I just came back from Publika not too long ago. Purposely went there for Coca-Cola Collectors Fair 2012. I missed last year's Coca-Cola 125 years Heritage Fair. So I was very determined to attend this year's event :P

Happening TODAY only, from 10am just now till 7pm tonight. Still got a few more hours to go. Don't miss out : )

Just share some pictures I've took from my visit there : P

Aluminium bottles! : D My favourites but only have 2 -_-;;

"Other side of life" Cans and Bottles!

Media people and collector assistant and the VIP

I like this table. Haha

Me with one of the collectors, knew him because we traded Coca-Cola pins before LOL (Y) : D

Media people interviewing one of the collectors

Last shot before I left. : )

Had a good time looking at all the collector's collections! Some of them are really big Coca-Cola fans, that they even dedicated a room for their collections! : D

WOW! So don't miss out, go see the real thing!

: P Although I don't have such a big collection or rare bottles, but I'm glad to also be a collector LOL.