Because I was too awesome, TGI Friday's decided to gimme RM100 voucher to dine at their restaurant : D

I wish. I won the voucher from their Merdekarama contest back in August. YAY! I'm awesome.

Finally went to makan at TGI's Friday One Utama last weekend. Booked a table at 6.30 but because of the rain, we reach about 7pm oops. Sorry, it's not Malaysian timing. Usually my family is very punctual. I hate people being late, so I avoid being late myself.

We only get to makan around 8pm because the place was packed at night. Full house. Aduh. But the service was really good. Drinks came very quickly. FOOD PICTURES! Sorry I don't remember the names. 

D: I ordered Sirloin steak of course. :3 And mashed potatoes and broccoli for the side dish. Ordered medium well but half of it was about well done already. Pfft. But actually, when my food came, they asked if the "medium well"-ness was alright, I said OK LOL. It was my fault XD

Had to top up about RM 100+ more because we all had a plate of our own : P
But getting RM 100 off the bill, this meal was pretty worth it.