragraph above, I have wisdom teeth. Means, two. With problems. One more to go. Gah :<

Saturday, February 14, 2015

CNY Kambing

Two weeks without an update, omg!

Well, nothing much is happening here. Mostly because I am busy with my thesis but also just procrastinating. I'm behind my the schedule I've set for myself and it's time to buck up. Though I'm only taking 3 subjects this semester, which comparatively is much lesser than usual as I took 5 subjects at least during long semester, but this thesis thing is making my life hard. First, it's because it's been awhile since I wrote a proper research paper and secondly, although it's compulsory for us to write a thesis paper but we're not really prepared well during the 3-year course. #honest

Anyway, Chinese New Year is around the corner and everyday my mum is busy making cookies and all them Chinese New Year delicacies.

Everyday I can smell and see, but cannot eat.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Personalise Your Coca-Cola Can With Your Name!

Coca-Cola Malaysia has released eight special cans for the Chinese New Year campaign. Good news for all collectors. About time they do. I find that Coca-Cola Malaysia is always slow or lacking in releasing limited edition designs as compared to other countries like Thailand, Australia or even Vietnam. 

In conjunction with this campaign, they are also organising roadshows around Malaysia for consumers to personalised their coke can by adding names onto the can. About time they do, again! Elsewhere in countries like America or Australia, these campaigns have been going on for a long time.

The campaign has started about two weeks ago and not many people know about it. But of course, thanks to the power of social media, people begin sharing and news spread.

There was a roadshow going on at AEON One Utama (Bandar Utama) today and I already expected that many people will be present. But the crowd was just too overwhelming - and I think no one really expected such big turnout! The event is supposed to start at 11am but I was there at 10.30am and everyone was already going crazy in the AEON supermarket. Grabbing trolleys, cartons and cartons of Coke, and queueing! Pagi-pagi dah havoc nih

So nevermind, I walked my way trying to trace the queue and then I saw that there was no Coca-Cola left, much to my annoyance. I had to wait for the rest of the Coca-Cola team to get stock. Quite irritated because it was stuffy - too many people and I had to wait for about an hour till I managed to get the 10-tin box that I wanted. 

If you haven't known already, you need to purchase either the 24 x 325ml Coca-Cola can (aka 1 carton) to be entitled to 2 free personalised can OR a box of 10 x 325ml Coca-Cola cans to get 1 free personalized can. I opt for the latter so I had to wait longer for the Coca-Cola staffs to bring them out. 

Everyone was on the verge of snatching already. See the video below:

This kind of craze is not unfamiliar in Malaysia. It reminds me too much of the McDonald's Despicable Me Minion toys. OMG. -_-;; The kiasu-ness is all oozing out.

I'm not even joking about the kiasu-ness. If you're familiar with One Utama layout, I think you will know how crazy it was if I told you that the queue stretched from the AEON cashier area zig-zag all the way out up till Uniqlo. Ya, I'm not kidding. 

Anyway, I got hold of two 10-tin box that I wanted. Yippee! And I got myself the personalised can. Really so happy and grateful for the help that I was given.

Coca-Cola sticker on the box. Nice touch. But kinda damaging cause when I tried to peel off the sticker, the box's paint came off as well. Urgh, collectors' pet peeve.

Taa-daa! So much hassle to get a Coke personalised, I don't even know whether it's worth it or not. Oh well :)

Next, I will need to hunt 7 more designs to complete the set. Unfortunately, all the cans in the 10-tin box shared the same design. Meh.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Food: Gangnam 88 Korean BBQ Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara (non-halal)

I've heard about Gangnam 88 for a long time now. Even my Korean acquaintances recommend this place. So, after so long of hearing people talking about this place, I finally paid a visit - in conjunction of my mum's birthday.

It's a nice cozy place with yellow lighting. enemy. Yellow lighting. Dislike yellow lighting. Oh well.

This place definitely caters to the younger crowd. Televisions were on, blasting K-Pop music videos and shows, much that my sisters could relate to. Me, not so much. Heh.

On the walls, various K-pop merchandises were displayed as props.

Dwaeji-Galbi (Savory pork ribs sauce) 

Tasty stuff! Generous portion, super flavourful.

