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When our national bowler, Noor Afizal Azizan won his rape case appeal against the High Court's decision to sentence him to 5 years of jail time, it caused an uproar from the public, especially seen in social media. He escaped the custodial sentence for committing rape to a 13-year-old girl 3 years ago. He was 18 then. You may read the full news here (link).

A Twitter hashtag emerged from this issue : #BrightFutureRapeOK

As the issue is still 'hot from the oven' now and if you have nothing better to do, go ahead and search it up on Twitter.

Nowadays, people are so darn efficient. Can you believe it? I saw someone tweeting a link to the national bowler's girlfriend's blog. Wowza. Panai dig betul. Maybe we all should be private investigators in our own ways. Ehehe.

Quoting directly from NST:

Raus, in his decision, agreed with counsel Hisyam Teh Poh Teik, who represented Noor Afizal, that public interest would not be served if his client was given a custodial sentence when he had a bright future. Bright future is the reason why he is released? Right. Sure. Somehow the reason why the decision made seems so shallow. But then again, who am I to judge? What if he really had repented? Does he deserve a second chance? But he does need to take responsibility right? I'm really dumbfounded.

It is no surprise how people are utterly disgusted and deem our law and justice system as being "unfair" and it's a perfect example of how "shameful Malaysian laws are". One even mentioned that the court is now a "fortune teller".

Here's a rhyme-tweet I saw on Twitter.

@atynellyna_ Asal poket tebal, dara boleh dibeli. Rogol tak perlu dicari. Penjara tak perlu dihadapi. 

Many sarcastic tweets arise saying that any 10As SPM student can now go rape and escape the sentence in the name of a "bright future". Some also protested and wanted to sign a petition to revoke the decision of the court.

So just think of this. One day, Noor Afizal Azizan will might just be the Malaysian flag bearer. And then what? Would you let a rapist represent your country? Many protested against this idea. Angry tweets are still coming in.