Honestly, I've never heard of Anarchy Island. Yes, my GK is that bad :( I need to read more. Sigh. BUT, thanks to Nuffnang, I now know that Anarchy Island is a private island in Caribbean! Ain't that cool?! What's even better is that AXE is sending a lucky Nuffnanger to have a 4 days 3 nights getaway for free (link) ! That's worth RM 40,000 yo! All expenses paid. AWESOMEEE.

*Cue the kaching-kaching sound*

To win the trip all you have to do is share - "What are your 3 killer tips to attract the opposite sex?"

1) Make good first impressions.

*Don't be emo nemo, smile always!
You don't know when someone might just notice you*

You've heard of love at first sight. How the heck does that happen? I do believe that good first impressions contributes and takes you a long journey ahead with the opposite sex. It's usually non-verbal cues that speaks louder, so you don't even have to speak to make that impression. It's all said with your body language, dressing and action.

Always dress to impress,
Put on your fancy dress,
Don't be a mess,
And you'll have success!

2) Be yourself (oh not the cliche phrase, again!)

*I'm just noodle mi goreng me*

No, I don't mean to be cliche but I believe in being yourself. It's a killer tip because when you be yourself, you are different (because everyone is being themselves LOL :D). Yes, yes, sure we are not that original. We do follow styles here and there. But at the end of the day, when you be yourself and decides to be different from the rest, you stand out! And that's how you attract the opposite sex, yo.

Oh that cliche phrase,
Will bring you praise,
You'll be so amazed,
When boys bring boy bouquets!

3) Be confident!

*put on the hat of confidence!*

I think nothing is more exciting for a man to see a confident lady. It shows that value yourself as person, and you believe in your own capabilities and that does attract the opposite sex to take notice of you. 

Wear the hat of confidence,
'Cause it shows some kind of independence,
The dude's gonna feel your presence,
Just have a lil patience!

And that, is the 3 killer tips I have for you. 
No, I'm really no expert in this topic but that's just what I think. 
Give you the last rhyme to sum up :P

So here's the 3 killer tips,
Put on some fancy dress and kicks,
Have your own style, don't mix!
Confidence, would do the trick 


So, what's your 3 killer tips to attract the opposite sex? ;)