Spoilers ahead!

This episode features a serious case of sibling rivalry and ... how nasty or freaky nanotechnology is. The Unsub looks super familiar but I can't remember where I've seen him. Not Heroes or Vampire Diaries. Some other shows, can't remember. 

Not much suspense for this episode either. No spree killing, in fact come to think of it, no one actually died. o_o Now is that a Criminal Mind's first?

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Finally, the introduction of the BAU's new section chief, Mateo Cruz, who's gotten quite a good number of screen time thanks to the suspicious relationship that he has with JJ.

Fans are accusing JJ of having an affair with Cruz. I'm used 'accuse' because JJ's character is definitely not the kind that has an affair, no doubt about that. So, it will be interesting to find out how writers are going to continue this story. 

I thought it was interesting that we got to know what was going on Sam's mind and we look at how Morgan was trying to communicate with him. One thing though, I thought Sam should have sound more paranoid and afraid. Hmm. 

And oh, it's quite apparent that Blake is closest to Reid because of what they went through in Season 8 (Reid first told Blake about Maeve). Rossi's comment definitely FTW as he said : Happy Wednesday, my nerds. HAHA.

Overall, it's an OK episode. Won't be one of those that you remember...except for Cruz and JJ maybe. Their storyline is definitely the trump card for this episode.