Video of the Week: Britney Spears Medley - Sam Tsui

Well, the King of Medley/Mash Up is back with a 14 songs mash up! :D It's Britney, *tutttt*. It's been a very loooong time since Sam's last medley. Man, I've watched this video everyday and still not bored of it yet.

Kan dah sah, I LOVE SAM TSUI. :P

The 14 tracks listed below: 

1. Crazy
2. Oops!... I did it again
3. Baby One More Time
4. Stronger
5. Toxic
6. Womanizer
7. Circus
8. I'm a Slave for You
9. 3 
10. Piece of Me
11. Hold it Against Me
12. Gimme More
13. Till The World Ends
14. I Wanna Go

Though it's very much auto tuned especially in some parts of the video, who cares. I like it. *biased*. Teehee.

The Avengers - Full Movie Review [With Spoilers!]

Note: This review contains some spoilers. Do not proceed if you hate spoilers. You have been warned.

Courtesy of Nuffnang, yesterday, I had the privilege of watching the most anticipated movie of the year, Marvel's The Avengers ahead of many other people, including the people from the States because apparently the movie is going to be released to the cinemas only on the 5th of May. Wow. First time I heard of this. Malaysia is so privileged huh?

So, when I went to collect the tickets from Nuffnang counter, I saw the list (and also the new Nuffie :P), almost everyone had collected their tickets and I got the last row seats T_T~ Well actually, I've never gotten any good seats whether I come early or late to collect tickets :1

Okay so here's my review (from a background of a non-Marvel comic fanatic). For a superhero-loaded movie like this, all of us would expect a lot of action and true enough, this movie doesn't disappoint. There are some really funny scenes in the movie. Here are some of the memorable scenes from the movie

1. There was a scene where Hulk and Thor both had taken down one of Loki's huge evil thing together and then they were both standing next to each other in victory. Suddenly Hulk just punch Thor towards the left and Thor flew away from the punch. LOL. That part made the whole cinema burst into laughters.

2. There was another scene where Hulk was smashing Loki into the ground like nobody's business. It feels like watching WWE for a moment :P

3. Thor also spoken some funny lines. The Avengers were talking amongst themselves and one of them was talking something bad about Loki. Thor defended Loki saying that Loki is still an Asgardian and that he was his brother. Then Black Widow stated that Loki had killed 80 men in 2 days. Thor quickly replied "He's adopted". LOL. Epic.

4. Agent Coulson's scene with Loki was also really funny. Agent Coulson was holding some sort of gun and he was threatening Loki that he doesn't know what the weapon does and that he was about to find out by trying it out on Loki.  Loki then attacked Agent Coulson and he was about to die but he managed to shot Loki once and he was like saying something that means "So..that's what it does.." 

5. Agent Coulson is a Captain America fanboy. When he first met Captain America, Coulson's conversation with Captain America was dead awkward. LOL. And Agent Coulson also take pride in collecting all of Captain America's vintage collectibles.

6. There was a scene where Captain America was giving orders to a policemen to help civilians escape from Loki's army attack. Then the policemen was saying something like "Why should I listen to you?!". Then Captain America was fighting with so much glamour with the some of the soldiers from Loki's army and he won against them. The policemen stood there, stunned and he quickly repeated Captain America's orders to his fellow officers. Hahaha.

I think the movie did well in introducing the characters to people who have not read the comic or people who have not watched Iron Man/Captain America/Thor. Some argued that the first 30 minutes of the movie is plain boring and rubbish. But I think the 30 minutes was important to build up the story. Takkan you want the movie to start bam bam bam bam bam all the way till the end -_-;

I think the characters all portrayed very strong characters, no one overpower another. Captain America, the old-fashioned guy lead the in his old fashion way (very obvious when he was giving orders to the Avengers team :P). Scarlett Johansson's role was not bad either, no signs of being bimbo. Her introduction to the movie was pretty funny too. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) was awesome like usual lalala and his script is really good. Iron Man was also the "ultimate" hero of the day. Thor had his own moments as a great demi-god. Hulk or Banner, would have easily been the star of the show given that his role was also very prominent and he portrayed the character well. 

