DIY: Budget Retro Night Themed Decorations

For this year's Mother's Day, YPF decided that we throw a Retro-themed party for the dear mummies in church. Since we had our very own Sister's and Brother's Night with Princess (link) and Pirates-themed (link) respectively, we are up for the 'challenge'.

We did some brief preparation a week before but most of the stuffs were done on the day itself.

Reusing curtains.

Decorating walls. Previously we had cut those round circles together.

Ruh, who looked like some construction worker. (she was standing on the ladder)

The decorated wall. Printed posters, round colorful circles all pasted on the huge wall.

Spot the TV that one of my friend made out of cardbox!

Purposely bought this disco ball. This is a lil tricky though. We had to "spin" the ball manually to get the effect. What to do. Budget ma.

Working hard, setting up the lights and the final decors.

Final outcome.

The details that you cannot see properly: 
Vintage Coke Cans. (I bought them from a Coke collector :P) placed on the table together with paper pinwheels and old-rusted cans.
Checkered tablecloth.
Black and white photographs pinned on rope with clips.
Lights (like those hanged on Christmas trees)

Vintage typewriter. 
Vintage fan.
DIY 'retro' TV.
Retro-style round table.

It was a fun night together to watch the mums so happy. There were polaroids for them to bring home, live performances from some of us, reliving their childhood playing batu seremban and even limbo rock-ing. And of course, what's retro night without dancing?

See how happy are the mothers. Hope they had a great time that night :)

Altogether now!

The night ended with cleaning up and endless photography session :P

Staff Problems @ Nando's, Taman Maluri Jusco Aeon

I went to Nando's at Taman Maluri Jusco AEON outlet last Sunday with my family. It's been quite awhile since I visited Nando's. A very long while. :P

After my visit there, I wrote this lengthy note and posted on Nando's Malaysia's Facebook Wall.


Hi Nando's Malaysia. I was at your Jusco AEON Taman Maluri outlet today with my family, having lunch there. Upon arriving to the entrance of the restaurant, we saw the sign "STOP, please allow us to seat you". I scanned through the restaurant, no staff was seen except one who was serving another table. Ignoring the sign because we didn't want to wait, we moved on and find our own table. We were seated by ourselves at 11.50 am.

We observed the restaurant. We saw one staff (not the one serving earlier) walking around, in and out of the kitchen area but wasn't serving anyone. At about 12.00pm, she walked out of the restaurant. The poor staff who was working alone was not only taking orders but also serving drinks at the same time. Obviously, she didn't had time to take our orders until she served the other tables and by the time she did took our orders, it was 12.05pm. That's 15 minutes before we were attended. Could you imagine if we were standing outside waiting to be seated? Mind you, only a couple of tables were occupied and the rest were empty. I could not imagine if more customers were coming in. How would that one staff serve all tables at once? 

Nevertheless, after the orders were placed, thankfully the food and drinks came within 10 minutes, or even less than 5 minutes. That, I want to applaud you.

It was only by 12.20pm or so when suddenly a few more of your staffs emerged from the kitchen area (who weren''t seen at all earlier) and stood in their positions and started working. I'm guessing that your staffs worked on shift and prior to 12pm, there was only ONE staff that was working while all the others were waiting for time. At the back of my mind, I was thinking - Why would I want to pay 10% extra for such a service?  

Not to mention, we also saw another staff (wearing the Peri-Peri uniform, just like the one serving us) sitting just behind me, on one of the empty tables and not serving anyone, just sitting and it looks like he was day-dreaming. I supposed that staff was working on shift, and it wasn't time yet. Then, that particular staff stood up and walked over to one of the standing at the entrance now and was talking to her. That particular staff also kept running his hands through his hair all the time and after speaking to his colleague, he walked infront of a mirror and used his hands again to style his hair. I believe it is a right for a human to do so but this staff also bears the image of Nando's and in my opinion, shouldn't be seen "hanging around" Nando's, not working. If he wasn't wearing the Peri-Peri uniform, he is free to do what he likes to. I'm sure Nando's have their rules and regulations as of how staffs should appear etc.

On the other hand, when my mother asked one of your staffs for plain water, he replied that there was "no plain water available."

In your reply to Fay Leong's wallpost about requesting for plain water, I quote:

Nando's Malaysia: Fay, we would like to apologize for what had happened, we will share your feedback with the restaurant manager & look into the matter immediately. Sorry once again for any inconvenience caused. - 8th August, 15:28

In your reply to Janet Lee's wallpost about request for plain water, I quote: 

Nando's Malaysia: Hi Janet, iced or hot water should be served if requested by customers. Can we know the restaurant, date and time of your visit? We are sorry for the incident. - 31st July, 10:02


Nando's Malaysia: Hi Janet, We are really really sorry. There must be misalignment in understanding. We will be sending out a formal communication to all our restaurants again. - 3rd August, 13:20

Clearly, Nando's Malaysia, the formal communication to all your restaurants failed again as your staff failed to provide the plain water upon request. This is something Nando's should take note as it is not the first time I've seen people complaining about request for plain water.

