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DIY: Budget Retro Night Themed Decorations

For this year's Mother's Day, YPF decided that we throw a Retro-themed party for the dear mummies in church. Since we had our very own Sister's and Brother's Night with Princess (link) and Pirates-themed (link) respectively, we are up for the 'challenge'.

We did some brief preparation a week before but most of the stuffs were done on the day itself.

Reusing curtains.

Decorating walls. Previously we had cut those round circles together.

Ruh, who looked like some construction worker. (she was standing on the ladder)

The decorated wall. Printed posters, round colorful circles all pasted on the huge wall.

Spot the TV that one of my friend made out of cardbox!

Purposely bought this disco ball. This is a lil tricky though. We had to "spin" the ball manually to get the effect. What to do. Budget ma.

Working hard, setting up the lights and the final decors.

Final outcome.
The details that you cannot see properly:  Vintage Coke Cans. (I bought them from a Coke collect…

Staff Problems @ Nando's, Taman Maluri Jusco Aeon

I went to Nando's at Taman Maluri Jusco AEON outlet last Sunday with my family. It's been quite awhile since I visited Nando's. A very long while. :P

After my visit there, I wrote this lengthy note and posted on Nando's Malaysia's Facebook Wall.

Hi Nando's Malaysia. I was at your Jusco AEON Taman Maluri outlet today with my family, having lunch there. Upon arriving to the entrance of the restaurant, we saw the sign "STOP, please allow us to seat you". I scanned through the restaurant, no staff was seen except one who was serving another table. Ignoring the sign because we didn't want to wait, we moved on and find our own table. We were seated by ourselves at 11.50 am.
We observed the restaurant. We saw one staff (not the one serving earlier) walking around, in and out of the kitchen area but wasn't serving anyone. At about 12.00pm, she walked out of the restaurant. The poor staff who was working alone was not only taking orders but also servin…

Kedai Makanan Yut Kee Restaurant

Quick post :)
You would have heard about the famous Roti Babi that is sold at Yut Kee Restaurant along Jalan Dang Wangi. Heck, I've always thought that Dang Wangi is such an oxymoron. Dang (Dung) Wangi. Berak Wangi. LUL. Sorry, I just had to.

Anyway, I think the last time I came here was April 2008! HOMYGOSH. That's like more than 4 years ago -_-;;

There was a queue when my family and I reached there. One couple came from Johor to makan and an Indian uncle was telling them what is nice here. (I overheard their conversation, no I did not eavesdrop :P) And this sign was placed there:

Uh oh, I guess there must have been a few cases of snatch thieves. Urgh. ANYWAY, didn't have to wait very long, *phew. Here's some food pictures! We didn't order Roti Babi but ate chops instead.

Roast Pork for RM 14.00 (RM 7.00 per slice)

Pork Chop for RM 10.00

Chicken Chop for RM8.50

Lamb Chop for RM 13.50

Beef Chop for RM 13
Omnomnom :) Hungry yet? :P

Video of the Week: Colton Dixon and Christina Grimmie Duet

I absolutely love Colton Dixon and Christina Grimmie and I can't wait for their duet :DD
You guys notice the lack of updates? Yah, haven't been updating much because I only have one week of holidays left! Trying to be a lot more productive, learning and reading up stuffs. 
Uh oh.
Let's hope I will not abandon this blog :x

My Top 3 Dislikes

HEY YOU THERE :D Are you a blogger? Here's a contest organized by @foongpc and I'm just joining for fun. Spread the news :P

My Top 3 Dislikes 

1. Days Of The Week - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

2. Numbers - 2, 4, 6 (Just realized it's all even numbers lol :x)

3. Fruits - Rambutan, Lychee, Berries (I don't like the flesh sticking to the seed lol. And berries tastes weird sometimes :P)

4. Character In A Person - Ignorant, Liar, Promise-Breaker

5. Movies - Avatar (overrated for me), Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve (superstars overload but no content meh)

I was tagged by @foongpc. I would like to invite :

1) Akijay (
2) Marissa (
3) JustJet (

... to join in the fun!!

Here are the screenshots of me informing them :P


1. This is a contest by My Very First Blog. It is open to anyone with a blog in Malaysia and worldwide.

2. Everyone who participates in this contest will be entered…

The Long Weekend

It's been a long weekend for many people. It's the Raya holidays. Well, I've been having holidays close to 2 months now and I'm enjoying every bit of it. But inside, I'm feeling solemn over the little holidays I have left. Yes, I'm counting down :( Here's what I did over the weekend 

I bid goodbye to my good friend who had left for The United States of America and met up with a bunch of other friends that I haven't met for a long time last Friday.

The Fabulous Five. Or so I say :P
Self-timer group shot. 

It was my first time at Levain. Tried out their pizza. 

On Saturday, went to Sungai Gabai for the second time this year with family and friends :D

I didn't go into the water coz I didn't feel like it. But I made my way quite close till I manage to grab some shots with my 35mm. *Wipes sweats*. Was very careful while making my way coz there were some parts I had to cross over and I was wet up till my knees. And if I drop my DSLR th…

Video of the Week: The Lego Story

This video is a little long. But it's so super cool. Watch if you're a LEGO fan! :D

Making RM500 & More with Facebook & Twitter

Did my blogpost title caught your attention? But I hope it sure did. :) Now, what I'm sharing here today, you might be skeptical but it's true. I've made more than RM500 with (or Below are my screenshots of the payment if you don't believe.
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Over the last 1 year, I've made that much of money with just by using Facebook and Twitter. Sounds pretty easy? I'm sure you are interested by now about But.. 

Basically, you just need to sign up (here). REGISTRATION IS FREE. You would be given "recommendations", which are basically advertisements and you would be given a special link. You would just need to share those links on your Facebook or Twitter and for every unique click that you get, you earn RM0.20. Sometimes, you can even earn RM0.40 per unique click when there's a special event or occassion :)…

I Won the PappaRich's Pappa Month Contest

How to say? I've been anxious the whole month ever since I submitted my entry to the PappaRich's contest after the contest officially ended in July 15th. Contest mechanics was to spend at least RM20 in a single receipt to be eligible to enter the contest, then answer a slogan. I forgot what I submitted for the slogan and what was the question but it was about happiest moment with your father, something like that *smacks head* One of the T&C is that the contest was only open to Malaysians under 21 years old. Unlike some adults who may submit the entry and use their children's name and details, I brainstormed my own slogan and asked my mum to drop it off at the nearest PappaRich :D

The social media team from PappaRich said that results would be published on The Star and Sin Chew newspaper, and also on their website on 11th August. ANXIOUS! Everyday I was doing a mental countdown. Why so excited, you ask. Because there was 30 iPads up for grabs, TWO for each winner. Gasp.…