My only problem is Nick Fury, I think his role can be better in the movie, show more presence hmm. I also noticed Hill (played by Cobie Smulders). Although she's just playing a very minor supporting role but oh, she so pretty! :x P/S: I googled Cobie Smulders up and I found out she stars in How I Met Your Mother XD. Sorry la, I don't watch HIMYM -.-

Oh yes, people. Stay through the credits, there's a clip for the next sequel I guess.

My ratings for the movie:

6/10 for storyline. It's your typical storyline except for a few minor twists here and there. Predictable. (Even more predictable for comic readers?)

8/10 for characters. Very solid performance from almost all the characters, especially impressed with Hulk.

10/10 for Iron Man. Just pure awesomeness :P

Overall: 7/10 !

Would I watch again in the cinemas? YES. BUT THE MOST BACK ROW SEATS PLEASE! :P

The Good and Bads of Joining a Contest

Well, when we join a contest, I'm sure the outcome that we want is that we win the contest. Winning contest is one thing, getting the prize is another. Some organizers will ask you to collect the prize within a very short time frame from their office (during office hours summore). And that sucks, because imagine if you were are you gonna go all the way to their office (DURING OFFICE HOURS). And the time frame given for you to collect is like 1-2 weeks and they don't allow representative. -_- ish. Thank God for mama because she helps me collects most of my prizes, if not all :1 thing?

And here are some of the most annoying things that have happen to me when I join a contest.

Yes, this is part of being a sourgrape. But seriously.. won't you be angry either? :1

Usually. When this happens, it's either FB's problem or organizer made a mistake but refuse to admit it. And what they do? IGNORE. My response? BLACKLIST THIS STUPID COMPANY. :1 No integrity. And marketing FAIL.

This is one of the suckiest thing I have experienced this year. 


So what is the best and worst things that have happen to you when joining a contest? :)

Types of Contestants

Well, since there are so many types of contests (link) available on FB, I'm sure there is also a few kind of contestants that we can identify. :P See which category you fall into.

The Rhymer

The Cincai / The Bodek

The Punny One

The Everything-Also-Got-Something-To-Say One

The Desperate One

The Beggar

The Trying-To-Be-Different One

Hmm. Which one are you? And any other kind of contestants do you know?

Comment here and let me know :D I'll make another post out of it and give credits to you too :)

Types of Contests on Facebook

So, in my previous post (link) I said that there are plenty of contests available on Facebook. Some of the famous ones are

So, which one should you join? Or should you join all? Well, it's all up to you, as it's very subjective. Some people like to join LIKE contest (which I anti now) because they can get a lot of votes. Ahem. I "don't know" where they source their likes from honestly. Oh well..

The other kinds of contests are usually more judge-based. Where the organizer would pick the winner, including lucky draws. Like I already said (I'm always repeating myself hor? :1) I think nowadays organizers hardly "randomly" pick winners.

So what happens when there are judges around? Yours may be good but not to the liking of all the judges. You take a risk there. Hmm. So, which kind of contest would you go for? 

I personally like No. 1 and No. 4 :) I always lose at No. 7. Sad.


More posts on contest soon! :D 

How to Win a Contest from Facebook

So, what's the problem? (link)

You see, the problem with contests in Facebook is that contests get to spread very quickly and viral. So that only means, you're not the only one who's gonna try. Because everyone's gonna take opportunity.

So among the XYZ number of people, how are you gonna stand out? I'm telling you. Contest organizers nowadays no longer pick "randomly" as they claim to. This is based on my observation. Like I said, the boss would say "the more you share, the more chance you have".

What usually "works" is that you make your presence known. Comment more, like more. Let your presence be known. That's tip No. 1.

But, even if this method works, I try not to do it. It's very unfair actually. You're just crapping something out every single time. You're making a habit to say something out of everything. Which is kinda foolish actually. Nothing to say also want to say. But oh well.

So don't opt for sharing contests if you agree with me. There's plenty of other contest around which I will share in the next round. Stay tune :D

Please, Help Me Like!

This is the response to my post before this about Like, Share and Win contest (link). I ended the post with a question. Would you delete your friends that spam tag your, or you would consider to join them. If you do consider to join them, I assume this would happen now.

