So, in my previous post (link) I said that there are plenty of contests available on Facebook. Some of the famous ones are

So, which one should you join? Or should you join all? Well, it's all up to you, as it's very subjective. Some people like to join LIKE contest (which I anti now) because they can get a lot of votes. Ahem. I "don't know" where they source their likes from honestly. Oh well..

The other kinds of contests are usually more judge-based. Where the organizer would pick the winner, including lucky draws. Like I already said (I'm always repeating myself hor? :1) I think nowadays organizers hardly "randomly" pick winners.

So what happens when there are judges around? Yours may be good but not to the liking of all the judges. You take a risk there. Hmm. So, which kind of contest would you go for? 

I personally like No. 1 and No. 4 :) I always lose at No. 7. Sad.


More posts on contest soon! :D