How to say? I've been anxious the whole month ever since I submitted my entry to the PappaRich's contest after the contest officially ended in July 15th. Contest mechanics was to spend at least RM20 in a single receipt to be eligible to enter the contest, then answer a slogan. I forgot what I submitted for the slogan and what was the question but it was about happiest moment with your father, something like that *smacks head* One of the T&C is that the contest was only open to Malaysians under 21 years old. Unlike some adults who may submit the entry and use their children's name and details, I brainstormed my own slogan and asked my mum to drop it off at the nearest PappaRich :D

The social media team from PappaRich said that results would be published on The Star and Sin Chew newspaper, and also on their website on 11th August. ANXIOUS! Everyday I was doing a mental countdown. Why so excited, you ask. Because there was 30 iPads up for grabs, TWO for each winner. Gasp. Of course that makes only 15 winners instead of 30.

So finally, August 11th came but I was going to head out to Genting early. Newspaper came before I was ready to leave. Anxiously, I flipped through The Star newspaper. Flip flip flip. Then I saw the ad. Just a whole page advertisement congratulating winners and below it was written that all winners have been contacted via email. Or something along those lines. My heart drop. Didn't win. BUT WAIT. Why no names?! There was no name of winners on The Star newspaper. Quickly I took out my phone and went to stalk PappaRich's Facebook page. Then I saw a comment at around 1am on 11th August. Someone commented that winners' names were published already. WHAT! I should have checked and don't need to have a restless night. Jokes. I wasn't that anxious until I couldn't sleep :P

ANYWAY, quickly I hit up to and then to the highlights section and then....

I scrolled down the Grand Prize winners' names.. Don't have my name. Big sigh. Not a sigh of relief though :( But to my horror, or rather feeling very very surprised.. I saw my name..


Ya, I was literally like Tuzki up there. T________T

Super zadao because I didn't thought I would have won consolation because at the back of my mind I was aiming for iPad. (lalalala~) But okay, I won consolation. But why must be that my name is first in the list?! T_T Because it seems that I am so close yet so far from the Grand Prize. I don't mind being No. 15 ya know? :( Sobs. 

But you know what. I only submitted one entry. One entry and it seems like I'm quite close to winning Grand Prize. Okay la. Still good, kan? Be thankful. Oh well. Still waiting for my first tablet. :X

Oh ya. It's RM100 vouchers, not RM200 (compare screenshots with the one I made on my mobile). They rectified the mistake already. And I'm waiting for my letter now.

So, know of any contest? Ada sesiapa wanna share with me? :)