Not sure how many of you remember HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL but boy, that movie was THE movie that everyone was crazy about back when I was in form 1. Seriously, every person at my age would have probably watched HSM once. At least the first. So, HSM was pretty significant because that was the first time I heard of this dude, Zac Efron. Actually, I kinda like the songs from HSM 1. 

I'm not the biggest fan of Zac Efron but I noticed and I cannot believed how much he has transformed since HSM.

That hair.. back in 2006 -o-;

It's not surprising that Zac Efron can sing. But I kinda forgotten he could..

And when I watched the video where he sang with Taylor Swift, I slap myself and told myself - Zac Efron sang in all the HSMs what! -_-; 

What's with all the facial hair man. It doesn't look good on you, Zac. :1 Me thinks he should just keep his face clean. Whaddya think?