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Calanthe Art Cafe (Malaysia 13 States' Coffees), Melaka

This post is way overdue. We went to Calanthe Art Cafe, Malaysia 13 State's Coffees in Melaka back in August. So this post is like 2 months late. Naturally, I don't remember the food or coffee we ate/drink. LOL. Anyway, I took quite a few photos in the cafe because there were a lot of decos, and very random ones too.

Some people might not get this, but I see what you did there, Calanthe. 

Well it was a nice environment to be in. I remember it was quite cooling but it may be because the weather was kinda good. The area is quite enclosed so it might be stuffy for some other people if it was a little hotter. 

Eunice, the Coffee. I remember the name of this coffee because Eunice ordered this coffee (with the same name). HAHA.

The layout of Calanthe is segmented to a few different areas. At the other parts of the cafe, you can seat on retro wooden sofas or even rattan chairs. W

NST Life & Time's Travel KL Fabulous Food Hunt 2013

Just five days before the event itself, Jetty asked me if I want to join his team because one of his group members couldn't make it. I was thinking - why not?
It's been awhile I went for a treasure hunt. The last was in 2007 - YPF Amazing Race. Of course I remember when it was because I sprained my leg while running down the stairs at one of the LRT stations. LOL, clumsy rux is clumsy. 

Team #130

Phew! Thank God I didn't fall while running this time. Every time I go out for an outing or event, I am super thankful I come back without bruises because whenever I go cycling or badminton or camp or whatever, I would hurt myself. I must stop this trend. LOL.

So anyway, the event was cool. Kinda good weather for a Saturday - at least it didn't rain. Organised well I would say. It was weird though because the emcee was speaking in Malay the whole time and briefing was done mostly in BM too. Not that I have an issue with it but I find it ironic since NST is an English newpaper.

Video of the Week: Evolution of Beyoncé - Pentatonix

I love the Halo / I Was Here part best! :D
Oh by the way, Beyonce (the Facebook page) shared this video too. Woots!

Review: Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 5 "Route 66"

Spoilers ahead!
I think I got the shock of my life when Hotch suddenly collapsed. I certainly didn't see that coming. Producers and writers already told fans that we can expect Haley and the Reaper (aka George Foyet) to reappear. And so they did, in this episode. "Route 66" is a very special episode for fans as this is the 100th episode since Haley died :( It's nice to know and remember Hotch is still human since he's always all macho and stern - this episode showed his emotional and vulnerable side.

Hey, you look good.
The case, is not too bad. A case of a father abducting her daughter, except that the daughter went willingly. The Unsub has got a terrible past but loved his daughter enough to make him surrender in the end. Got some pretty good ending in the end. The negotiation between JJ and the Unsub was emotional too. JJ revealing about her pain of witnessing her sister's death - her sister slashed her own wrist. Painful, painful.
Ah, all in all, it's…

Review: About Time (2013) Movie Review

All thanks to KLIPS, I received open passes to watch About Time. A time-traveling husband definitely reminds me of the book or movie titled "The Time Traveler's Wife".

Image taken from (link)

Review in 140 characters: Domhnall Gleeson had a fine performance, totally stole the show from Rachel McAdams. Lovely setting & good cinematography. Romance level up.

This is one of the better, if not best rom-coms out there. I think the casting was real good. I love, love the setting and cinematography, so beautiful! Oh and great soundtrack music.

Let's be real. There ought to be plot holes when it comes to applying the concept time traveling. For me, never mind the plot holes because I enjoyed the movie any way. But clearly, the screenwriter didn't put in enough attention when it comes to developing the story and make sure that the rules somehow seem logical, or at least don't contradict one another.

There is also a 'lesson' at the end of the movie.. go wat…

Food: Kampachi Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya Japanese Buffet

So I went to Kampachi on Saturday with my family because it was Ruh's birthday.
Kampachi was an oddly familiar place. Off because I was here quite a number of times when I was younger but I only have very vague memories about this place. In my faded memory, this place was dimly-lit and I had one of the best Japanese food here.

Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya was just Equatorial Bangi many years ago. It's located in a rather secluded area, so we took some time to find this place since it's been a long time since our last visit. The seating area may not cater many people but it was not full anyways. Not crowded, so it's good for buffet there's no queue whatsoever.

Soft shell crab sushi and unagi sushi!
Not sure why unagi has been increasingly expensive over the last two years. :( It used to be affordable and now it's unreasonable. LOL. By the way random question, people do know that unagi is an eel, right? I told my friends and many of them are shocked. -_-; People, k…

Video of the Week: Alison Gold - Chinese Food

Well, whaddya know..... it's the new Rebecca Black. I'm not sure which is worst - Friday or Chinese Food? Smart move though, knowing that the Chinese population is huge... you can find a Chinese in almost every part of the world.. so great tactic for viral marketing.
And what's news? This is coming from the same producer of Friday. WOW! -_-; 
This is definitely VOTW because I think it will either make you laugh OUT loud, literally LOL or... you'll cry.

Review: Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 4 "To Bear Witness"

Spoilers ahead!
This episode features a serious case of sibling rivalry and ... how nasty or freaky nanotechnology is. The Unsub looks super familiar but I can't remember where I've seen him. Not Heroes or Vampire Diaries. Some other shows, can't remember. 
Not much suspense for this episode either. No spree killing, in fact come to think of it, no one actually died. o_o Now is that a Criminal Mind's first?

Image from (link)

Finally, the introduction of the BAU's new section chief, Mateo Cruz, who's gotten quite a good number of screen time thanks to the suspicious relationship that he has with JJ.
Fans are accusing JJ of having an affair with Cruz. I'm used 'accuse' because JJ's character is definitely not the kind that has an affair, no doubt about that. So, it will be interesting to find out how writers are going to continue this story. 
I thought it was interesting that we got to know what was going on Sam's mind and we look at how Morga…

Homemade: Durian Crepe, Durian Mooncake, Durian Tart

My mum has been cooking and baking a lot this year. So here's a few things that she made for us using durian. My mum is a supermom. :D

Mid-October 2013

Why, hello mid-October. I'm in the peak of my semester with loads of assignments waiting for me to finish them. In the last 1 month or so, it's been quite happening. Some of the things I remembered - something wrong with the house tangki when we were not around and when we were back...we found our house flooded with water... ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

So after 4 years, we finally organised another YPF Camp at 'same old place'. Much different camp than the previous 2 camps I attended. Will find time to blog about it soon, I hope.

Aki left to pursue her studies. :(
A few couple of things happened - attended another graduation ceremony this year, went to a tattoo parlour a few days ago, more makan. So yeah. I also hope to finish up my foodie posts soon.

If all goes well, there should be something 'big' happening next week. Ah.. we'll see.

I know everyone thinks I'm very free. I also appear to be very free. The thing is, I love to make time for myself and for any other time…

Video of the Week: Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise (Carrie - #FlexLikeCarrie)

New viral video! I knew this video has gotta be the #VOTW once my friend shared this with me. :z

Review: Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 3 "Final Shot"

Spoilers ahead!

It's a better episode! Though it's not my favourite case but I thought the sequence of the story in episode 3 left viewers to think about the complications of the case which were eventually explained, almost at the end of the episode.

This episode covered the issue of spousal abuse and the 'angel' system. Crazy abusive husband wanted wife dead. Must be a sociopath.

The Colin-Maya thing seems very suspicious the whole time. Got cheated the whole episode but who would have thought that Colin (he's not the Unsub) was the hired sniper? The Unsub's appearance was a little too short but the smirk he gave to Morgan before he died really left a mark in the episode.

Another thing that left me feeling cheated for awhile was when Colin was shot. I thought it was Morgan and JJ who fired that shot but it was Hotch's excellent shot from across in Maya's apartment and he fired it behind her. Hotch, you mad?

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