Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Jonathan Rinzler making a funny face.

Last Wednesday, I had the chance to attend one session of talk at #KLConverge. First time in my four years at uni that we had a field trip and transport was provided! KL Converge is a three-day event that features various talks by reputable speakers and admission was free! Shame that it seems that the marketing or publicity was rather bad.. 

Oh ya, so I managed to attend a talk by Jonathan Rinzler, author of THe Making of Star Wars and the Complete Making of Indiana Jones, NY Times and London Times Bestsellers, and he has written Emmy award-winning animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He gave a talk about writing for digital age. To be honest, it was not the best talk I've ever been but it was a privilege to meet these big shots from Hollywood and we could even go close up and ask them questions after the session was over. Fuh.

And then I rushed back to attend another talk.. this time by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir!

I hate it that the events clashed. So I made my choice anyway. So anyhow, I managed to meet MM too and it was yet another privilege to see someone who is who reputable and respected at a close range. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Food: A&W Lorong Sultan, Petaling Jaya

A month or two ago, there were news that the iconic A&W in Petaling Jaya along Lorong Sultan was going to be closed down. Different media reported different news - some said that it will be closed down for renovation.. some said it will be gone.. forever.

Nevertheless, I was at Amcorp Mall with my parents earlier and we decided why not pay a visit to A&W to see if it's open. A&W is really just opposite Amcorp Mall but we had to make a big turn to get to the other side (change of roads, all became one-way).

To be honest, I haven't been to this place for a very, very, very, very, very long time. Yeah, you get the idea. So forming first impressions again - this outlet is super old school! From the tiles to the whole atmosphere.. it's just very very old, it can be good or in a bad way.

Heyyyy! They have a special counter for ice cream and waffles. Unfortunately, you can't place your order here. You only get to collect your desserts here but you must place the order at the main counter. Shucks. I didn't know this and the queue at the main counter was super long then.. will come and try the desserts soon before this outlet is gone.

Hey you, I remember you!

It's sad that A&W outlets are slowly disappearing.. The nearest A&W is..nowhere near. Many years ago, there was an A&W in Cheras Leisure Mall and it was the outlet that we frequented if we wanted to have A&W. And now.. there's not many A&W outlets left, really. Sad case. They should play their power card y'know? Like their root beer, coney hotdog, waffles, curly fries... 


Sad, if you upsize from regular to large, they give you a paper cup instead. Nooo! Mana cun liddat?! Frozen cups FTW. Oh yea, take a look at the chicken :< The chickens went on diet I guess but the taste is still there. Oh ya, the fries were nasty, they were really bad.

..but not as bad as the grilled chicken burger! Pathetic -.-

.. well at least the curly fries are still good!

And of course, the unique selling point of A&W - the root beer float (with vanilla ice cream). Ugh, it's been a very long while. The last time I had A&W was in Thailand last year end, LOL. Still super good!!!

I hope A&W will reopen new outlets in Cheras soon. I'll definitely get some waffles and a root beer with float any day. I think they need to focus at what they are good at, going back to basics again. Also, rethink their branding and image. Perhaps if they go towards the old school image like what Johnny Rockets is doing it may bring them somewhere.. Hmm..

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Restoran Kauboi, Kuah, Langkawi

Trust me to never go to Langkawi during the Raya weekend. It was close to a disaster because most of the places were closed, seeing that Langkawi is a Malay-populated area. It was extremely difficult to find a place to eat at Kuah town, less of a problem at Cenang I guess. 

There's a street at Kuah where there's a lot of seafood or thai food restaurants and all were fully occupied during dinner time. My friends and I found ourselves at Restoran Kauboi after its neighbour, the highly rated Wonderland, was closed for Raya holidays. 

We were seated around 6.15pm or so and the place was slowly getting packed with humans everywhere. Placed our order and started waiting..after waiting for an hour, we don't see any other tables being served and we were getting hungry. So we asked one uncle working there where was our food and how long do we have to wait. 

Here comes the plot twist: The uncle said that eating at restaurant is different and if we cannot wait he asked us to eat at mamak instead. We just simply replied (with ultimate sarcasm) that oh, sure we wished to eat at mamak too but we can't find any that was open. Now, before you start attacking us using that we have the gen-y-cannot-wait syndrome, let me tell you that there were about 5-8 other tables who were also getting impatient and they weren't that happy either. We politely asked the uncle how long do we have to wait because it would set our expectations seeing that we have already waited for an hour but his reply was utterly rude and uncalled for. What is the mentality behind this behavior? This is the exact same mentality as those who call others pendatang and ask people to leave the country if they are unhappy with status quo. Maybe you think I've gone too far by drawing this comparison but think about it.

Anyway, we were really irritated after that reply from the uncle but we stayed on and we vowed to leave at 8pm if the food is still not here yet. But of course, the food came at about 7.55pm. Of course.

