Food: Uncle Jang Korean Restoran @ Ampang Putra

Went to Uncle Jang Korean Restoran at Ampang Putra about 1 month ago (I think) because sisters wanted to eat Korean food lagi. Easy to find parking as most of the stores nearby were closed on weekends I guess :D

If I may say this, all of the workers in the shop are Bangladeshis except for the boss himself (or herself? LOL I forgot), who's a Korean. All of them are very hardworking in the store and also very attentive. Why I say that is because they purposely took a chair that could be leaned on for my dad upon seeing him entering the store :D Bagus. :)

Steaming hot hot.

Optional add on - ramyeon (or rice, your preference).
You can also add rice later after you've finished your ramyeon.

The price is relatively cheap for Korean cuisine. RM19 per 1 pax serving (non spicy). RM22 per 1 pax serving (spicy). RM6 for additional each ramyeon. Can add rice, udon and other side dishes also. Food's good. All of us were bloated when we finished. I'm not sure about you but I used up a lot of their tissues (which they provide in "unlimited supply" XD) because I was gonna wrap the meat with veggie then the water (from the just-washed veggie) would drip down my hand then urgh..

Note: You'll get all smoky and smell like smoke because of the way the food is served. Beware :P

Uncle Jang has got several branches besides the one here in Ampang including the branches in Puchong, Mont Kiara Solaris and Bukit Indah (Johor Bahru).  Check them out on Facebook (here


O hai! We're in the last week of September already. It also means I'm in week 4 in college. Woosh! In the blink of an eye, I'mma gonna attend another cousin's wedding soon. Jeez. College has been.. I don't know how to say. It's different from what I expected of course. I'm taking Public Relations, Information Technology, Mass Media and Society, Introduction to Film and Introduction to Marketing Communication.

Ya sure, everything sounds interesting. But it is also darn confusing :( Especially PR! In foundation (I didn't take PR at that time though), PR was about organizing events and exam. That's about it. Now, PR is about academic journals and more academic stuffs. But of course, a lecturer with 30 years experience in the PR field is interesting. Just that.. it's not what I expected. Mmhmmm..

Other than that, every week so far, I get to watch interesting movies in film (for assignment purpose too). Film is very technical, so far no hands-on stuff. Marcom is okay, sometimes lecturer give out "TMI" as quoted by my classmate. Infotech is just infotech. LOL.

Anyhows, I find myself easily confused. My sister said that I always confuse myself. Yes, I do. :( But this also means that my brain is working right? Confused is better than blank. Ehehe.

Friends and random people asked me what I'm gonna do after I finish studying. I don't know what exactly. Magazines? Newspapers? Freelance? Housewife? :P Time will tell.

Well, guess what. I have 10 weeks to go to finish my 2nd sem, then it's time for vacation. *count down*

WooJapan's Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats

Nope, there's no typo on my blogpost title :) I'm not blogging about Nyan Cat. But, good news! If you loveeee how cute nyan cat was, you're gonna love Nya-Nya Cats.

Basically, Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats are these exclusively cuteeee earcaps/earphone jack that you can get from WooJapan

Aren't the Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats so cuteeeee? 

Basically, there are six designs for you to choose in the Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats series. 
Here are some of them:

Nya-Nya Cats - Beckoning Cat

Nya-Nya Cats - Hanging Cat

Nya-Nya Cats - Relax

Nya-Nya Cats - Newborn Twins

Nya-Nya Cats - Sleeping

I think Nya-Nya Cats is one of the cutest earcaps that I've seen so far and it's a useful accessory to protect our smartphones from getting dusts inside the earjack. And if you are scratching your head to think of what to buy for your friends during their birthday, perhaps this is the useful gift you can give to them too :)

So, are you charmed by the cuteness already? I'm sure you would want this accessory on your awesome smartphone :D Well, time to get it then! I know as Malaysians, price concerns us but just to let you know that this cutesy earcap is priced at RM42.00 as it is something that is limited in the market :) What's even better is that you can also get Nya-Nya Cats phone covers too!

Nya-Nya Cats - Dreaming 

Nya-Nya Cats - TV

Nya-Nya Cats - Tower 

Nya-Nya Cats - Footprints 

CUTE?! These Nya-Nya Cats covers are compatible with iPhone4 or iPhone4S and are priced at RM98 for these exclusive and cute items from WooJapan.

