This post is way overdue. We went to Calanthe Art Cafe, Malaysia 13 State's Coffees in Melaka back in August. So this post is like 2 months late. Naturally, I don't remember the food or coffee we ate/drink. LOL. Anyway, I took quite a few photos in the cafe because there were a lot of decos, and very random ones too.

Some people might not get this, but I see what you did there, Calanthe. 

Well, it was a nice environment to be in. I remember it was quite cooling but it may be because the weather was kinda good. The area is quite enclosed so it might be stuffy for some other people if it was a little hotter. 

Eunice, the Coffee. I remember the name of this coffee because Eunice ordered this coffee (with the same name). HAHA.

The layout of Calanthe is segmented into a few different areas. In the other parts of the cafe, you can sit on retro wooden sofas or even rattan chairs. We were seated on plastic chairs and tables though. Hahahaha.

I just realised that a lot of bloggers that visited this place ordered their Green Tea Coffee. You guys might wanna try it too because it seems to be one of the popular drinks there. I also found out that Calanthe is a pork-free cafe but it cannot be certified as a halal cafe because Calanthe serves beer. 

As I've mentioned before in this blog, I'm not a coffee drinker. But I heard that the coffee's not bad here. I think people who love cozy cafes with lotsa decorations to take pictures with are gonna like this place a lot.