#FF - Planking.. and the latest craze, Milking

About a year ago, I'm sure we all know about this craze about planking. We've seen people planking on sofas, in the middle of the road, on the staircase and any possible place you could think of -_-;

Some "rules" for planking include - both hands must touch the sides of the body and the body must lie flat, face down.

Image from The Telegraph

The planking craze got into a whole new level when some hospital staffs were suspended cause they were planking in the hospital. Now, while you think planking is ridiculous, following planking, owling also follow suit. Owling is well, when you crouch 'like an owl' -_- SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WITH ALL THIS CRAZE? 

But, planking and owling could not match the latest craze - milking.

A few days ago, I listened to Ben and Phat Fabes on FlyFM and they shared about this latest craze on the radio. Ridiculous! Apparently, this new fad is popular in UK (not Ulu Klang -.-) and one of the rules is that you need to pour 1 litre of milk on yourself and taadaaa! You have successfully done milking -.-l

But seriously, don't waste milk guys. 

Red Ribbon Youth Club (RRYC) Celebrates World AIDS Day 2012

Fact: In 2011, for every 4 cases of new HIV infection, one was notified in youths aged between 13 to 29 years old. 

Fact: HIV is a virus that destroys the immunity system whereas AIDS is the final stage of the HIV disease. 

Fact: Based on statistics, (guess who?) youths, are the most vulnerable to HIV.

So, the matter of fact is there are many myths on HIV/AIDS because of the lack of education or awareness on this.. and what are the odds that people starting spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS if it was not 'in conjunction of World AIDS Day'?

I'm not the subject matter expert here because like a lot of other Malaysians, I have also been ignorant myself. Thanks to my friend, Sean Thum and his regular postings on this topic, I've got to know more about HIV/AIDS myself.

Applying some things that I've learnt from PR this semester, we have 4 kinds of publics. *exam is near, some revision is good heh ;)

1) Latent Publics - Little or no awareness about an issue
2) Aware Publics - Aware about issue that affects them
3) Active Publics - Communicating and doing something about an issue
4) Non-Publics - Group not affected by the issue

So, I'm guessing the majority would fall into latent publics and aware publics whereas the active publics is the minority here in Malaysia. In order to move Malaysians into the being the active publics, of course there is a need for constant effort to 'push' Malaysians and awake them from their slumber. I've seen posters here and there in school and university but there are not discussions that were held to talk about this issue. So how? Where to start?

This year, the Malaysian AIDS Council would be celebrating World AIDS Day 2012 at The Courtyard, Berjaya Times Square Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur on the 1st and 2nd December 2012. The theme would be ERASE - Rise Up - Getting to Zero.

(click for larger image)

If you would like to part of the movement to celebrate World AIDS Day or you're just a kepoh that wants to know what's going on with the celebration, just head to on BTS this Saturday : )

I personally think it's a good avenue to raise awareness, just need some pushing. We may not see how serious HIV/AIDS could damage the society but if you've watched enough television (esp documentaries), you'll know how one could suffer from it. Those are not just heart-warming stories but a glimpse of reality.

So, I do not think that just because attending one event would push Malaysians to constantly advocate and talk about HIV/AIDS but it's a good start : )

Learn more here : Red Ribbon Youth Club Facebok

WooJapan's Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats TWO!

Hello folks! If you haven't read the post about Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats previously (link), well I'm here to inform you about it again ;)

Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats are basically exclusive earcaps or earphone jacks that you can get from WooJapan. If you like Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats, great news! There are more earcaps/earphone jacks design for your selection :)

The exclusive earcaps/earphone jacks are priced at RM46.


1) Nya Nya Cats- Golden Kittens sold at RM 58 (link)

2) Nya Nya Cats- Long White Kitten sold at RM 48 (link)

 Quickly pre-order before they are sold out :D WooJapan also sells other phone-related accessories and even some clothing :) Go check them out (here)

You can start by Pre-Ordering Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats at their official website (here)

Now, perhaps it's your first time purchasing something online but not to worry because the people behind WooJapan are very caring people and they have prepared a guide for users (here) on how to shop at WooJapan. Clear instructions are given on how to create an account, how to place orders and other FAQs. 

If you have any doubts or inquiries, you can actually find WooJapan on Facebook (here) or take a look at their website (here) and see if you are interested in any other things that they are selling :)

Video of the Week: Try - Pink (Jayesslee Cover)

Jayesslee covers Pink's Try. 