You can start by Pre-Ordering Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats at their official website (here)

Now, perhaps it's your first time purchasing something online but not to worry because the people behind WooJapan are very caring people and they have prepared a guide for users (here) on how to shop at WooJapan. Clear instructions are given on how to create an account, how to place orders and other FAQs. 

If you have any doubts or inquiries, you can actually find WooJapan on Facebook (here) or take a look at their website (here) and see if you are interested in any other things that they are selling :)

Video of the Week: Cheating in Middle School

Elements of stereotypes. Check.
Funny. Check.
Truth. Check.

HAHA, c'mon! Admit it! You've cheated in your life. Don't lieee! I admit. I did. I was just a kid. :( I don't now kays. Don't wanna die.


McDonald's Malaysia: Samurai Beef Burger

Yesterday, I received a sms from McDonald's : -

"RM0.00 McDonald's: Discover the Mighty Taste of Japan with our NEW Samurai Beef Burger! Complete your meal with Katsu Curry McShaker fries & Sakura McFizz. Oishi!"

Lol, I went to check McDonald's Malaysia Facebook. No news about it. But about two hours later, I received another sms from McDonald's again : -

"RM0.00 McDonald's: The Might Taste of Japan with our NEW Samurai Beef Burger starts 20 Sept! Complete your meal with Katsu Curry McShaker fries & Sakura McFizz"

Ah, that explains it. Then moments ago, I received McDonald's newsletter. And it's confirmed with their Facebook page. It's out! 

So like, the NEW Samurai Beef Burger is a quarter pound of 100% beef, grilled to perfection and smothered with sweet teriyaki sauce (scream now!). Beefy and juicy with every bite. ;) Okay, the illustration looks really good. Imma trying the burger soon, hopefully it's as good as how it looks!

Oh ya, the Samurai Beef Burger is available for a limited time only :(

Video of the Week: REDfm's So Sick of Gangnam

Earlier this week, REDfm posted a song on soundcloud which "So Sick of Gangnam". Then yesterday, the video was out. LOL the lyrics of the song actually made sense and they even maintained some original lyrics for the original Neyo song - "So Sick of Love Song". 

Clearly, with HitzFM and FlyFM having all the fun with KL Style (which I blogged as VOTW last week here) and Super Kampung Style parodies respectively; REDfm decided to join in, in a different way. Clearly trying to counter HitzFM and FlyFM's parodies, REDfm indirectly is trying to say they had enough of parodies from both the stations. Check out what they tagged in SoundCloud HERE. It's war I say.

Yes, the video above might be exaggerating with the Gangnam Anonymous and being harassed by Gangnam dances but I really love how Sarimah was awesome inside the video. LOL. Honestly, sometimes Sarimah might be a little annoying on air with Lil' Kev - absolutely not my favourite morning DJs. But, Sarimah really made me laugh almost hysterically. 

But this is yet another video about GANGNAM again. I'm really so sick of Gangnam naos. :(

Here's the lyrics to the song :D

Mmmm mmm yeah
Do do do do do do do-do
Ohh Yeah

Gotta stop horsing around
I feel like such a fool
Cause right now it seems that
Everyone thinks its cool

And I know it makes no sense
Cause it's such a catchy song
But how many times do you need to
Hear it on and on?!!

(It's ridiculous)
It's been months
But they keep playing it over
(I am not alone)
I know you feel the same way too
(enough is enough)
No more jumping round
With my hand out
I'm so tired of seeing guys
Trying to look like PSY

And I'm so sick of Gangnam
and all its parodies
So tired of dancing
Like I have some diseases
Said im so sick of Gangnam
Everywhere I go
Can you please stop sharing that video

(Leave me alone)
Leave me alone
That darn video
Stop dancing like a silly child
What The hell is gangnam style?
Just let it go

Please don't share that video

Cause I'm so sick of Gangnam
and all its parodies
So tired of dancing
Like I have some diseases
Said im so sick of Gangnam
Everywhere I go
Can you please stop sharing that video

Said I'm so sick of Gangnam
and all its parodies
So tired of dancing
Like I have some diseases
Said im so sick of Gangnam
Everywhere I go
Can you please stop sharing that video
Please stop sharing that video

Rewind: Usaha-usaha untuk Membentuk Jati Diri Dalam Kalangan Remaja

So, I found my old karangan book and I read back the karangan I wrote for homework. YES, I did karangan homework.. LOL. My BM quite mantap ah that time. Now so rusty :( Must maintain my BM. So here's what I wrote 2 years ago. Karangan surat tidak rasmi (minus the format).


