Yesterday was my last day of holiday. Today and tomorrow don't count coz Saturdays and Sundays are always off. :( Class is starting on Monday. I don't know if I should feel excited or nervous or feel nothing at all. After all, it's my 5th semester in college already. As cliche as it sounds, TIME FLIES!

August was super happening. I think I went out the most this month. I've never gone out so much in a month LOL :D It also means I've overspent. Pfft. Time to save up and kiamsiap again. Much thanks to the almost 2 months break from college, I've accomplished much (except I failed to work on a essay I've been wanting to write LOL). I even went for my first interview. LOL :D It was a good experience. 

Received this from last Wednesday :D It's a surprise from them as I actually only won a card (a very awesome one) and flashdrive from them but they also included other candies in the parcel they sent to me. Sweetness overload! Pun intended :P

A big thank you to the SAYS team from an overjoyed SAYS comrade ;)