But then, as a "newbie" to contests, you'll be like..

But you still see your friends winning from contests. Then you'll try every other contests on earth, including LIKE contests.

No response from your FB friends?

You'll start going on the begging mode.

But did you realize? You're becoming the person that you hated :P (link)

The person that called the other person naive is doing the very same thing now! Oops! 

But, what are you doing wrong? Why are you not winning yet?
Stay tune to the next post! :P

Video of the Week: ONLY IN MALAYSIA

Well, video of the week gotta go to JinnyboyTV's Only in Malaysia video. Though a lot of other people claim that their country does the same thing, but I think some parts of the video is pretty amusing. Oh well, 1.9million views within a week. This video is gonna make it into the papers again :P So far, as I know, any Youtube videos that gets 1 million views within 3 days will masuk newspaper XD

Like, Share and Win!

Continuing from my last post here (link), I said there is free lunch. But free lunch doesn't mean it don't come with effort, right? :P I mentioned in my last post also, that the most popular contest mechanics on FB now is to - like, share and lucky draw. The problem with this mechanic is that organizers will say..

In a way, they're saying: Once you're in it, do it till the maximum. DO IT. Share once is equivalent to not sharing because they're not gonna notice ONE post from you as compared to a person who shared like more than 20 times a day? So, what happens next?

Suddenly, everyone is tagging you in a post. BUT. With the same content. And maybe the same guy would tag you for everything else too. Oops?

And that results in you, who didn't bother to join in the first place, annoyed.

Yah, you tend to laser people with your eyes because you're so frustrated. Or maybe in the virtual you don't laser people with your eyes but rather, mind.

So what would be your next action? Delete friend? Or layan them? I wonder :D

Win an iPhone4s! Contest?

"Win an iPhone4s!" I'm sure that line have catch your attention, isn't it? I'm pretty sure we have all see how (should I say..) rampant is this line "Win an iPhone4s" going around, especially on Facebook. It's no surprise Facebook has become an outlet for companies to expand on their marketing strategies. One of the most popular strategy now - use sharing, like and lucky draw as contest mechanics.

So suddenly, you find someone who haven't talk to you for months asking you for a favour via FB chat. Or maybe, they indirectly ask you to by tagging you on Facebook. Or you've seen them posting on their own profile many many times, that it's appearing on your newsfeed non-stop.

One, maybe you can tolerate.

But then suddenly, there's a bunch of them sharing the same thing on Facebook. And you're like...

Actually, there is :D 

More in the next post :P

Food: Sushi Zanmai - Fahrenheit 88

Ever since my family discovered Sushi Zanmai back in 2008, I've become a big fan of it. Fresh sushi all the time from Zanmai and their reasonable price is super attractive. The fact that I love Japanese food, particularly sushi (or also sashimi) a lot only draws me back that place time after time. I would usually go to the outlet in The Gardens in Midvalley but last week was my first time in their outlet in Fahrenheit 88. My sister told me that the sushi on the conveyor belt has more choice. She's right.

Lol. I just finished my last paper that Saturday morning and I think I spammed a lot that day. Especially, tamago. LOL. But how often do I do this? :P Most of the time, I'll be good. I'll just order an Ebidon and maybe one or two plates. Done. But that day, well.. maybe I was just very relieved I've finished my papers. Mummy was very kind, she let me order whatever I want. Thank you mummy.

Lol, the plates came up to this much. I told you I spammed tamago *.* Tapi jangan salah faham, I didn't eat all of the sushis on those plates all by myself -_-! Maybe most of it, but not all :P 

Ah. Now, craving for sushi :( Anybody wanna bring me out to eat? :P

P/S: All pictures taken using Galaxy SII. Not bad, hor? :D

Nicholas Sparks - The Lucky One

Nicholas Sparks writes the best romantic novels. I mean, I love his style of writing. Storyline wise, it may be a lil cliche but the way he writes make you keep reading. Of course, almost all if not all the novels have a happy ending tho in reality not every story will end up as a fairy tale.

A couple of books written by Nicholas Sparks were made into movies, and these movies are not that bad. Just to name a few.. Let's see...