Menemui saudari Nita yang kini berada di Sumatera, Indonesia. Saya berharap saudari dan keluarga berada dalam keadaan sihat walafiat dan dilimpahkan rahmat serta beroleh kesejahteraan yang berpanjangan. Pada masa ini, saya dan seisi keluarga saya berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera. Terlebih dahulu, saya mengucapkan terima kasih kerana saudari masih sudi untuk menulis surat kepada saya dan saya memohon maaf kerana bersikap kera sumbang dahulu.

Apabila saya menerima surat daripada saudari, saya begitu kagum kerana walaupun saudari berada di luar negara, saudari tetap mengikuti perkembangan yang berlaku di negara saya melalui internet. Seperti yang saudari maklum, semakin banyak rakyat Malaysia yang berhijrah ke luar negara lain dan tidak mahu pulang ke tanah air mereka. Pada pendapat saya, untuk membendung perkara ini berlanjutan, usaha-usaha untuk membentuk jati diri dalam kalangan remaja haruslah dijalankan kerana mecegah lebih baik daripada mengubati. Usaha-usaha untuk membentuk jati diri dalam kalangan remajga penting kerana ramai pelajar ingin melanjutkan pelajaran di luar negara dan jati diri dalam diri mereka akan mengingatkan mereka supaya pulang ke tanah air mereka. 

Terdapat beberapa langkah yang boleh diambil dalam membentuk jati diri dalam kalangan remaja. Saya berasa pendidikan diri sekolah memainkan peranan penting dalam membentuk dan menanam jati diri dalam kalangan pelajar. Dalam semua aspek pendidikan di sekolah, remaja dididik untuk menghargai dan mencintai negara. Matapelajaran seperti Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan merupakan subject yang menerapkan nilai-nilai murni dalam diri pelajar. Melalui pendidikan, maka terbentuklah satu generasi muda yang mempunyai jati diri. Oleh itu, guru-guru dan para pendidik memainkan peranan penting ini dan haruslah berganding bahu untuk mencapainya.

Selain pendidikan formal di sekolah, pendidikan tidak formal di rumah adalah penting untuk memastikan pendekatan yang lebih menyeluruh tentang kepentingan jati diri dalam diri remaja. Untuk menyemai jati diri dalam keperibadian anak-anak, pendedahan perlu diberikan sejak mereka kecil lagi, bak kata pepatah melentur buruh biarlah daripada rebungnya. Jadi, pendidikan agama yang mantap di rumah amatlah penting. Ibu bapa juga boleh menggalakkan anak-anak menyertai aktiviti-aktiviti berbentuk patriotik. Ibu bapa sendiri haruslah menjadi contoh kepada anak-anak supaya anak-anak akan mengikuti jejak langkah mereka bak kata pepatah bagaimana acuan, begitulah kuihnya. Langkah ini haruslah diamalkan secara berterusan oleh ibu bapa untuk membentuk generasi yang mempunyai jati diri.

Seterusnya, Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) juga merupakan langkah lain untuk membentuk jati diri dalam kalangan remaja. Pelaksanaan PLKN dan seterusnya diwajibkan kepada semua remaja di Malaysia boleh menanamkan semangat cinta akan negara. PLKN merupakan persediaan fizikal lengkap dengan persediaan dari segi kerohanian. Sejajar dengan itu, remaja juga boleh mewujudkan persefahaman dan perpaduan apabila remaja berbagai-bagai bangsa tinggal bersama selama tiga bulan. Di samping menanam jati diri dalam kalangan pelajar, hubungan erat sesama rakan sebaya dapat dibentuk secara tidak langsung dan akan menimbulkan perasaan ingin membantu antara satu dengan yang lain seperti yang terungkap dalam peribahasa Melayu ke bukit sama didaki, ke lurah sama dituruni.

