All thanks to KLIPS, I received open passes to watch About Time. A time-traveling husband definitely reminds me of the book or movie titled "The Time Traveler's Wife".

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Review in 140 characters: Domhnall Gleeson had a fine performance, totally stole the show from Rachel McAdams. Lovely setting & good cinematography. Romance level up.

This is one of the better, if not best rom-coms out there. I think the casting was real good. I love, love the setting and cinematography, so beautiful! Oh and great soundtrack music.

Let's be real. There ought to be plot holes when it comes to applying the concept time traveling. For me, never mind the plot holes because I enjoyed the movie any way. But clearly, the screenwriter didn't put in enough attention when it comes to developing the story and make sure that the rules somehow seem logical, or at least don't contradict one another.

There is also a 'lesson' at the end of the movie.. go watch to find out :P

Oh ya, if you haven't sign up as a member with KLIPS, it's about time (see what I did there?) you do because they are giving out free tickets very frequently :D