What's with the repetitions?

It's not really drought here in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, it's been raining cats and dogs for the past 1 week since Wednesday. It rained so heavily that the carpark at uni almost got flooded (again!) on Friday. Panic a lil because I was at the other side of the building and I had got wet on my way back to the carpark area -_- thank God, the water level was not high enough to drown reach the cars' engines but my shoes were drenched with muddy water, no escape :(

Anyhows, what I meant by months of drought is that.. "my life with contests" haven't been fruitful for like 6 months or so. LOL, as my friend would say it - SLNWB. You wonder what this acronym? It stands for So Long No Win Big. LOOOOL. Contest freaks would know this. :( Three of my friends just won S3, I'm so motivated to win one gadget for myself. The closest I get to winning a tablet is Pappa Rich's contest (link)... which reminds me I haven't go collect my consolation prize. :1 

T_T I won quite a number of vouchers, but all of them haven't arrive. And no updates from organizers. Okay, why am I ranting here? See, this one one of the #comperspain. No emails, no calls, no wins! Pfft. You see, I don't actually go enter every single contest but try to calculate the odds of winning. Sometimes I don't feel like joining any, but at the back of my mind, I told myself "You never try, you never know". Gasp. -_-;

But in the end, I realized that all my winnings and prizes are purely favour from God. What is mine, is mine! God's timing is really ngam. Like when I broke my headphones, I won another one. T_T Thank You, God. And I actually learnt a lot from joining contests. I learnt how to do postage (because I won prizes and I decided to sell :x) though I still freaking suck at it (ie. send to wrong address -_-"). And of course, I learnt perseverance above all. LOL, never give up! :3 

Okay, back to assignments. Ta.