Aktiviti kokurikulum di sekolah dan aktiviti oleh Kementerian Belia dan SUka atau Rakan Muda juga berkesan dalam membentuk remaja yang mempunyai jati diri. Aktiviti-aktiviti sukan atau lain melatih pelajar dan remaja untuk menjadi insan yang tabah serta berpotensi tinggi untuk menajdi pemimpin yang berwibawa pada masa hadapan. Remaja belajar untuk memimpin rakan sebaya dan juga memupuk nilai berdisiplin. Pakaian seragam yang dipakai semasa aktiviti-aktiviti dijalankan mampu membentuk dan memberi pelajar imej dan identiti. Selaras dengan itu, remaja juga dibentuk menjadi satu generasi orang muda yang mempunyai jati diri. Di samping itu, aktiviti-aktiviti kokurikulum turut memupuk semangat kerjasama sesama guru, rakan sebaya dan masyarakat setempat iaitu bagai aur dengan tebing dalam peribahasa Melayu.

Sememangnya terdapat pelbagai cara bagi membentuk jati diri dalam kalangan remaja. Namun, remaja sendiri juga haruslah menerima dan memberikan respons yang sepatutnya kerana Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib hambanya kecuali hamba itu sendiri yang mengubah nasibnya. Walau bagaimanapun, saya berpendapat bahawa semua pihak haruslah bekerjasama dan prihatin dalam membentuk jati diri dalam kalangan remaja dengan terus mendidik mereka tentang kepentingan mempunyai jati diri. Hal ini kerana remaja merupakan pemangkin negara pada masa hadapan dan remaja yang berjati diri mampu membina negara yang maju serta makmur. Rasanya, setakat ini sajalah daripada saya. Saya memohon maaf sekiranya terdapat pendapat yang menyinggung perasaan saudari. Semoga kita dapat bersua lagi dalam lembaran yang lain pada masa yang terdekat. Sekian.


If you ask me to write a karangan now, I think my head will go blank. Time to brush up BM! 
And so sorry for the propaganda in the whole karangan written up there. Was taught that way. It's a tactic to get A for BM :P

Video of the Week: KL STYLE

Seriously, I have no idea what's so nice about Gangnam Style and what's with the hype all over the video. It's SUPER annoying. :1 It kinda reminds me of Rebecca Black's FRIDAY. Yes, it's that annoying because it's overplayed. And if the pattern follows, soon this Gangnam Style thing will reach it's death very soon.

The original video is super viral and I guess it's a breakthrough for the Koreans. And the amount of parodies that people are making.. -_-ll I heard that Gangnam Style is already a parody of it's own. So now it's making a parody out of a parody. Whut?

LOL. Anyway, JinnyboyTV is back with another viral video. With the help of cameos like Ryan Higa and Kyle Patrick (for those of you who don't know, he's The Click Five's lead singer) and also written by Ean and JJ from, this video is very much celebrated by Malaysians. Jin is really good at networking eh. I must say he's really taking full advantage of his job as a radio deejay and he gets so many celebs to be featured in his videos. From Greyson Chance, Pixie Lott, David Choi to now, Ryan Higa and Kyle Patrick. Panai, I must say.

I said that Gangnam Style is super annoying and to share this video is really an irony isn't it? But just want to let you know that KL Style and Super Kampung Style are the only "parody" videos that I watched apart from the original Gangnam Style video. So the reason that I'm making this post is because I want to know what you think about the whole Gangnam Style hype.

I'd prefer the lyrics in KL Style more than Super Kampung Style (the former was in collaboration with the HitzFM crew and the latter is by FlyFM deejays). In fact, I think the Super Kampung Style's lyrics are so badly written (especially the stanzas) but overall, I don't really like unnecessary cameo appearances (IMO) to get more audience so I'd give credit to FlyFM overall :P
I also think that credits must be given to Reuben as I think he as the other half of JinnyboyTV, he tends to get less recognition from the fans (?) I think Reuben did exceptionally well in this video and he looks a lot like PSY in the beginning of the video. LUL :D

So, did you like the video? What do you think about the whole Gangnam Style hype? :)

Of Rapists and Victim's Consent

Headlines in Malaysia is rather interesting. If you've noticed, there has been a shift in headlines for the past 3 months. For awhile back, crime stories has been making the headlines. Remember the attempted that rape in the Curve? Then news about the various crime cases that happened in other shopping malls in the Klang Valley kept making headlines. I think Malaysians are still very cautious of their surrounding. Well at least for myself. I don't walk on the streets without being suspicious of every motorcyclists that pass by. Some kind of prejudice or just being cautious? Very fine line there.

