Well, this post is about 2.5 years late. But better late than never, amirite?

Back in November 2017, I had this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Switzerland - representing my then company for work. But it's really a more like a holiday rather than work haha. I am still so grateful for the opportunity till today.

It was my first time travelling alone without someone I know with me, and had to be acquainted with few other strangers on this media trip. 

I flew to Changi alone and met up with the rest there as we were going to transit in Singapore before heading straight to Zurich. It was also my first time in Changi lol. 

My flight from KL to SG was slightly earlier than the rest so I got to go around and explore Changi for a bit. 

And this was my dinner at the airport:

Lots of seating areas:

And since I had time to kill, I took the opportunity to, well, get some leg massage.

I was also overthinking a bit. Anxious cause I had to do different check-in with the rest of the group - what if my luggage don't arrive together etc. But, and if, I remembered correctly, my bag was actually the first to be out on the conveyer belt in Zurich. So, yay. 

Anyway, I met up with the rest of the group and introduced ourselves and got separated in the flight. 

This was my seat:

I joke. I had economy seat as with the rest of the group.

The flight was about 13 hours from Singapore to Zurich and all of us requested the coordinator for an aisle seat if possible. Window seats are great for takeoff and landing view amirite but otherwise, I've come to terms aisle seats are just better for long haul flights (toilet ma lol). I slept most of the flight and the there were two other person beside me but they didn't frequent the toilet as much. o_O Kinda impressed by their bladder.

Some photos (taken with phone) while I was otw to Zurich. In no particular order:

It was a pleasant flight and after hoursss, I stepped on the beautiful land called Switzerland.

First picture taken in Switzerland (using phone cause it was hard to take out my heavy camera while we were on the move)! It was 5 celcius that day. 

Learned my lesson years ago when flying from KL to Seoul during winter. Was quite ill prepared then when we landed in Seoul, and since then whenever my family and I travel especially if it's autumn/winter, we'll have some important stuff packed in the carry on luggage just incase we needed anything. 

This group to Switzerland was told to pack light cause we were going to use the train a lot and that's definitely a good reminder cause I would've definitely packed a lot more if I was told earlier lol.

Indeed, we took lotsa train rides and our first ride was also: train! 

This was shared by the local guide to us. So at the Zurich Main Station, there's a huge cube clock which is known as "the meeting point". Cause this one of the busiest train stations in the world (and Switzerland's largest railway station) and people frequently refer to this as "the meeting point" a.k.a. probably the station's most prominent landmark.

So, this is a prelude of the next few posts. I am determined to jot down some stuff here because... it's hard to remember things when there's so much information to digest everyday. I don't wanna forget this experience. 

Wouldn't go as far as to say that going to Switzerland changed my life, but it was definitely one of the biggest highlights in the years that I've been here on earth so far. 

Till next time!