The Good and Bads of Joining a Contest

Well, when we join a contest, I'm sure the outcome that we want is that we win the contest. Winning contest is one thing, getting the prize is another. Some organizers will ask you to collect the prize within a very short time frame from their office (during office hours summore). And that sucks, because imagine if you were are you gonna go all the way to their office (DURING OFFICE HOURS). And the time frame given for you to collect is like 1-2 weeks and they don't allow representative. -_- ish. Thank God for mama because she helps me collects most of my prizes, if not all :1 thing?

And here are some of the most annoying things that have happen to me when I join a contest.

Yes, this is part of being a sourgrape. But seriously.. won't you be angry either? :1

Usually. When this happens, it's either FB's problem or organizer made a mistake but refuse to admit it. And what they do? IGNORE. My response? BLACKLIST THIS STUPID COMPANY. :1 No integrity. And marketing FAIL.

This is one of the suckiest thing I have experienced this year. 


So what is the best and worst things that have happen to you when joining a contest? :)


  1. BEST: Won a prize and the organizer couriered it to me all the way from US :D

    BAD: Hate playing some game contests. Obviously got hackers inside but organizers tend to ignore it :(

  2. Whoa! You won an internationl contest? :P Very cool :D Is the prize ipad2?

    OH YA. That's a common one. Maybe should add that in my post :P

    Thanks for commenting Kenx :)

  3. was the iPad 2..haha!

  4. Hi, where do you get to know about contests that are coming up or ongoing ? You seem to know lots and lots about contest. and me, although i always try, in the end, like what you said, FAILS miserably :( Haha! All the best in your future contest and do share more often, enjoyed reading your blogposts :)

  5. Hello there! :)

    I usually get the updates about ongoing contests from Facebook or Twitter (newsfeed and adverts). At other times, my friends will let me know :D

    Don't worry! Out of the many contests I've joined I've had my own disappointments and facepalm moments. But keep trying cause if you never try you never know :D

    Thanks! Thank you for your kind words :) do drop by often & see you around! BTW, hope you can leave your name so I know who you are. I don't bite. :D