So I went to Kampachi on Saturday with my family because it was Ruh's birthday.

Kampachi was an oddly familiar place. Off because I was here quite a number of times when I was younger but I only have very vague memories about this place. In my faded memory, this place was dimly-lit and I had one of the best Japanese food here.

Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya was just Equatorial Bangi many years ago. It's located in a rather secluded area, so we took some time to find this place since it's been a long time since our last visit. The seating area may not cater many people but it was not full anyways. Not crowded, so it's good for buffet there's no queue whatsoever.

Soft shell crab sushi and unagi sushi!

Not sure why unagi has been increasingly expensive over the last two years. :( It used to be affordable and now it's unreasonable. LOL. By the way random question, people do know that unagi is an eel, right? I told my friends and many of them are shocked. -_-; People, know what you eat!

The fried oyster on the right is really some good stuff!

Raw fish :D Salmon and tuna. Obviously I was still hungry when I took this picture - out of focus and horrible angle. Hahaha. 

Edamame! Spammed quite a few bowls of this. :D


Oh hey, it's a dorayaki.

Matcha icecream is the beast. Not too sweet and green tea is not too strong, I love it!

There are four main stations but I didn't take picture of the aisles except for the desserts (as seen above). I was too shy and I felt like I was intruding the chef's personal space. LOL. Anyway, I love the variety here and I love the quality. Really fresh and good. Kampachi don't have extensive variety like Jogoya or Saisaki but I love everything that they have here :D 

Service is cool, there are waiters around who will refill your drink (green tea) so you don't need to do it yourself. They are quite alert about this. I think it's also because the dining area isn't too big so they are quite efficient. By default, they will serve you hot green tea but you can also request for cold. If you want other drinks, I think you would need to pay more. I don't see any counter for drinks like other buffets.

The ambiance is okay - you might get a little smelly (smoke/oil smell) here because of the small area and the chefs have to cook at their stations.

So, what can I say except that I love Kampachi!