Bulgogi (Marinated beef served in soup with glass noodles)

I recently had bulgogi at Ko Hyang (Viva Mall outlet) and it was horrible! Basically the soup was almost tasteless and full of cabbage. I needed to erase that memory. Gangnam 88's bulgogi did much justice - generous amount of beef and mushrooms. Soup was really tasty. So it was all good. Phew.

Samgyeopsal (pork belly)

Basically, it's awesome stuff. Surprise - there's the pork belly is not marinated! So go ahead and savour the porkiness in its full glory.

Okay, I feel hungry already.

Gangnam88 grills or BBQ food in their kitchen (not in front of customers, phew!) so there's less likelihood that you smell like BBQ or smoke after your meal. However, after the meal, I know I did smell a little like smoke (very faint) but bearable. Sometimes going to mamak places is worst.

Kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew)

The kimchi jjigae is towards the spicy-sour side. Soup is thick and flavourful. 

Big thumbs up to Gangnam 88 for colour-coding the plates for their side dishes. Most of the Korean restaurants I've been to uses the same plate for the side dishes. So when I ask for refill, they don't know what we are asking for. At Gangnam 88, because the different plates used for different side dishes, the waiters know what we were asking for when we ask for refills.

Even bigger thumbs up for the good variety for the side dishes. Pajeon (pancakes), myeolchi-bokkeum (stirfried dried anchovies with nuts), kimchi, spinach amongst others.

Before I forget, we also got a complimentary steamed egg for ordering meat dishes. Hahaha, great compliments from the restaurant. I like.The steamed egg is towards the "burnt" side but it's in such a way that it tastes good. I'm sorry, but that's the best I could explain. 

Gangnam 88 is actually famous for their Beer Chicken which takes about 1 hour preparation time. We knew this and contemplated if we want to try and skip waiting time by pre-ordering when we booked a table.. but in the end we didn't. I guess we love beef and pork too much to give them up for chicken.

Refill them pajeon!

Overall, it was a simply enjoyable experience and great food. I would come back just for the side dishes. Even if it's just pajeon and kimchi. Hahahaha.

Food: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Value: 6/10
Atmosphere: 5.5/10

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Moto G XT1033 Lollipop (Android 5.0) FAQ, Tips and Tricks

Here's just what I've gathered after upgrading Lollipop on my device for about 1 week now.

1. Mobile Data not showing H+/H/E anymore after Lollipop update

- Apparently, H+ doesn't appear on Lollipop but you should be able to see H or E sign. If you don't something is wrong somewhere.

2. User photo not shown on notification bar

Fix: Select "Guest" and "Done". Then, revert back. The photo should appear now.

3. Missing Auto Rotate/Mobile Hotspot/Cast Screen/Invert Colours on Quick Notification

Fix: You need to select them from the settings once, and then it will appear on your quick notification automatically

4. Remove Auto Rotate/Mobile Hotspot/Cast Screen/Invert Colours from Quick Notification

Fix: Set your date of your phone about 35 day backwards. Ie. If it's 31st January 2015 now, put it on 25th December. Then, re-set the date again.

4. Exclamation mark on Wifi/Mobile Signal

- From what I've gathered, the exclamation mark means that the Wifi/Mobile Data is not connected to Google server. I experienced this in the first few days even when I was using wifi at home, but later the exclamation mark on my Wifi just disappeared. No idea why.

5. No silent mode on Lollipop!

- Ya, it sucks. If you're expecting the "normal" silent mode, you won't be getting it on Lollipop. There's now 3 sound notification modes on Lollipop.

  1. None: No vibration, no notification sounds not even alarm.
  2. Priority: Selected notification (priority apps) and vibration mode.
  3. All: All notification and vibration mode.
6. What's the "NO" / "Star" symbol on my notification bar?!

- The "NO" symbol indicates that you are in "None" notification mode. You will get a "Star" symbol if you are in "Priority" mode.

7. LED notification not working on Lollipop!

- Another sucky feature on Lollipop. Unfortunately, it seems that we can't get LED notification when we are on "None" or "Priority" mode. Sucks to be us. Hopefully Google will fix this in the next update or something.

8. Cannot get into recovery mode!


  1. Press and hold Power and Volume (DOWN) buttons at the same time until the device logo/Android logo appears on screen.
  2. There should be a large arrow at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Volume (DOWN) repeatedly until you see "Recovery" in the arrow.
  4. Tap Volume (UP).
  5. Hold Power button for 5 seconds and tap Volume (UP) once before releasing the power.