About a year ago, I'm sure we all know about this craze about planking. We've seen people planking on sofas, in the middle of the road, on the staircase and any possible place you could think of -_-;

Some "rules" for planking include - both hands must touch the sides of the body and the body must lie flat, face down.

Image from The Telegraph

The planking craze got into a whole new level when some hospital staffs were suspended cause they were planking in the hospital. Now, while you think planking is ridiculous, following planking, owling also follow suit. Owling is well, when you crouch 'like an owl' -_- SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WITH ALL THIS CRAZE? 

But, planking and owling could not match the latest craze - milking.

A few days ago, I listened to Ben and Phat Fabes on FlyFM and they shared about this latest craze on the radio. Ridiculous! Apparently, this new fad is popular in UK (not Ulu Klang -.-) and one of the rules is that you need to pour 1 litre of milk on yourself and taadaaa! You have successfully done milking -.-l

But seriously, don't waste milk guys.