So, after I've wrote so much, my main concern here is how Nando's, was open to the public but lack the manpower to serve customers before 12.20pm (as it was only at 12.20pm, your staffs were ready to work). If so, this Nando's outlet should only open by 12.30pm because I could not imagined if

1) I arrived earlier
2) More customers came earlier and
3) Only ONE staff was serving the WHOLE restaurant

That is all.


:3 This was Nando's reply to me.

We must let people know where they lack, only then they can improve. Do our part and give feedback. I'm sure Nando's would like to protect their image too. And seriously what's up with the plain water issue? :/ Anyone faced the plain water request problem before?

Kedai Makanan Yut Kee Restaurant

Quick post :)

You would have heard about the famous Roti Babi that is sold at Yut Kee Restaurant along Jalan Dang Wangi. Heck, I've always thought that Dang Wangi is such an oxymoron. Dang (Dung) Wangi. Berak Wangi. LUL. Sorry, I just had to.

Anyway, I think the last time I came here was April 2008! HOMYGOSH. That's like more than 4 years ago -_-;;

There was a queue when my family and I reached there. One couple came from Johor to makan and an Indian uncle was telling them what is nice here. (I overheard their conversation, no I did not eavesdrop :P) And this sign was placed there:

Uh oh, I guess there must have been a few cases of snatch thieves. Urgh. ANYWAY, didn't have to wait very long, *phew. Here's some food pictures! We didn't order Roti Babi but ate chops instead.

Roast Pork for RM 14.00 (RM 7.00 per slice)

Pork Chop for RM 10.00

Chicken Chop for RM8.50

Lamb Chop for RM 13.50

Beef Chop for RM 13

Omnomnom :) Hungry yet? :P

Video of the Week: Colton Dixon and Christina Grimmie Duet

I absolutely love Colton Dixon and Christina Grimmie and I can't wait for their duet :DD

You guys notice the lack of updates? Yah, haven't been updating much because I only have one week of holidays left! Trying to be a lot more productive, learning and reading up stuffs. 

Uh oh.

Let's hope I will not abandon this blog :x

My Top 3 Dislikes

HEY YOU THERE :D Are you a blogger? Here's a contest organized by @foongpc and I'm just joining for fun. Spread the news :P

My Top 3 Dislikes 

1. Days Of The Week - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

2. Numbers - 2, 4, 6 (Just realized it's all even numbers lol :x)

3. Fruits - Rambutan, Lychee, Berries (I don't like the flesh sticking to the seed lol. And berries tastes weird sometimes :P)

4. Character In A Person - Ignorant, Liar, Promise-Breaker

5. Movies - Avatar (overrated for me), Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve (superstars overload but no content meh)

I was tagged by @foongpc. I would like to invite :

1) Akijay (
2) Marissa (
3) JustJet (

... to join in the fun!!

Here are the screenshots of me informing them :P


1. This is a contest by My Very First Blog. It is open to anyone with a blog in Malaysia and worldwide.

2. Everyone who participates in this contest will be entered into a Lucky Draw.

3. Copy the above starting from My Top 3 Dislikes title, followed by the list from No.1 - 5 and these Rules and paste onto your blog post.

4. Replace my top 3 dislikes with your own for each category from No. 1 - 5.

5. Please mention who tagged you, and link back to his or her blog. (If you join this Contest directly from My Very First Blog, then mention that you are tagged by foongpc).

6. You may or may not tag others (your choice!) but anyone you tagged who join this contest will earn you 1 entry into the Lucky Draw. You choose to tag as many people as you like or none at all. Make sure you inform the person that you invite.

7. After you have put up your post in your blog, go to My Very First Blog, search for the post 'My Top 3 Dislikes' and leave a comment there with the URL of your blog post.

8. The winner can opt to have the RM80 Jusco voucher delivered to his/her address OR RM80 cash banked into his account provided he/she has a Maybank account. Non Malaysian winner must have a Paypal account to receive the USD25.

9. This contest closes on the 26th August 2012. Good Luck!!

The Long Weekend

It's been a long weekend for many people. It's the Raya holidays. Well, I've been having holidays close to 2 months now and I'm enjoying every bit of it. But inside, I'm feeling solemn over the little holidays I have left. Yes, I'm counting down :( Here's what I did over the weekend 


I bid goodbye to my good friend who had left for The United States of America and met up with a bunch of other friends that I haven't met for a long time last Friday.