Take The Notebook for example. 

Or. A Walk To Remember, anyone?

Perhaps, Dear John?

Or The Lucky One, which is coming to the cinemas soon? 

Honestly when I read The Lucky One, I have never pictured Logan to be portrayed by someone like Zac Efron. And to think that Zac Efron who played as the lengzai Troy in High School Musical could take up such a manly character in this movie? Fuih. And come to think of it Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum and Zac Efrons are very nice to watch on screen. And I think people like Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum have established themselves as pretty good romantic film actors. 

Books written by Nicholas Sparks are good. The movies based on his books aren't that bad either right? :D 

Marvel’s The Avengers

You're bound to be called katak di bawah tempurung if you don't know that The Avengers is coming to the cinemas in 2 weeks time. I mean, seriously?! I don't know how excited are you but I am freaking excited!!! 

Here, maybe you should watch the trailer first if you haven't and see if you like it.

Hohoho, are you excited yet? Even more exciting, Nuffnang is giving out passes to watch this awesome movie to 55 bloggers! No doubt this is the most anticipated movie of the year and everyone would be trying to get these passes. 

Now now, I know a lot of us would love Iron Man, because Robert Downey Jr is too awesome when he is Tony Stark and way too cool as Iron Man. Or maybe some of us would love Captain America because Chris Evans is hotttt! Don't forget ScarJo as Black Widow. And also Thor, and The Hulk. Seriously so many awesome characters in this movie! 

But let me introduce another superhero if I could create a new member for The Avenger's team.  

*alamak malu gila*

ME!!! I'm the superhero! But NO WAY! I'm not gonna be a Angelina Jolie wannabe from Salt. Pfft. I'm gonna be far more awesome. I'll be MELODIC. Yes, that's my nama glamour.

HI! That's meeeee in cartoon :P

I would want to be Melodic if I could create a new member for The Avenger's team. Why?

1) Melodic is a young charming lady who is able to sing and speak emotions into people. I've always wanted to sing nicely but I can't T_T So being my own alter ego lets me sing and speaks emotion into people. 

2) Isn't it great that now, I would be able to control The Hulk? *grins* Just kidding. I'll be a really great help to The Hulk.

3) I can also inflict pain to others whenever I want, let people smile when they are sad, people would feel pleasure when they are in pain. Just by a word from me, they will have a change in emotion. But of course, I'm not a villain. I'm a SUPERHERO! I would use these abilities for good. 

4) Did you see the necklace I'm wearing? It's called Trizartic Necklace. This would just amplify the emotions I speak into people, especially when I sing the emotions out.

Am I not awesome enough to be part of The Avenger's team?

Hoho, Nuffnang pick me to be part of the S.H.I.E.L.D! 

Avengers, ASSEMBLE!



I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! Yeah, I'm free since last Saturday. Finished my last paper and my holidays is hereee! So thankful for the break. Two days of the week gone but I can't remember what I did these past 2 days. But I guess I was productive enough. And guess what?! I got myself a new PC! T_________T FINALLY! Rejoice! Was previously using a computer with Pentium4 processor, Windows XP, 516mb RAM. Are you kidding me. Now, I'm using i5, Windows 7, 8gb RAM. Hurhur. Using a computer never felt this good.

That aside, I have approximately another 2 more weeks of holidays only. It's sad -_-! A few contests going on, including producing videos. :O I'm not the best videographer nor the best scriptwriter nor the best producer but I'm thinking of joining 2 video contests..including one that requires to be a PSA video. I have some ideas but it's hard to execute hurhur. And I don't have the skills for video editing. Omigosh.

And wait, I remembered I said I have a lot of things to do for this holidays.. but I haven't seem to do anything about my plans.. except one or two.. Oops. I better stick to what I want to complete first before joining these contest stuffs. On the other hand, I actually made a video for a Logitech contest a few months back. And it was good because I was rewarded in the end. Teehee. Here's the video. Ya, I know it's lame but my friend said it brought some kind of message still. Thanks for your kind words, friend :D

Please ignore my hiao face at the end of the video :D


Taken at cousin's wedding. Her wedding car was a Bentley, you don't play play ok? :P Mosaic-ed the car plate because I'm a responsible person lololol. If you notice, 2nd picture the angle is not so right. Should have rotate a few degree, but I'm lazy. Pfft. 