And watch the whole video.. someone's getting married :3
I like this cover, just wished the audio was a little louder and clearer D:

Is Phewtick Real? Is Phewtick a Scam?

About two to three months ago, I have loads and loads of friends who are using this application - Phewtick and they asked me to join because it's FUN and I can earn some money. Skeptical as I am, I was lazy to join cause I don't believe how real or genuine this application is. I'm very careful about private information, only giving out when necessary, after confirming that it is safe to do so. Therefore, I always do thorough check up about companies when they ask me to provide details after I've won something. 

You see, the nature of using Phewtick is 'meet friends', scan QR using your mobile and then 'record' great meet-ups on your diary.  

source: phewtick.com

A demo could even be found on Phewtick's website showing you how it works. 

Then, a few days ago, some people starting sharing this photo stating that Phewtick is a scam.

Obviously, from the message, we can see that it is a hate message from a competitor and not from a normal user. Cannot be really trusted, little credibility. Of late, I have heard from friends and googled that a few people have already converted their points into cash and gotten their money. So, true. Phewtick is not a scam, for now (skeptical still, hehe). But is it worth the hassle of scanning QR codes?

I've seen how lifeless people have been. Going around with their phones and saying, "Eh, on Phewtick. We scan." Adeh. 'Easy money' like these are true. I believe such thing works. But then it's meaningless. 

I stumbled upon SAYS (back then, it was Youth Says) via a user who shared on his blog back in June 2010 and I can say I have been actively using SAYS ever since. SAYS works differently - you share links and for each unique click, you get rewarded. To date, I've already earned and cashed out more than RM500 (link) just by sharing campaign messages (whether advertorial or social good campaigns) on Facebook and Twitter and not forgetting SAYS actually engage with their users. I really like the idea of community. But it's not just limited to virtual sense, SAYS have made several arrangements to engage with users in events and Google Hangouts alike. 

I guess sometimes, it's not just about the money matters. I've actually got to know a lot more about other brands and NGOs through the campaign messages I've shared. Another plus. You may think I am bias to SAYS, maybe I am because I've been happy as a user - which is why obviously, I speak good of SAYS, no? :) 

#FF - Zac Efron's Transformation

Not sure how many of you remember HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL but boy, that movie was THE movie that everyone was crazy about back when I was in form 1. Seriously, every person at my age would have probably watched HSM once. At least the first. So, HSM was pretty significant because that was the first time I heard of this dude, Zac Efron. Actually, I kinda like the songs from HSM 1. 

I'm not the biggest fan of Zac Efron but I noticed and I cannot believed how much he has transformed since HSM.

That hair.. back in 2006 -o-;

It's not surprising that Zac Efron can sing. But I kinda forgotten he could..

And when I watched the video where he sang with Taylor Swift, I slap myself and told myself - Zac Efron sang in all the HSMs what! -_-; 

What's with all the facial hair man. It doesn't look good on you, Zac. :1 Me thinks he should just keep his face clean. Whaddya think?

Sacked-Manager Roberto di Matteo "Parted Ways with Chelsea"

Chelsea FC just released an official statement on their website the now ex-club manager Roberto di Matteo had parted ways with the club.

"The team's recent performances and results have not been good enough and the owner and the Board felt that a change was necessary now to keep the club moving in the right direction as we head into a vitally important part of the season.
The club faces a difficult task ahead in qualifying for the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League as well as maintaining a strong challenge for the top of the Premier League while competing in three other cup competitions. Our aim is to remain as competitive as possible and challenge strongly on all fronts.
The owner and the Board would like to thank Roberto for all he has done for the club since taking over in March. Roberto helped guide us to an historic Champions League victory and a seventh FA Cup. We will never forget the huge contribution he has made to this club's history and he will always be welcome at Stamford Bridge.
The club will be making an announcement shortly regarding a new first team manager."

So nicely put, but we all know he's sacked by none other than Chelsea owner - Roman Abramovich and the board. Roman Abramovich is already very famous for sacking managers. But who would have thought.. this fast? Not to mention, RDM led Chelsea to win the Champions League and FA Cup. Aduh. The world is cruel...

