For this year's Mother's Day, YPF decided that we throw a Retro-themed party for the dear mummies in church. Since we had our very own Sister's and Brother's Night with Princess (link) and Pirates-themed (link) respectively, we are up for the 'challenge'.

We did some brief preparation a week before but most of the stuffs were done on the day itself.

Reusing curtains.

Decorating walls. Previously we had cut those round circles together.

Ruh, who looked like some construction worker. (she was standing on the ladder)

The decorated wall. Printed posters, round colorful circles all pasted on the huge wall.

Spot the TV that one of my friend made out of cardbox!

Purposely bought this disco ball. This is a lil tricky though. We had to "spin" the ball manually to get the effect. What to do. Budget ma.

Working hard, setting up the lights and the final decors.

Final outcome.

The details that you cannot see properly: 
Vintage Coke Cans. (I bought them from a Coke collector :P) placed on the table together with paper pinwheels and old-rusted cans.
Checkered tablecloth.
Black and white photographs pinned on rope with clips.
Lights (like those hanged on Christmas trees)

Vintage typewriter. 
Vintage fan.
DIY 'retro' TV.
Retro-style round table.

It was a fun night together to watch the mums so happy. There were polaroids for them to bring home, live performances from some of us, reliving their childhood playing batu seremban and even limbo rock-ing. And of course, what's retro night without dancing?

See how happy are the mothers. Hope they had a great time that night :)

Altogether now!

The night ended with cleaning up and endless photography session :P