NST Life & Time's Travel KL Fabulous Food Hunt 2013

Just five days before the event itself, Jetty asked me if I want to join his team because one of his group members couldn't make it. I was thinking - why not?

It's been awhile I went for a treasure hunt. The last was in 2007 - YPF Amazing Race. Of course I remember when it was because I sprained my leg while running down the stairs at one of the LRT stations. LOL, clumsy rux is clumsy. 

Team #130

Phew! Thank God I didn't fall while running this time. Every time I go out for an outing or event, I am super thankful I come back without bruises because whenever I go cycling or badminton or camp or whatever, I would hurt myself. I must stop this trend. LOL.

So anyway, the event was cool. Kinda good weather for a Saturday - at least it didn't rain. Organised well I would say. It was weird though because the emcee was speaking in Malay the whole time and briefing was done mostly in BM too. Not that I have an issue with it but I find it ironic since NST is an English newpaper.

Anyway, there were 9 checkpoints in this food hunt. Traveled to places that are familiar like Velodrome and Bangsar, to places that I've never been before like Wangsa (don't give me that look please) and Pantai Dalam.

Did I mention I nom-ed down a plate of nasi daging (kambing) + taugeh + water in I think less than 5 minutes. Omaigash. And I drank coffee (which was sweet, thank God because I don't consume coffee LOL).

Anyway, my group came in 64th..naturally all of us were kinda disappointed. But we stayed through the whole prize-giving ceremony to wait for the lucky draw.

*cue Daft Punk - Get Lucky*

I know the context of the song is different HAHAHAHA. But Jetty's friend won one of the 5 top prizes for lucky draw and won a pair of AirAsia tickets. Super cool, we can't believe it ourselves. 

The top 10 prizes for lucky draw were kept till the last. The atmosphere was like drawing for grand prize lottery. LOL. I think it's purely God's blessing and somewhat miraculous because initially, the prize was for another number but the person (with the number) was not there so the draw is disqualified! And then with the re-draw, Jetty's friend got it :D If my memory served me well, for all the other draws, the lucky person was there to receive the prize.

Anyhows, it was really fun and a good experience for me. Except the fact I feel like an old granny the whole of Sunday and yesterday. I know I need more exercise but to my defense, I was carrying a bag filled with 3 bottles of water, towels and whatnot the whole day on Saturday :P

Thanks Jetty for inviting me to join his group :D!

All pictures belong to and credit back to Jetty :D


  1. my team came in 50th place....me too nasi with kurma kambing...hahahah..fun right...2 of my team got AA ticket to guangzhou and andaman langkawi