Continuing from my last post here (link), I said there is free lunch. But free lunch doesn't mean it don't come with effort, right? :P I mentioned in my last post also, that the most popular contest mechanics on FB now is to - like, share and lucky draw. The problem with this mechanic is that organizers will say..

In a way, they're saying: Once you're in it, do it till the maximum. DO IT. Share once is equivalent to not sharing because they're not gonna notice ONE post from you as compared to a person who shared like more than 20 times a day? So, what happens next?

Suddenly, everyone is tagging you in a post. BUT. With the same content. And maybe the same guy would tag you for everything else too. Oops?

And that results in you, who didn't bother to join in the first place, annoyed.

Yah, you tend to laser people with your eyes because you're so frustrated. Or maybe in the virtual you don't laser people with your eyes but rather, mind.

So what would be your next action? Delete friend? Or layan them? I wonder :D