Electric guitar seen at Pavillion's Tokyo Street

I got my first guitar (acoustic) as a Christmas present from my mum in December 2008. It stayed with me till today. The fact is, I like music. But the fact is also I cannot play well. :P Because I don't go to class, and I refuse to go to class and I don't play it often enough (in fact, I don't really touch it until I have to *confession time). Yeah, I once dreamed of being good at playing guitar. But then, I never had a similar desire of wanting to improve unlike with photography.

Everyone seems to have a DSLR nowadays and everyone can take good pictures. But only a few can take awesome ones, which tell stories. I began to understand. There are so many things to learn in photography. The right moment, the right settings, the right attitude, the right posture, the right angle, the right tweaks.. and the list goes on. Not forgetting the large amount of money to spend to get better equipment.

Oh, my DSLR just turned 1 year old 2 days ago. Here's to a longer life because my warranty expired already >:(