Went to Uncle Jang Korean Restoran at Ampang Putra about 1 month ago (I think) because sisters wanted to eat Korean food lagi. Easy to find parking as most of the stores nearby were closed on weekends I guess :D

If I may say this, all of the workers in the shop are Bangladeshis except for the boss himself (or herself? LOL I forgot), who's a Korean. All of them are very hardworking in the store and also very attentive. Why I say that is because they purposely took a chair that could be leaned on for my dad upon seeing him entering the store :D Bagus. :)

Steaming hot hot.

Optional add on - ramyeon (or rice, your preference).
You can also add rice later after you've finished your ramyeon.

The price is relatively cheap for Korean cuisine. RM19 per 1 pax serving (non spicy). RM22 per 1 pax serving (spicy). RM6 for additional each ramyeon. Can add rice, udon and other side dishes also. Food's good. All of us were bloated when we finished. I'm not sure about you but I used up a lot of their tissues (which they provide in "unlimited supply" XD) because I was gonna wrap the meat with veggie then the water (from the just-washed veggie) would drip down my hand then urgh..

Note: You'll get all smoky and smell like smoke because of the way the food is served. Beware :P

Uncle Jang has got several branches besides the one here in Ampang including the branches in Puchong, Mont Kiara Solaris and Bukit Indah (Johor Bahru).  Check them out on Facebook (here