Spoilers ahead!

I think I got the shock of my life when Hotch suddenly collapsed. I certainly didn't see that coming. Producers and writers already told fans that we can expect Haley and the Reaper (aka George Foyet) to reappear. And so they did, in this episode. "Route 66" is a very special episode for fans as this is the 100th episode since Haley died :( It's nice to know and remember Hotch is still human since he's always all macho and stern - this episode showed his emotional and vulnerable side.

Hey, you look good.

The case, is not too bad. A case of a father abducting her daughter, except that the daughter went willingly. The Unsub has got a terrible past but loved his daughter enough to make him surrender in the end. Got some pretty good ending in the end. The negotiation between JJ and the Unsub was emotional too. JJ revealing about her pain of witnessing her sister's death - her sister slashed her own wrist. Painful, painful.

Ah, all in all, it's quite a typical case but then so much emotion in this episode. I particularly love the exchange of words between Hotch and Haley. Beautiful.