Hello folks! If you haven't read the post about Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats previously (link), well I'm here to inform you about it again ;)

Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats are basically exclusive earcaps or earphone jacks that you can get from WooJapan. If you like Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats, great news! There are more earcaps/earphone jacks design for your selection :)

The exclusive earcaps/earphone jacks are priced at RM46.


1) Nya Nya Cats- Golden Kittens sold at RM 58 (link)

2) Nya Nya Cats- Long White Kitten sold at RM 48 (link)

 Quickly pre-order before they are sold out :D WooJapan also sells other phone-related accessories and even some clothing :) Go check them out (here)

You can start by Pre-Ordering Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats at their official website (here)

Now, perhaps it's your first time purchasing something online but not to worry because the people behind WooJapan are very caring people and they have prepared a guide for users (here) on how to shop at WooJapan. Clear instructions are given on how to create an account, how to place orders and other FAQs. 

If you have any doubts or inquiries, you can actually find WooJapan on Facebook (here) or take a look at their website (here) and see if you are interested in any other things that they are selling :)