Video of the Week: Jessica Sanchez - Stuttering - Top 7 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11

If you have been following AI, you should know by now Jessica Sanchez is one very talented and humble girl. 

But she got the lowest number of votes for the week but was not eliminated because she was saved by the judges. Seriously, America? She deserves to be in the finals, without a doubt.  Vote properly lah!

Video of the Week: Skyrim - Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling

I don't play Skyrim but this video is too epic. I think those who play Skyrim would understand the context of the video better than I do.

Don't you think the setting is way too awesome?! Good cinematography too. Ah. I'm always fascinated with the sounds of strings. So envious :) Watch and enjoy!

ZALORA's Blogger Outfit Makeover Contest

Hello people! Greetings! I know we are all excited when we see the word "CONTEST" but hang in there, more details after this! Yes, from the title you would know that ZALORA is organizing a contest where bloggers and their readers stand a chance to win exciting prizes from ZALORA! That is why you all should read on, if you wanna be part of this great giveaway :D

For those who don't know, Zalora Malaysia have their own website here:  ( Zalora Malaysia is your ultimate online shopping mall because the site features all kinds of fashion wear from clothings to accessories, you name it!

Now, I know some of us dislike going to the mall due to many reason. For me it's because I hate the crowd whether it's sale season or not, Malaysian malls are overly packed :/ or maybe some of the reason I hate going to the mall includes the anxiety of flooded carparks?! (because I experienced before *sad face*)

I'm joking. 

My point is, there is no such hassle anymore with Zalora Malaysia, I can just stay at home and munch on my favorite snack while I browse through the whole lot of fashion items available on their website. So, I was doing some surfing the other day, and I already have my own wishlist.

RM 144.95

Anatomica Flat Sandals - Ipanema 
RM 44.90

RM 176.95

Rock & Republic @ The Jeans Bar KL - Raw Intensity Blue -
RM 699.00

RM 35.10

Pop.Muse.Sic - Chinese Zodiac Rooster Women's T-Shirt -
RM 100.00 

RM 119.00

RM 160.95

The total of my wishlist is still less than RM1500, RM 1480.85 to be exact. BUT WAIT. You think it's a lot? Nah. Because here are the prizes for the contest!


1st Prize:

 RM1500 worth of makeover for you + RM1500 worth of makeover for your reader.

2nd Prize:

RM1000 worth of makeover + RM1000 worth of makeover for your reader.

3rd Prize:

RM500 worth of makeover for you + RM 500 worth of makeover for your reader.

Salivating yet? I am salivating! If you look closely at my wishlist, it's all mostly casual wears. You know, as a student in college, every day is a fuss. Why? Thinking of what clothes to mix match everyday gives me a headache.

Hehe. If I can win this makeover, it will be perfecttttt! No one would complain that I'm wearing the same tee on Tuesdays, same jeans on Wednesday. More choices the better! Now who said less is more?! Ah Zalora, save meee! And also so that mummy will stop nagging (oops. Joke *grins*)

You see, many a times I'm embarrassed with my sense of fashion. So embarrassed that I gotta hide behind any random props or stuffs. Even hide behind a heart with a hole -_-' It's pathetic. I look angry in that picture LOL. Well, I need and want this makeover, please!

So, here comes the part you've been waiting for (ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM?!): I can select a reader to be part of this contest and we can win this together! 

Comment on this blogpost : Why you deserve to win this giveaway with me as creative as you can! (In less than 10 words, please *grins*)

All are welcomed to join regardless of your gender! See, no gender-bias here :D So, be creative and leave a comment! I will choose the best comment to win this with me. Teehee.

Closing date is 7th April 11.59pm. I'll select the most creative comment and don't forget to leave necessary details for me to contact you. What are you waiting for? Brainstorm now, leave a comment and head on to Zalora's sites and start making your wishlist :DDD Oh by the way, they also have Facebook and Twitter so you all can stalk them, you social media junkies :) All links below!

  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: