Something unfortunate happened about 2-3 weeks ago. I broke my beloved v-Jays which I won back in November (link). :( Super sad because it was my first high-end headphones which I love a lot because it sounds awesome. And I loveeee the ergonomics of it and v-Jays teman me to sleep almost every night. :(

But! Thanks to hot magazine, I won a super cool MTV Video Music Awards headphone! Am super happy lorh. The headphones are made by IMIXID and I've never heard of the brand before. It's over-ear, unlike v-Jays which was on-ear. 

The wire/cable is only connected to the left side, so no more hassle with wires tangling with each other. Plus point. Then, it's quite ergo too but I hate the fact I have rather big ears
(;¬_¬) . So it's not really comfortable that the headphone covers my whole ear because the feeling is like the paddings are squishing my ears :( And as for the sound, I don't find the sound as impressive as v-Jays. 

But cannot deny this headphone looks awesomeeeeee. You like? ;)