Fact: In 2011, for every 4 cases of new HIV infection, one was notified in youths aged between 13 to 29 years old. 

Fact: HIV is a virus that destroys the immunity system whereas AIDS is the final stage of the HIV disease. 

Fact: Based on statistics, (guess who?) youths, are the most vulnerable to HIV.

So, the matter of fact is there are many myths on HIV/AIDS because of the lack of education or awareness on this.. and what are the odds that people starting spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS if it was not 'in conjunction of World AIDS Day'?

I'm not the subject matter expert here because like a lot of other Malaysians, I have also been ignorant myself. Thanks to my friend, Sean Thum and his regular postings on this topic, I've got to know more about HIV/AIDS myself.

Applying some things that I've learnt from PR this semester, we have 4 kinds of publics. *exam is near, some revision is good heh ;)

1) Latent Publics - Little or no awareness about an issue
2) Aware Publics - Aware about issue that affects them
3) Active Publics - Communicating and doing something about an issue
4) Non-Publics - Group not affected by the issue

So, I'm guessing the majority would fall into latent publics and aware publics whereas the active publics is the minority here in Malaysia. In order to move Malaysians into the being the active publics, of course there is a need for constant effort to 'push' Malaysians and awake them from their slumber. I've seen posters here and there in school and university but there are not discussions that were held to talk about this issue. So how? Where to start?

This year, the Malaysian AIDS Council would be celebrating World AIDS Day 2012 at The Courtyard, Berjaya Times Square Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur on the 1st and 2nd December 2012. The theme would be ERASE - Rise Up - Getting to Zero.

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If you would like to part of the movement to celebrate World AIDS Day or you're just a kepoh that wants to know what's going on with the celebration, just head to on BTS this Saturday : )

I personally think it's a good avenue to raise awareness, just need some pushing. We may not see how serious HIV/AIDS could damage the society but if you've watched enough television (esp documentaries), you'll know how one could suffer from it. Those are not just heart-warming stories but a glimpse of reality.

So, I do not think that just because attending one event would push Malaysians to constantly advocate and talk about HIV/AIDS but it's a good start : )

Learn more here : Red Ribbon Youth Club Facebok