The Fabulous Five. Or so I say :P

Self-timer group shot. 


It was my first time at Levain. Tried out their pizza. 


On Saturday, went to Sungai Gabai for the second time this year with family and friends :D

I didn't go into the water coz I didn't feel like it. But I made my way quite close till I manage to grab some shots with my 35mm. *Wipes sweats*. Was very careful while making my way coz there were some parts I had to cross over and I was wet up till my knees. And if I drop my DSLR then... D:

One of the pictures taken lol after crossing the river and nearing the waterfall. I seriously need a telephoto lens like 18-200mm. Ahem.

Had a good time of makan and chilling. Thank God for a crazy good weather and thank God we were like the first people who reach there and we booked a nice spot for ourselves ^.^


Saturday night, I went to Palate Palette for a birthday celebration.

RM14. Virgin Pina Colada
Honestly thought Tony Roma's Pina Colado was better.

Lamb with honey and onion.
Not bad for RM20.

 Chicken lasagna. RM20.
I'd rather go for the lamb honestly. Hmm.

Two birthday boys. That's right. :P


Cousins came over to KL on Sunday and stayed till today. Some pictures I took over the weekend.

Banyak happening. And I've overspent. No more going out any sooner. 
Must. Save. Up.

Video of the Week: The Lego Story

This video is a little long. But it's so super cool. Watch if you're a LEGO fan! :D

Making RM500 & More with Facebook & Twitter

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I've blogged (here) that I've gotten lots of goodies from - they are really generous! From cash to gadgets to concert tickets and just random giveaways, this is how generous is. They constantly organize contests from time to time and that's why it's important to check them out. At the moment as I'm typing this, they are giving out RM100 to 15 lucky people that is celebrating raya. DON'T WAIT! 

Making money with Facebook and Twitter is easy, provided you are hardworking and willing to practice the principle of "sharing is caring". If you're still skeptical or confused or need more info.. just leave a comment, I'll gladly convince you and enlighten you.

So, what you waiting for? Sign up now, HERE!

I Won the PappaRich's Pappa Month Contest

How to say? I've been anxious the whole month ever since I submitted my entry to the PappaRich's contest after the contest officially ended in July 15th. Contest mechanics was to spend at least RM20 in a single receipt to be eligible to enter the contest, then answer a slogan. I forgot what I submitted for the slogan and what was the question but it was about happiest moment with your father, something like that *smacks head* One of the T&C is that the contest was only open to Malaysians under 21 years old. Unlike some adults who may submit the entry and use their children's name and details, I brainstormed my own slogan and asked my mum to drop it off at the nearest PappaRich :D

The social media team from PappaRich said that results would be published on The Star and Sin Chew newspaper, and also on their website on 11th August. ANXIOUS! Everyday I was doing a mental countdown. Why so excited, you ask. Because there was 30 iPads up for grabs, TWO for each winner. Gasp. Of course that makes only 15 winners instead of 30.

So finally, August 11th came but I was going to head out to Genting early. Newspaper came before I was ready to leave. Anxiously, I flipped through The Star newspaper. Flip flip flip. Then I saw the ad. Just a whole page advertisement congratulating winners and below it was written that all winners have been contacted via email. Or something along those lines. My heart drop. Didn't win. BUT WAIT. Why no names?! There was no name of winners on The Star newspaper. Quickly I took out my phone and went to stalk PappaRich's Facebook page. Then I saw a comment at around 1am on 11th August. Someone commented that winners' names were published already. WHAT! I should have checked and don't need to have a restless night. Jokes. I wasn't that anxious until I couldn't sleep :P

ANYWAY, quickly I hit up to and then to the highlights section and then....

I scrolled down the Grand Prize winners' names.. Don't have my name. Big sigh. Not a sigh of relief though :( But to my horror, or rather feeling very very surprised.. I saw my name..


Ya, I was literally like Tuzki up there. T________T

Super zadao because I didn't thought I would have won consolation because at the back of my mind I was aiming for iPad. (lalalala~) But okay, I won consolation. But why must be that my name is first in the list?! T_T Because it seems that I am so close yet so far from the Grand Prize. I don't mind being No. 15 ya know? :( Sobs. 

But you know what. I only submitted one entry. One entry and it seems like I'm quite close to winning Grand Prize. Okay la. Still good, kan? Be thankful. Oh well. Still waiting for my first tablet. :X

Oh ya. It's RM100 vouchers, not RM200 (compare screenshots with the one I made on my mobile). They rectified the mistake already. And I'm waiting for my letter now.

So, know of any contest? Ada sesiapa wanna share with me? :)