Headlines in Malaysia is rather interesting. If you've noticed, there has been a shift in headlines for the past 3 months. For awhile back, crime stories has been making the headlines. Remember the attempted that rape in the Curve? Then news about the various crime cases that happened in other shopping malls in the Klang Valley kept making headlines. I think Malaysians are still very cautious of their surrounding. Well at least for myself. I don't walk on the streets without being suspicious of every motorcyclists that pass by. Some kind of prejudice or just being cautious? Very fine line there.

Then lately, the news about statutory rapists being freed was all over the mainstream media and then soon in social networks. 3 news up-to-date. The most famous one is about the national bowler, of course. Very soon after that, another news broke out, this time involving an electrician. Both the bowler and electrician were 19 and 21 respectively when they committed the offences on girls who were aged 13 and 12 then. Both was freed due to the fact that the sexual act was consensual and of course, for the bowler's case - he has a bright future. Bright future, sure. But I'm not sure  if Malaysia's Child Act is effective in protecting children anymore.

Yesterday, a kindie owner who was earlier found guilty for the rape of a 4-year old was freed. This case is arguable cause there was no signs or proof of penetration. Yeap, it's true that children may have created false memory if the psychologist or other people asked them for details but provide them with questions that are misleading. It's like questions that brings implications. Even we ourselves create false memory sometimes.

But, feminists and activists have found the judge's words offensive when he said:

We must not forget who is involved in this rape allegation, even if she is an adult, in which women have a tendency to exaggerate about a sexual act.

I asked my sister for some enlightenment. It's highly unlike that women who have been raped would exaggerate about a sexual act because it would be difficult for the women to speak about the incident, given that the experience must have been very traumatizing.

The comment of the judge is perceived as "testimonials by adult women or victims are unreliable because they tend to 'fantasize' (to put in other words) about the sexual act".

So, what's your say?