Nope, there's no typo on my blogpost title :) I'm not blogging about Nyan Cat. But, good news! If you loveeee how cute nyan cat was, you're gonna love Nya-Nya Cats.

Basically, Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats are these exclusively cuteeee earcaps/earphone jack that you can get from WooJapan

Aren't the Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats so cuteeeee? 

Basically, there are six designs for you to choose in the Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats series. 
Here are some of them:

Nya-Nya Cats - Beckoning Cat

Nya-Nya Cats - Hanging Cat

Nya-Nya Cats - Relax

Nya-Nya Cats - Newborn Twins

Nya-Nya Cats - Sleeping

I think Nya-Nya Cats is one of the cutest earcaps that I've seen so far and it's a useful accessory to protect our smartphones from getting dusts inside the earjack. And if you are scratching your head to think of what to buy for your friends during their birthday, perhaps this is the useful gift you can give to them too :)

So, are you charmed by the cuteness already? I'm sure you would want this accessory on your awesome smartphone :D Well, time to get it then! I know as Malaysians, price concerns us but just to let you know that this cutesy earcap is priced at RM42.00 as it is something that is limited in the market :) What's even better is that you can also get Nya-Nya Cats phone covers too!

Nya-Nya Cats - Dreaming 

Nya-Nya Cats - TV

Nya-Nya Cats - Tower 

Nya-Nya Cats - Footprints 

CUTE?! These Nya-Nya Cats covers are compatible with iPhone4 or iPhone4S and are priced at RM98 for these exclusive and cute items from WooJapan.

You can start by Pre-Ordering Kawaii Nya-Nya Cats at their official website (here)

Now, perhaps it's your first time purchasing something online but not to worry because the people behind WooJapan are very caring people and they have prepared a guide for users (here) on how to shop at WooJapan. Clear instructions are given on how to create an account, how to place orders and other FAQs. 

If you have any doubts or inquiries, you can actually find WooJapan on Facebook (here) or take a look at their website (here) and see if you are interested in any other things that they are selling :)