Quick post :)

You would have heard about the famous Roti Babi that is sold at Yut Kee Restaurant along Jalan Dang Wangi. Heck, I've always thought that Dang Wangi is such an oxymoron. Dang (Dung) Wangi. Berak Wangi. LUL. Sorry, I just had to.

Anyway, I think the last time I came here was April 2008! HOMYGOSH. That's like more than 4 years ago -_-;;

There was a queue when my family and I reached there. One couple came from Johor to makan and an Indian uncle was telling them what is nice here. (I overheard their conversation, no I did not eavesdrop :P) And this sign was placed there:

Uh oh, I guess there must have been a few cases of snatch thieves. Urgh. ANYWAY, didn't have to wait very long, *phew. Here's some food pictures! We didn't order Roti Babi but ate chops instead.

Roast Pork for RM 14.00 (RM 7.00 per slice)

Pork Chop for RM 10.00

Chicken Chop for RM8.50

Lamb Chop for RM 13.50

Beef Chop for RM 13

Omnomnom :) Hungry yet? :P