O hai! We're in the last week of September already. It also means I'm in week 4 in college. Woosh! In the blink of an eye, I'mma gonna attend another cousin's wedding soon. Jeez. College has been.. I don't know how to say. It's different from what I expected of course. I'm taking Public Relations, Information Technology, Mass Media and Society, Introduction to Film and Introduction to Marketing Communication.

Ya sure, everything sounds interesting. But it is also darn confusing :( Especially PR! In foundation (I didn't take PR at that time though), PR was about organizing events and exam. That's about it. Now, PR is about academic journals and more academic stuffs. But of course, a lecturer with 30 years experience in the PR field is interesting. Just that.. it's not what I expected. Mmhmmm..

Other than that, every week so far, I get to watch interesting movies in film (for assignment purpose too). Film is very technical, so far no hands-on stuff. Marcom is okay, sometimes lecturer give out "TMI" as quoted by my classmate. Infotech is just infotech. LOL.

Anyhows, I find myself easily confused. My sister said that I always confuse myself. Yes, I do. :( But this also means that my brain is working right? Confused is better than blank. Ehehe.

Friends and random people asked me what I'm gonna do after I finish studying. I don't know what exactly. Magazines? Newspapers? Freelance? Housewife? :P Time will tell.

Well, guess what. I have 10 weeks to go to finish my 2nd sem, then it's time for vacation. *count down*