About two to three months ago, I have loads and loads of friends who are using this application - Phewtick and they asked me to join because it's FUN and I can earn some money. Skeptical as I am, I was lazy to join cause I don't believe how real or genuine this application is. I'm very careful about private information, only giving out when necessary, after confirming that it is safe to do so. Therefore, I always do thorough check up about companies when they ask me to provide details after I've won something. 

You see, the nature of using Phewtick is 'meet friends', scan QR using your mobile and then 'record' great meet-ups on your diary.  

source: phewtick.com

A demo could even be found on Phewtick's website showing you how it works. 

Then, a few days ago, some people starting sharing this photo stating that Phewtick is a scam.

Obviously, from the message, we can see that it is a hate message from a competitor and not from a normal user. Cannot be really trusted, little credibility. Of late, I have heard from friends and googled that a few people have already converted their points into cash and gotten their money. So, true. Phewtick is not a scam, for now (skeptical still, hehe). But is it worth the hassle of scanning QR codes?

I've seen how lifeless people have been. Going around with their phones and saying, "Eh, on Phewtick. We scan." Adeh. 'Easy money' like these are true. I believe such thing works. But then it's meaningless. 

I stumbled upon SAYS (back then, it was Youth Says) via a user who shared on his blog back in June 2010 and I can say I have been actively using SAYS ever since. SAYS works differently - you share links and for each unique click, you get rewarded. To date, I've already earned and cashed out more than RM500 (link) just by sharing campaign messages (whether advertorial or social good campaigns) on Facebook and Twitter and not forgetting SAYS actually engage with their users. I really like the idea of community. But it's not just limited to virtual sense, SAYS have made several arrangements to engage with users in events and Google Hangouts alike. 

I guess sometimes, it's not just about the money matters. I've actually got to know a lot more about other brands and NGOs through the campaign messages I've shared. Another plus. You may think I am bias to SAYS, maybe I am because I've been happy as a user - which is why obviously, I speak good of SAYS, no? :)