Livingsocial was selling a deal - RM49 per pax for a buffet dinner at Hotel Istana - Taman Sari. Mum bought the deal and we ate there in conjunction of Ruh's birthday :3 It's my first time there with my family and I've always heard how good Hotel Istana's buffet is.

It's my second time at Hotel Istana.. the first was back in August, went for friend's birthday party in a restaurant nearby and decided to park at Hotel on the way back, we jalan-jalan in the hotel lobby area and looked for restroom. LOL :X

View outside the buffet area. Can see the swimming pool nearby.

All the "cold stuff". Salads, hams and the best - smoked mackerel (●´∀`)ノ♡

Not sure what's the significance of having car brands on the cup cakes. Ducati and Yamaha ._. anyone care to explain?

Overview of dessert side.

BBQ booth was located outside. :D 

The available dressings and sauce at the BBQ booth.

Loot from BBQ booth - closewise from top middle - 
clams, beef, chicken sausage, chicken, lamb sausage and prawns.


Mackerel with ham and prawns.

Prawns and clams.

Fish. Forgot what species. Slightly overcooked though.

A sucker for Japanese food, like I've mentioned before. No salmon, but seriously these mackerel is just awesome! Serve it with Italian dressing.. it's just ...  (‘∀’●)♡

Customize your own ais kacang 


Not too bad. The cups are really cute. I felt like I was drinking shots. LOL

This. This my friend, is the heavenly food for the night. Blueberry crumble! Yeah, I added icecream myself on top and vanilla + chocolate at the side. LOL :D The crumble is very crumbly, most of it fell when I tried to scoop it. And, the filling is very sweet. It's an awesome awesome combination but unless you have a sweet tooth like I do, I don't think you'll like it. I wanted to have more but I was just too full for second serving. :x 

For you to dip and hands in.

Service here was really good. They refill my water on time. LOL. I drank like 4-6 cups of water. Wrong move, wrong move for a buffet. Other than that, they were quick to clean the plates and food was filled quickly. Of course, it wasn't really a full house.

The place is clean. Never ran out of cutlery. Overall the place is nice but very bad lighting. LOL. : ( Have I ever mentioned that I hate yellow lighting? 

Pistachio ice cream. The only serving I had that night. LOL. There's like a few other flavours (common ones like chocolate etc) but I only took one scoop. It's also my first time in a buffet that I only took one scoop of ice cream (other than the scoop on the blueberry crumble) and I didn't take any chocolate fountain stuff for myself. O_O I was really full. It must have been the mackerel :3

From the pictures I posted, I think you can guess what I ate the most that night. :D There are actually a lot more other food there but I think there is less variety as compared to Saisaki or maybe even Renaissance. There's actually a lot of Indian cuisines that night. Taman Sari even served roti canai, sup tulang, papadam and such. I think the theme was not really "international buffet" that night but it's probably because Deepavali is around the corner. Just imagine what it would be like when it's nearing Christmas. Oh my. Turkeys and Western dishes.

:3 But overall, I like it. And was it worth it? Yeah, for RM49 the quality is there. It's just that I would definitely prefer more Western cuisine and SUSHIIIIIIIIIII.

Hungry yet?