Spoilers ahead!

It's a better episode! Though it's not my favourite case but I thought the sequence of the story in episode 3 left viewers to think about the complications of the case which were eventually explained, almost at the end of the episode.

This episode covered the issue of spousal abuse and the 'angel' system. Crazy abusive husband wanted wife dead. Must be a sociopath.

The Colin-Maya thing seems very suspicious the whole time. Got cheated the whole episode but who would have thought that Colin (he's not the Unsub) was the hired sniper? The Unsub's appearance was a little too short but the smirk he gave to Morgan before he died really left a mark in the episode.

Another thing that left me feeling cheated for awhile was when Colin was shot. I thought it was Morgan and JJ who fired that shot but it was Hotch's excellent shot from across in Maya's apartment and he fired it behind her. Hotch, you mad?

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Penelope asking for more resource to upgrade her server ^.^

In one of the scenes where Morgan and JJ were interrogating the criminal in prison, they acted all lovey-dovey and wanted to break down the criminal with that tactic. Loved the camera angles and shots because the focus were on their gestures. I was thinking, if Prentiss was still around I bet it would be Morgan and Prentiss in the interrogation room, not JJ. Oh, how I miss Prentiss on the show. 

Nothing much to complain in this episode, I like it overall. However, JJ seems disturbed in one of the scenes with Reid. So I'm wondering what story are they going to develop out of this. And the wait for the next episode continues :P