I went to Nando's at Taman Maluri Jusco AEON outlet last Sunday with my family. It's been quite awhile since I visited Nando's. A very long while. :P

After my visit there, I wrote this lengthy note and posted on Nando's Malaysia's Facebook Wall.


Hi Nando's Malaysia. I was at your Jusco AEON Taman Maluri outlet today with my family, having lunch there. Upon arriving to the entrance of the restaurant, we saw the sign "STOP, please allow us to seat you". I scanned through the restaurant, no staff was seen except one who was serving another table. Ignoring the sign because we didn't want to wait, we moved on and find our own table. We were seated by ourselves at 11.50 am.

We observed the restaurant. We saw one staff (not the one serving earlier) walking around, in and out of the kitchen area but wasn't serving anyone. At about 12.00pm, she walked out of the restaurant. The poor staff who was working alone was not only taking orders but also serving drinks at the same time. Obviously, she didn't had time to take our orders until she served the other tables and by the time she did took our orders, it was 12.05pm. That's 15 minutes before we were attended. Could you imagine if we were standing outside waiting to be seated? Mind you, only a couple of tables were occupied and the rest were empty. I could not imagine if more customers were coming in. How would that one staff serve all tables at once? 

Nevertheless, after the orders were placed, thankfully the food and drinks came within 10 minutes, or even less than 5 minutes. That, I want to applaud you.

It was only by 12.20pm or so when suddenly a few more of your staffs emerged from the kitchen area (who weren''t seen at all earlier) and stood in their positions and started working. I'm guessing that your staffs worked on shift and prior to 12pm, there was only ONE staff that was working while all the others were waiting for time. At the back of my mind, I was thinking - Why would I want to pay 10% extra for such a service?  

Not to mention, we also saw another staff (wearing the Peri-Peri uniform, just like the one serving us) sitting just behind me, on one of the empty tables and not serving anyone, just sitting and it looks like he was day-dreaming. I supposed that staff was working on shift, and it wasn't time yet. Then, that particular staff stood up and walked over to one of the standing at the entrance now and was talking to her. That particular staff also kept running his hands through his hair all the time and after speaking to his colleague, he walked infront of a mirror and used his hands again to style his hair. I believe it is a right for a human to do so but this staff also bears the image of Nando's and in my opinion, shouldn't be seen "hanging around" Nando's, not working. If he wasn't wearing the Peri-Peri uniform, he is free to do what he likes to. I'm sure Nando's have their rules and regulations as of how staffs should appear etc.

On the other hand, when my mother asked one of your staffs for plain water, he replied that there was "no plain water available."

In your reply to Fay Leong's wallpost about requesting for plain water, I quote:

Nando's Malaysia: Fay, we would like to apologize for what had happened, we will share your feedback with the restaurant manager & look into the matter immediately. Sorry once again for any inconvenience caused. - 8th August, 15:28

In your reply to Janet Lee's wallpost about request for plain water, I quote: 

Nando's Malaysia: Hi Janet, iced or hot water should be served if requested by customers. Can we know the restaurant, date and time of your visit? We are sorry for the incident. - 31st July, 10:02


Nando's Malaysia: Hi Janet, We are really really sorry. There must be misalignment in understanding. We will be sending out a formal communication to all our restaurants again. - 3rd August, 13:20

Clearly, Nando's Malaysia, the formal communication to all your restaurants failed again as your staff failed to provide the plain water upon request. This is something Nando's should take note as it is not the first time I've seen people complaining about request for plain water.

So, after I've wrote so much, my main concern here is how Nando's, was open to the public but lack the manpower to serve customers before 12.20pm (as it was only at 12.20pm, your staffs were ready to work). If so, this Nando's outlet should only open by 12.30pm because I could not imagined if

1) I arrived earlier
2) More customers came earlier and
3) Only ONE staff was serving the WHOLE restaurant

That is all.


:3 This was Nando's reply to me.

We must let people know where they lack, only then they can improve. Do our part and give feedback. I'm sure Nando's would like to protect their image too. And seriously what's up with the plain water issue? :/ Anyone faced the plain water request problem before?