Then lately, the news about statutory rapists being freed was all over the mainstream media and then soon in social networks. 3 news up-to-date. The most famous one is about the national bowler, of course. Very soon after that, another news broke out, this time involving an electrician. Both the bowler and electrician were 19 and 21 respectively when they committed the offences on girls who were aged 13 and 12 then. Both was freed due to the fact that the sexual act was consensual and of course, for the bowler's case - he has a bright future. Bright future, sure. But I'm not sure  if Malaysia's Child Act is effective in protecting children anymore.

Yesterday, a kindie owner who was earlier found guilty for the rape of a 4-year old was freed. This case is arguable cause there was no signs or proof of penetration. Yeap, it's true that children may have created false memory if the psychologist or other people asked them for details but provide them with questions that are misleading. It's like questions that brings implications. Even we ourselves create false memory sometimes.

But, feminists and activists have found the judge's words offensive when he said:

We must not forget who is involved in this rape allegation, even if she is an adult, in which women have a tendency to exaggerate about a sexual act.

I asked my sister for some enlightenment. It's highly unlike that women who have been raped would exaggerate about a sexual act because it would be difficult for the women to speak about the incident, given that the experience must have been very traumatizing.

The comment of the judge is perceived as "testimonials by adult women or victims are unreliable because they tend to 'fantasize' (to put in other words) about the sexual act".

So, what's your say?

AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

Honestly, I've never heard of Anarchy Island. Yes, my GK is that bad :( I need to read more. Sigh. BUT, thanks to Nuffnang, I now know that Anarchy Island is a private island in Caribbean! Ain't that cool?! What's even better is that AXE is sending a lucky Nuffnanger to have a 4 days 3 nights getaway for free (link) ! That's worth RM 40,000 yo! All expenses paid. AWESOMEEE.

*Cue the kaching-kaching sound*

To win the trip all you have to do is share - "What are your 3 killer tips to attract the opposite sex?"

1) Make good first impressions.

*Don't be emo nemo, smile always!
You don't know when someone might just notice you*

You've heard of love at first sight. How the heck does that happen? I do believe that good first impressions contributes and takes you a long journey ahead with the opposite sex. It's usually non-verbal cues that speaks louder, so you don't even have to speak to make that impression. It's all said with your body language, dressing and action.

Always dress to impress,
Put on your fancy dress,
Don't be a mess,
And you'll have success!

2) Be yourself (oh not the cliche phrase, again!)

*I'm just noodle mi goreng me*

No, I don't mean to be cliche but I believe in being yourself. It's a killer tip because when you be yourself, you are different (because everyone is being themselves LOL :D). Yes, yes, sure we are not that original. We do follow styles here and there. But at the end of the day, when you be yourself and decides to be different from the rest, you stand out! And that's how you attract the opposite sex, yo.

Oh that cliche phrase,
Will bring you praise,
You'll be so amazed,
When boys bring boy bouquets!

3) Be confident!

*put on the hat of confidence!*

I think nothing is more exciting for a man to see a confident lady. It shows that value yourself as person, and you believe in your own capabilities and that does attract the opposite sex to take notice of you. 

Wear the hat of confidence,
'Cause it shows some kind of independence,
The dude's gonna feel your presence,
Just have a lil patience!

And that, is the 3 killer tips I have for you. 
No, I'm really no expert in this topic but that's just what I think. 
Give you the last rhyme to sum up :P

So here's the 3 killer tips,
Put on some fancy dress and kicks,
Have your own style, don't mix!
Confidence, would do the trick 


So, what's your 3 killer tips to attract the opposite sex? ;)

Hello, September!

Yesterday was my last day of holiday. Today and tomorrow don't count coz Saturdays and Sundays are always off. :( Class is starting on Monday. I don't know if I should feel excited or nervous or feel nothing at all. After all, it's my 5th semester in college already. As cliche as it sounds, TIME FLIES!

August was super happening. I think I went out the most this month. I've never gone out so much in a month LOL :D It also means I've overspent. Pfft. Time to save up and kiamsiap again. Much thanks to the almost 2 months break from college, I've accomplished much (except I failed to work on a essay I've been wanting to write LOL). I even went for my first interview. LOL :D It was a good experience. 

Received this from last Wednesday :D It's a surprise from them as I actually only won a card (a very awesome one) and flashdrive from them but they also included other candies in the parcel they sent to me. Sweetness overload! Pun intended :P

A big thank you to the SAYS team from an overjoyed SAYS comrade ;)