So, what's the problem? (link)

You see, the problem with contests in Facebook is that contests get to spread very quickly and viral. So that only means, you're not the only one who's gonna try. Because everyone's gonna take opportunity.

So among the XYZ number of people, how are you gonna stand out? I'm telling you. Contest organizers nowadays no longer pick "randomly" as they claim to. This is based on my observation. Like I said, the boss would say "the more you share, the more chance you have".

What usually "works" is that you make your presence known. Comment more, like more. Let your presence be known. That's tip No. 1.

But, even if this method works, I try not to do it. It's very unfair actually. You're just crapping something out every single time. You're making a habit to say something out of everything. Which is kinda foolish actually. Nothing to say also want to say. But oh well.

So don't opt for sharing contests if you agree with me. There's plenty of other contest around which I will share in the next round. Stay tune :D