It's been a pretty long while since I met with my good friends from high school and with all present together. I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed when people aren't replying my messages. Invites sent out, messages sent out, yet no one except Sarah was responding. Frustrating it is. After countless times of trying to "gather classmates" to meet up, to catch up and stuffs like that.. None has been quite successful. Yes, I understand we all have our own lives now. I geddit. I GEDDIT. It's still darn frustrating. Sigh. But Tse Ling and I decided we should go ahead even if it's just 3 of us. Why not? I (we) want a break from KL. I need some fresh air :P And yays, Belinda told me later on that she will join us. She's forgiven for replying me late. LOL :D Well, Sarah haven't met Belinda ever since SPM finished. That's 18 months, my gosh! And don't know if Tse Ling met Belinda over the last 2 years. But I met them at different occasions at least in the past few months. So, not so bad.

Tse Ling helped us to buy the tickets to board the Genting bus and skyway which was pretty good. I mean the condition of the Genting bus was really awesome, it's quite new. I must say I'm impressed. We boarded the skyway with 2 Pinoys and they thought we were Koreans. LOL, I guess we acted as if we were jakuns (thus people thought we were tourists). And Belinda is afraid of heights. Wow, really? :P

We didn't have any itinerary for the day. We were still contemplating whether we should play at the themepark but at last we decided that we shall visit Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum and see what else we can do. We thought there would be crowd and queues but to our surprise, we realized that there's not much of a crowd. Meh.

Flying Coaster. Sarah was about to chicken out but we still played this together. It was fun. We didn't even scream much. Lol. It was our first time playing this. Not bad. I honestly haven't had a lot of adrenaline rush, not since the last one - Riverboarding at Gopeng (link).

We head on to Ripley's later on and we also went to their Haunted House because there was some promo price. Some pictures taken from Ripley's Museum.

Portrait made out of pin/button badges. Cool stuff.

After our visitation to the museum, we went to the haunted house -_- I think I could have died of heart attack. Not that it was really freaky or scary but imagine you are in a dark place with weird mannequins around and you can barely see, suddenly someone jump out and with those eerie music around -_-ll And, phew. No one pulled me because thankfully, I wasn't the first nor the last. LOL T_T Yes, I am a coward. :P

We also went for bumper car later on. Which I was reluctant to play because I don't really fancy bumper cars and I was starting to feel tired already. LOL :D I wanted to stay and take their pictures instead but they forced me to play. Pfft.

Chilled at Starbucks while waiting to buy bus tickets. I was the only one drinking Caramel Frappuccino while all three of them drank Java Chip. And they accused that my drink was too sweet. Where got :x Anyway, we saw quite a number of people who are not customers leeching the Starbucks wifi and with very thick-skin they were just standing directly outside of the store. XD 

As I reflected at the end of the day, I must admit - I really do miss high school a lot. I think I cannot deny that fact anymore. As much as I love college (the learning, the lecturers), I've missed a lot of my friends in high school. School was really very very fun, minus the annoying teachers. But I guess without the teachers, there would be less drama. And that means school would probably be less interesting.

The conversations that I had in with them in classes.. I think we can just practically talk about anything and there's just too many inside jokes :P The times we annoyed each other and the times I had practiced sarcasm on them. They were the ones that had a big and great heart. They were very helpful, especially when I was the least pandai one in the group. I can always bug them for help when I don't understand anything. I can chui sui infront of them and yet they don't feel intimidated, or rather they feel irritated LOL. They never took insults to heart, and if they do, they are pretty darn good in pretending that they don't. I know I can be very irritating and they did a great job in tolerating. Haha.

How we became friends is interesting. It all started with Biology PEKA and they wanted to have a look on the one I've done. I am really not an outgoing person but I managed to kind clique with them. I started sitting with them in class and not alone at a corner. And that was when the "havoc starts" as they always say.

Thanks to the three I had such a wonderful day out. It was a perfect day, though I think we still have soooo much to talk about but time didn't allow it. I don't know when would be the next time we could do such a thing together or even meeting up but I hope we will make the effort to keep in touch. It was a great break from KL and to remove me from the #foreveralone-ness. And I'm so glad to have all of you as one of my closest friends.

It's been quite awhile that I wrote personal accounts. But this is so that I will never forget.