Well if you are a Malaysian, you would have certainly know about the results for the Olympics' men's singles badminton finals which happened yesterday. 79 minutes of battle. Yes, our dear representative, Datuk Lee Chong Wei gave a great display of skills and determination before he lost in one of the most epic badminton match in history. Of course, his opponent was his well-known nemesis, Lin Dan from China. Chong Wei lead the first set with a 21-15 win. As I watched the beginning of the second set, I was praying hard. Please let Chong Wei win, in straight sets hopefully. But Chong Wei succumbed and Lin Dan forced the game to a rubber match with a 10-21 win over Chong Wei.

Sigh, the rubber game was a tough match, a nail-biting one and I guess everyone is about to faint. Very very intense and stressful. I can't imagine the feelings of both players. Chong Wei was leading 9-5 at in the rubber game but Lin Dan wasn't gonna give in and Lin Dan chased Chong Wei to lead 11-9 into the interval. Chong Wei continued his chase and he was leading with 19-18. Just 2 points away from the golden glory. But.. Sigh. Chong Wei lost it, as audience held their breath and finally let out a big sigh. It was a painful defeat, even for all of us that was watching.

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I was about to cry when Chong Wei was seen disheartened and dismayed by his lost as his coaches came around and wrapped him in their arms as they consoled him. Of course, before attention was given to Chong Wei, the television was focused on Lin Dan. He celebrated his glorious moment by: tearing in joy, saluting China, grabbing flag and signing, throwing of his shirt, wearing another and then tossed it into the crowd again. Well, didn't everyone see that coming?

Maybe it's a Chinese thing. I was watching the Chen Long's match against Lee Hyun-il. Chen Long  did the exact same thing - throwing his shirt and badminton racquet - into the crowd as a form of celebration. Chong Wei held his hands to offer a shake to Lin Dan but I noticed that Lin Dan gave Chong Wei a hug as consolation I guess.

Here's 5 things to remember from the match.

1) Determination

It is at stakes. The odds are in favour of Lin Dan. Who can deny how powderful are Lin Dan's smash(es)? I am really amazed by his skills. From yesterday's match we can see how much Chong Wei has improved his game since the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Back then, Chong Wei seemed to be trashed, or "tamely defeated" by Lin Dan. Yesterday, Lin Dan was given a hard time and Lin Dan would know that he almost lost it to Chong Wei. I think many people forgotten that Chong Wei was injured not too long ago and given that, I must give a 100% respect to Chong Wei for his determination and managed to deliver a medal for Malaysia. Nevermind he didn't create history to be the first Malaysian that brings back a gold medal for Malaysia. Nevermind he was so close, yet so far. Nevermind. Because how many people can bring back a medal for Malaysia? Not many. Maybe less than 5 even. Out of the 28 million Malaysians, he have done a great deal. And we could see how much honor he had brought back for our country.

2) Free Ice-Cream and Free Kayu Nasi Kandar

Hoho, probably this was one of the highlights pre-match. Many people were hoping that Chong Wei would deliver his first gold medal because Baskin-Robbins and Prima Media Bhd declared that if Malaysia wins her first gold, free ice cream for all Malaysians! Read more (here). Undoubtedly, Chong Wei has the highest chance to make this a dream come true. Free ice cream, who wouldn't want? But please, it's shallow to say "Byebye ice-cream" when there is much more to life than free ice-cream. -_______-; Go work and get your ice-cream if you want. There's lots of contests around -.-l

Many also criticized this to be a marketing gimmick, which is true to a certain extent but also a very smart move eh? A very big gamble I assume. And, many of these people who criticize Baskin-Robbins are the very same people who supported the idea of free ice-cream before this. But since they haven't got their free ice-cream, they turn sour grape now? Condemn people pulak padahal, mula-mula suka. Oh the irony.

But kudos to Kayu Nasi Kandar, who promised the same thing and eventhough Chong Wei didn't win the gold, they carry on with their promise, in honoring Chong Wei for his great efforts and bringing back a Silver for Malaysia.

3) Twitter Trends

Chong Wei's official account tweeted "I'm Sorry"

It is not known whether or not he tweeted it himself or by his agent, but a sorry was delivered to his fans, and Malaysians of course. It's a very sad tweet and there is so much emotion behind that two words. Many people began to tweet him back, stating how proud they are of his achievements and there was nothing to be sorry about. Sure, we all are disappointed to a certain extent but behind these disappointments, there is a greater pride that we take on this man that we had solely rely on for the past 6-8 years in the badminton arena.

#ThankYouLeeChongWei soon was trending worldwide at 3rd place shortly after Chong Wei's tweet.

Malaysians and Lee Chong Wei was also trending at 8th and 9th place respectively.

I like this one from Nando's Malaysia about LCW's apology.

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4) Humility and Unity

Malaysians and Lee Chong Wei must accept the defeat. We did. Sigh. But this great event has brought many people together. Many people were saying, Lee Chong Wei is the person that unites all Malaysians together. Forget politics. This is 1Malaysia without campaigns needed. I hope in every other day, all Malaysians can be like this. Not just a one day event, you see.

And for those shallow politicians, keep Lee Chong Wei, badminton, sports and olympics - OUT of your politics.

5) Rosmah Jokes

There are many Rosmah jokes around. But I shall not put myself into danger. Search yourself on Facebook/Twitter :P

Why Lee Chong Wei lost?
"Lost-mah" is one of the most epic answers I've seen so far. LOL.