I'm not sure if Mark Hughes is crying or laughing now since RDM had beat him in the sacking race :x

Video of the Week: Taylor Swift - 22 - Eclipse A Cappella Cover Official Music Video

I like this song from Taylor Swift immediately when I first heard it cause it sounds so...fun XD. :D And Eclipse made a great cover out of it. Their baju so hipster yo. LOL. Suiting up to the lyrics of the song? :P LOVEEEEEE.

#FF - Somersault with Bicycle

WARNING: For those who have a weak heart, do not proceed. The images below might make you puke. 

So, six years ago, I happily went to Taman Botani Putrajaya with family and friends. I was 13, already started my journey of being a fatty. T_______T. Paddled the boat and then went for cycling.

It was like any ordinary day, except I did a somersault when I was cycling. Lol, I was cycling down the hill and then I felt like I was going too fast, I decided to brake. Just that, I think I panicked, and I brake sampai mati. Oh my. Ya, so I was half way down the hill, and when I did that - me bike lurched forward, I lurched forward. And the next thing I know, I was like doing a somersault, and the bike followed.

So I landed on the ground and the bike hit my back. T_______T. Okay la, can't describe the pain but it was painful. I was lying on the ground. Tried to stand up. Then I realized that the bicycle was on me, and the chains was on my right leg ._. Pfft. I didn't cry but everyone started surrounding me. Shocked nak mampus. 13 year old only okay. It's like a freak accident for me

-_____-; Yeah, I'm famous for my clumsiness alright. So now whenever I go cycling and if I come back uninjured, it's achievement unlocked for me :D

I already started blogging back then. I remembered posting up some pictures to my windows live space or something. Don't know what happened to the blog LOOOL. Went to dig the pictures and I found it..


Please refer back to the warning above.


Sorry, I just had to.

The scar stuck with me till today. Dargh.

Food: TGI Friday's at One Utama

Because I was too awesome, TGI Friday's decided to gimme RM100 voucher to dine at their restaurant : D

I wish. I won the voucher from their Merdekarama contest back in August. YAY! I'm awesome.

Finally went to makan at TGI's Friday One Utama last weekend. Booked a table at 6.30 but because of the rain, we reach about 7pm oops. Sorry, it's not Malaysian timing. Usually my family is very punctual. I hate people being late, so I avoid being late myself.

We only get to makan around 8pm because the place was packed at night. Full house. Aduh. But the service was really good. Drinks came very quickly. FOOD PICTURES! Sorry I don't remember the names. 

D: I ordered Sirloin steak of course. :3 And mashed potatoes and broccoli for the side dish. Ordered medium well but half of it was about well done already. Pfft. But actually, when my food came, they asked if the "medium well"-ness was alright, I said OK LOL. It was my fault XD

Had to top up about RM 100+ more because we all had a plate of our own : P
But getting RM 100 off the bill, this meal was pretty worth it. 


Video of the Week: Angry Birds Star Wars Cinematic Trailer

I think we all know what's Angry Birds. I used to play original Angry Birds and I will play for hours until I get all 3 stars in every level and try to find the golden eggs. 

Rovio released this video to promo the latest version of Angry Birds - Star Wars and I think it's very smart of them :D Also, it's interesting to note that quite many people are hoping that there would be an Angry Birds movie. Not bad of an idea actually..

Would you go watch Angry Birds if it's released in the cinemas? 

Coca-Cola Collectors Fair 2012 at Publika

I just came back from Publika not too long ago. Purposely went there for Coca-Cola Collectors Fair 2012. I missed last year's Coca-Cola 125 years Heritage Fair. So I was very determined to attend this year's event :P

Happening TODAY only, from 10am just now till 7pm tonight. Still got a few more hours to go. Don't miss out : )

Just share some pictures I've took from my visit there : P

Aluminium bottles! : D My favourites but only have 2 -_-;;

"Other side of life" Cans and Bottles!

Media people and collector assistant and the VIP

I like this table. Haha

Me with one of the collectors, knew him because we traded Coca-Cola pins before LOL (Y) : D

Media people interviewing one of the collectors

Last shot before I left. : )

Had a good time looking at all the collector's collections! Some of them are really big Coca-Cola fans, that they even dedicated a room for their collections! : D

WOW! So don't miss out, go see the real thing!

: P Although I don't have such a big collection or rare bottles, but I'm glad to also be a collector LOL.