Saturday, August 20, 2016

Japan Spring Trip: Tokyo - Day 5 (Apple Holiday)

In continuation of my previous blogpost on my Japan trip, here's what I did for day 5:

Woke up early to have breakfast at Tokyo Dome Hotel of course.

Went to visit the Akusa Kannon Temple, didn't go in but we walked around the vicinity.

In Japan, it's rude to eat and walk at the same time. The vendors put up a sign to tell tourists that they have to stand at the stall and finish the food before they could walk away.

We went to Watami for lunch and.... it was the most forgettable meal in the whole trip. Not so onz. I think I had better ones here in Malaysia.

Shortly after that, we made our way to Ginza, Tokyo's most famous upscale shopping, dining and entertainment district.

We actually didn't plan to spend much on shopping but we ended up at GU, Uniqlo's sister brand and everything is so cheap there! Like RM9 (converted) for a top cheap! Imagine Uniqlo's quality at RM9. Yeah, we did bought quite a bit of clothing here, but all from GU.

Lunch was utterly disappointing but the dinner - whoa - redeemed the day for us. We had a feast! We had Kaiseki Crab Cuisine for dinner. Some pictures:


Fried crabs!

Super fragrant crab rice.

Best chawanmushi I've ever had. My sisters agree with me. The BEST.

Dessert! Vanilla ice cream with matcha. SO GOOD!

Day 5 wasn't really eventful so I don't have much to say here. First half of the day was spent walking around at Akusa Kannon Temple, looking for merchandise to buy back for souvenirs but didn't buy much either. Spend most of the second half of the day at Ginza shopping.

Night time, we went out again. Since we were staying at Tokyo Dome Hotel for the second consecutive night, we kinda knew where to walk. It was raining again by the way. Wet, wet Tokyo.

Wanted to get this for supper but in the end I didn't.

Had gyoza instead! YUMS.

So that's the end of Day 5. The next post should be a little more exciting because it's DISNEYLAND!


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Here's How You Can Save 3 Lives And Get Free Movie Tickets Too!

If you didn't know yet, MBO Cinemas is continuing its third annual partnership with St John Ambulance of Malaysia to host a donation drive this weekend to contribute to the National Blood Centre (PDN). 

Those who are interested may head to any of the MBO Cinemas nationwide from 12pm to 6pm on 6-7 August. For those in Kedah and Johor, you can visit the cinemas on 5-6 August. 

Blood donors, you'd be pleased to know that you will receive a goodie bag which includes free cinema tickets, movie merchandises, food, drinks and pharmaceutical gifts from MBO Cinemas partners.

Check out MBO Cinemas creative video promo too. I like that it's non-cheesy and light-hearted in a way, that's how promotional videos should be done!

Did you know that ONE pint of blood can save THREE lives? It's quite amazing actually. 

So if you're planning to catch Suicide Squad this weekend, don't forget to join the blood donation drive too :)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016

Last day of the month already!

I wanted to blog more here but time does not permit. Most days, I'm just thinking about work; what to write, what to do. On weekends, it's pretty much occupied too. And when I do have the time to sit down and do something, I... sleep.

That being said, July's been good.

I bought my first full frame camera - OH MY GOODNESS. Yeah, I can't believe it. Got my hands on my first DSLR in 2011 and five years later I've upgraded like I'm a rich fool. I'm a fool, yes.

But, I hope with this new setup I can take nicer portraits and hopefully, someone will pay me to take photographs next time :P For now, it's still just a hobby.

Celebrated my birthday quietly, and an engagement (not mine, of course).

The most wonderful thing happened - mum made sushi cake. YESSS.

Yesterday, I went to KLPAC to watch a performance for the first time! I was there to support a good friend. Honestly, I didn't expect much but I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I know I've been losing steam and have not finished blogging about my trip to Japan but it's something that I look forward to finishing.

Till the next entry. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Japan Spring Trip: Hokkaido/Tokyo - Day 4 (Apple Holiday)

In continuation of my previous blogpost on my Japan trip, here's what I did for day 4:

Our mission for the day was to look for sakura - that was the main highlight of the trip anyway.

Next, we went to Okurayama Olympic Ski Jump Stadium. I didn't even know anything about this sport until I came here. Some pictures:

So we took a cable car up and it was kinda thrilling cause our legs were hanging mid-air. I didn't dare to move while I was on the gondola, tbh.

We went up to the Okurayama Observatory deck (The Start House) and had a good view of Sapporo.

There's a little kiosk selling soft serve ice cream, dubbed as one of the best in Sapporo. Truthfully, ice creams are everywhere in Japan and we only managed to try a few but this was really quite nice :)

 Going down

Aside from getting to see some really beautiful scenery and enjoying the great weather, one of the highlights of this trip has definitely got to be the CRABS! So, for lunch, we went to a seafood market and had gala seafood lunch.

Each of us took turns to hold a giant crab and took picture. The crab was 4.8kg!

We had crabs the previous nights as crabs were offered during the international buffets but I didn't fancy much as the crabs were more to the salty kind (as I've mentioned previously, Hokkaido's food are saltier than the other regions).

However, this. The crabs were different, they were huge, meaty, tastes sweet and warm! The previous crabs we had during the trip were served cold.

 One big piece of salmon each for everyone!


So before we devoured the crabs, the kind people at the restaurant actually taught us the correct and fastest way to eat the crabs. In the end, since we were all too slow (by their standards), all of the experts kindly lend us a hand instead. So we pretty much just ate without much work.

Another view of the crabs as more food filled out tables.


 We also ordered an extra tuna belly. IT WAS AWESOME.

There were more activities for the day cause after that, we went to Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kita-hiroshima. So basically, you can find a lot of branded stuff here at discounted prices. But honestly, not everything is exceptionally cheap.

I only bought a GAP hoodie and that's about it. Or was it because I was a cheapskate? No...

 We had Chinese for dinner :)

It was...alright. Not my favourite and I think Chinese food (whatever style) is better in Malaysia. Like, nothing special and easily forgotten.

We had dinner super early because we had to catch a flight from Chitose to Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Unfortunately, when we reached Tokyo, it was raining and the airport had a terrible system where tour buses can only park at a designated area there isn't any shade. So, basically, we were on our own to walk under the rain, cross the road with our trolleys and baggage while we attempted to hold an umbrella (that we brought ourselves). Makes sense ke? I admire Japan for being systematic but sometimes the system makes no sense.

Anyway after that, we checked into our hotel, Tokyo Dome Hotel. It's one of the nicer hotels we stay.

There were a lot of students/young people and other people in Tokyo Dome hotel itself because they were fans who were supposedly waiting for some celebrities. Tokyo Dome hosts professional baseball games and a lot of celebrities also come here for shows and more.

So, we were quite hungry since we ate lunch early and though it was raining, we're not going to miss the chance to wander around our hotel. So we walked around and found this random ramen shop. We were quite noob, as we didn't realise we actually need to 'order' by using a vending machine. We went into the shop asking for the menu, hahahaha, how embarrassing.

Pick the item you want to eat here, put your money and get the order sheet. Then, pass it to the chef. Basically, there is no need for communication.

Not bad actually, though the one we had at Ippudo the day earlier was better, no doubt. Our tour guide told us that ramen is the "cheapest" kind of food because shops will give out up to 2-3 portions of ramen for free. So apparently a lot of students will probably have light lunch and have ramen for dinner.

It was a wet and cold night but it was nice wandering around like that.

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