"There ain't no such thing as free lunch in this world".


I just got free dinner last Saturday :D

When I first saw the post by Nuffnang promoting #NNFoodFest (NN=Nuffnang), I was crazy excited about it! Because it's Malaysia's first ever tw(eat) fest. Just tweet to eat? Seriously?! I thought there was a gimmick of some sort (<-- skeptical ruxyn strikes). Of course, we would know this is event is also part of marketing. A very creative strategy indeed.

But I didn't really plan to go until the last minute when Alvin asked if we wanted to go. :P I was reluctant to plan my way to Sunway..and I was also afraid of the crazy Saturday jam. But I'm glad Alvin initiated the trip there because I had a crazy awesome time. 

The place was packed with people by the time we reach Sunway Pyramid's (Blue Entrance) at about 6 something. We registered ourselves and gotten a Sunway Pyramid card each. I overheard an aunty asking if she could get free food, she was told she need to tweet to eat but I guess she didn't understand. Poor aunty :(

Spotted Timothy Tiah, co-founder of Nuffnang. Okay, I feel bad for stalking. Audrey (fourfeetnine) was also there (not in the picture) and I heard everyone whispering "omg it's fourfeetnine". Okay lah, myself including. LOL. 

So my journey begins with Chatime. Chatime's booth was a little different than the other vendors. I had to instagram a picture of myself. 

Thanks Chatime, you so nais. I haz 2999 likes on my Insta picture. HAHA.

Just take a look the size of the Chatime cup! FREE! First time drinking pear juice by the way. Not bad at all.

For the rest of the vendors, most of them just require you to tweet to eat or just show them you liked their FB page. As simple as that, no rocket science. :D 

You see, I came to #NNFoodFest with low expectations. It was mentioned food were gonna be "bite-sized" but some vendors provided us with portion that blew our mind! Also, you'd expect Malaysians to go cuckoo over free food, right? Wrong. Social media goers here are so civilised. Thumbs up for us. LOL.

Eunice getting creative with Lester's baju

Burgerlab was also there. The glorious gourmet burger brand. Unfortunately, no burgers were for sale that day. There were only free food for all! There was a queue of course, so we decided to come back later.

1901 Hotdogs. First time in a long long time.

Nando's was also there as one of the vendors. Look at the size of the chicken! Choose whether you want mild or spicy. Way too generous of you Nando's. I like you.

Eunice enjoying her free Nando's chicken. Nice box by the way. Thumbs up for good packaging. Lol.

We also made our way to try Andy's BBQ. First time trying out.

Andy's BBQ quality check. Simple but nice! Food was warm : )

When I went to have a share of Crayon Burger, I was happy that there wasn't any queue. However, I was a little disappointed that the burger was too dry and it was cold! :( The burgers were prepared and left there. :O

Juice from VinegPlus. Dragonfruit and vinegar O_O I was reluctant to try because of the 'vinegar' but surprise surprise, the drink taste really really good and super refreshing :) I must stop being a coward and try more things in life.

Ruh very happy with her durian ice cream from New Zealand Natural.

Lester holding my icecream while I photograph them. Hah. We didn't get to choose our ice cream flavour because they ran out of ice cream and durian was the only flavour left. We're thankful though - because we love durians!  

We didn't even visit more than 10 vendors and we were already almost full! Little more space for Burger Lab :P Some of us were full by then so we decided to sit and chill, while the rest went and queue (Oh hey, it rhymes :P)

Look at them patties!!! 

Quality check. Perfection. 


Collected the limited edition Nuffnang FoodFest badge! :D Yay.

It was fun to meet Jetty and Sean there although we didn't actually plan it. Talk about good timing and place. Time past so fast that I spent about 3-4 hours just chilling around #NNFoodFest. Phew!

Flissco Photo booth. Instant picture! We had to pay RM1 for one picture though. Earlier, my friends told me that photos were supposedly free. Don't know why they backed out on their offer. Oh wells. RM1 still worth it lah =)

There were many other vendors around I can't list them all here in my blog but those who went or checked out NNFoodFest.com would know that there were more than 30 vendors that participated in this event. 

It's an outdoor event so thankfully, it didn't rain. Everyone present was really civilised. No one got pushed around although there were some areas that was quite crowded. No one was kiasu or selfish (like trying to cut line). No such thing at #NNFoodFest :)

Oh by the way, did I mention that the sound system was superbly good? I was like about 500 metres away and I could hear what's going on at the stage from above. :D I could hear clearly what's going on during the cooking competition among bloggers and food blogging tips session. :3 

Lastly, #NNFoodFest trended on Twitter whole afternoon till evening and even made it into WORLDWIDE trend. Excellent and brilliant - bringing social media-crazy Malaysians and food other! Congrats Nuffnang!

To end, here's a picture of myself at the #NNFoodFest. I figured I should take a picture of myself to remind me that I was there at the event. It was a wonderful experience for me and a great time to hang out with friends :)

Thank you Alvin for driving us there! And also thank you and congrats to Nuffnang for succcesfully organizing such an event that makes all social media addicts happy :D