The food was at best average but I found that food in KL is better than Kuah town or it's simply because I didn't get to try the best food in Kuah maybe? No, the food review wasn't affected by the service in case you are wondering. The food here at Restoran Kauboi was better than the previous restaurant we went the night before in the sense that it had less MSG and less oily.

Seriously, eating at Langkawi is not cheap - the price of food is very similar to KL - and how ironic it is because I thought that since Langkawi's beers and chocolates are so cheap the food should be too, especially since it's a duty-free island. Funny I only realised this after I went to Langkawi and paid my own bills. The last time I went to Langkawi, I went with my family and mum paid all the bills. I guess I was a little ignorant.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Motorola Moto G Phone Case, Cover Review

Well, I've been using Motorola's Moto G for almost 6 months now and it's been good to me so far, no problems whatsoever. My only disappointment with the Moto G is the quality of the camera (5mp, can't do much you see) but anyway, that can't be helped la since the specs is low in the first place. 

Over the last 6 months, my hands were really itching since Xiaomi came to Malaysia. The price I paid for this Moto G with a little extra would have allowed me to get a Mi 3 phone instead - a phone with much better specs and all. But I guess it's not just the phone but also user experience. So far I'm really loving the almost-vanilla experience. So... go Moto *no, I'm not trying to console myself). Nevermind the fact that Moto G is not a mainstream phone and till today I still get questions like "Huh? Motorola is still alive?!" whenever people ask me what phone am I using and I tell them it's a Motorola. Uh oh.

The most annoying part yet is the fact that it's difficult to find any other accessories for the phone since it's not a mainstream phone. Like the basic screen protector and case.. I have to order all these online at a higher price :( Heck, Xiaomi's accessories are all over the place now, it's so unfair.. I guess it's becoming a mainstream brand like Samsung and Apple.

Okay, enough of my grandmother story. So here's a few cases that I've gotten for my Moto G:

Front view; From left: Spigen Slim Armor (1:1 copy) case, generic TPU case, Fosmon Hybo Snap Case look-a-like, Motorola shell, Moto G phone

Back view; From left: Spigen Slim Armor (1:1 copy) case, generic TPU case, Fosmon Hybo Snap Case look-a-like, Motorola shell, Moto G phone

Okie so you could see the thickness of each case from the picture above. Obviously if I just used the phone with the Motorola shell only it's super thin and light but I have to face a high risk of getting my phone all dented, scratched and even broken if I dropped it. Ain't nobody gonna take that risk. 

Spigen Slim Armor (1:1 copy)
- 2-in-1 design: Outer removable plastic hard case, inner TPU case
- Very solid
- Quite easy to put the phone in, very difficult to pull out as the phone's shell will definitely get stuck in the case
- Thick and may be bulky
- Fits accurately, nicely, tightly
- Not bendable unless plastic hard case is separated from TPU case
- Difficult to press the physical buttons (power, volume up and down)

Generic TPU case
- Easy to put the phone it, moderate difficulty in pulling out the phone's shell. Occasionally, the phone's shell will get stuck in the case
- Fits tightly
- Causes bubbles on screen protector due to the pressures at the side (I changed my screen protector and one hour later there's bubbles already after I put on the case :<)
- Bendable
- Buttons relatively easy to press

Fosmon Hybo Snap Case look-a-like/Hybrid Armor Shockproof Case
- Effortless to put the phone in and out because it is a two-part case
- Covers the whole phone, front and back
- When you put the phone on the back case, it looks like it's very loose but after you put the front case over it, the case fits perfectly 
- Built-in screen protector on the front 
- Decreased sensitivity due to the built-in screen protector 
- Buttons can be pressed very comfortably 
- All ports are covered 

So, guess which case am I using now? :P

Saturday, August 23, 2014

UMobile Buah Tangan Hari Raya Campaign 2014

Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

UMobile had this campaign where anyone, regardless if they are UMobile users or not, can send a "buah tangan" to their family members or friends. "Buah tangan" is a Malay proverb which strongly represent the Malaysian culture, where people usually bring a gift (buah tangan) when paying a visit to someone. 

So last weekend, I received a buah tangan from Franco courtesy of UMobile. The mobile is actually done via the Facebook App, where Franco sent me a request and all I had to do was to fill up some basic information and UMobile will send a buah tangan to me. Well, I didn't know what to expect from the buah tangan but it turns out to be really good.

I was really impressed! The UMobile team took the time to package it really nicely and even printed those cards to personalize the gift.

The box of goodness. Well, everything in the box is edible (except the voucher of course, but it's a Chatime voucher for you to buy a drink, duh). And all the contents were good stuffs - Chatime, Snickers, Lipton, Tropicana Twiter and Quacker Oat - all of the brands that we know.

Overall, I'm really happy that this wasn't a gimmick or anything (as in some company would send some expired stuff or things we couldn't use and things like that) and I also managed to sent a few buah tangan to my friends courtesy of UMobile. Most of them received the parcel yesterday, pretty efficient. I would think it's very smart of UMobile to run this campaign, something different and it definitely evoked good feelings.

More campaigns like this please :P