For the past 2 weeks, I've been writing movie reviews. No, not for pleasure or blogging. Academic purposes. One of my assignments this semester is to write reviews for 4 movies. To date, I've watched an Italian movie, an Iranian movie, a French-produced short film, a British-produced film based on a Kenyan true story and even a Bosnian war drama.

Yes, of course I grew up watching Disney cartoons (awesome childhood I have :p) and the overrated Hollywood movies so this is definitely an eye opener. But reviewing movies has been such a painful process because I have to watch it several times to be able to write a 2-pages review.  What makes it so difficult is because I need to write it based on film theories and elements and not just plain BS about the storyline.

So here's what I learnt so far.

1) You need to pay attention to details.
The technicalities in film are important. Not only do you need to listen to the dialogues but also look at how shots are taken, the angles, the music and sound (which I always don't pay attention to -_-) are important to evaluation how good is the movie.

2) There are a lot of movies produced besides Hollywood
Yeah man, we live in a Hollywoodcentric society that we forgot that other nations have also been producing films of their own. I managed to open eyes a little more and see the world from another perspective.

3) The protagonist doesn't always looks awesome
Of course, the protagonists in Hollywood movies are the best-looking ones. I mean it's the tactic to attract people to watch the movie right? But no, in the 5 non-Hollywood movies that I've watched, none of them was attractive. Boo. LOL.

4) Use your brain
Hah! 4 out of the 5 movies I've watched requires me to put my brain into use. I've always conveniently left my brain at home whenever I watch something, which is why I always ask stupid questions when watching a show -_-; Anyhow, whenever I finished watching a film in college I was like "WTHECK IS THIS!". Lol, cause I don't really grasps what's the point of the film -_-l But in the end, after I google up and made some research..I went " that..". Pfft.

Well, that's about it so far. Now, back to finishing my last film review. *cries at a corner*.